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Thank you for the highlight @Lost Boy . People need to be informed on album 2, (I'm not typing that title out each time conversation comes up about it, which will undoubtedly be a lot.) so putting the most valid commentary to the forefront. A host for the people!
he / him
Thank you for the highlight @Lost Boy . People need to be informed on album 2, (I'm not typing that title out each time conversation comes up about it, which will undoubtedly be a lot.) so putting the most valid commentary to the forefront. A host for the people!

I wanted a kii and I don’t agree but the PASSION had to be highlighted

115. Why Did I Ever Like You?
Average score: 6.14
Highest score: 10 (@Maki)
Lowest score: 2x2 (@Remorque, @Sideout)
My score: 6

Wow... three 10's in a row. Unfortunately, @Sprockrooster can relate to this at least.

Yeah, I was kind of prepared, but am still fuming.
The weakest song of the entire "Funhouse" era? Really? It's in my top 3 songs from that era.
I was almost 100% sure that "Push You Away" would be the song to be eliminated first from that album.

I know that it's on the more abrasive side ("Here Comes the Weekend" and "Hustle", both songs that I love, suffered the same faith) - but that actually makes this song so amazing! The instrumental and production are fantastic and her angry vocals are probably the best thing about it. That angry sound mixed with live feel of the instrumental almost reminds me of her "Try This" period ("Last to Know", for example).
But of course, it is distinctively "Funhouse", both 'da, da, da' parts and lyrics and should've been on the satandars version of the album (my version has it as a bonus track, along with "Could've Had Everything").
"Why Did I Ever Like You" would've definitely been my favorite album track if it was included on it.

Again, how can this be 'too loud' for someone, and "Slut Like You" not?

At least one of my lowest remaining scores is out. "Catch-22" is very fun and the demo production is interesting (and, like I said, clumsy, although not in a bad way), but it's not that great, especially when compared to the majority of the album. Hopefully that means that "Respect" is going soon, too.
And remember, be careful when retrieving your items as during the flight they may have shifted and might fall on you or your neighbor's head and knock you the fuck out.
That's my favorite bit from the speaking parts!

Please, no more eliminations of my high scores until we reach top 100!
Stop Falling deserved so much better. For the record I gave it a 9. Q-tips are your friend @Untouchable Ace
You ballad haters better not do Catch Me While I'm Sleeping dirty as well.
Thank you for restoring faith in humanity.

On a side note, have you listened to the live version of "Stop Falling" that I posted earlier, @savilizabeths?

Can confirm a ballad goes next.
It better be one of the bland ballads from her three most recent albums or else I'll riot.
he / him

113. Beam Me Up
Average score: 6.19
Highest score: 10 (@Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 3x3 (@Verandi, @happiestgirl, @Hurricane Drunk)

It does actively disappoint me sometimes when it seems like people can't see past their own preferences in sound to the deeper part of a song, but I understand where it comes from and we can't ask everybody to like everything. With that said, I knew 'Beam Me Up' wasn't going to storm the rate with its campfire/folk songstress vibe as that's never been a part of her that people celebrate on here.

What we have here is one of the most brutal and gorgeous songs of her career, a song she dedicated to a friend that lost their very young child. Death is a subject P!nk has clearly been struggling with for years now, and we've seen her approach the subject in a number of ways, but the painful honesty here in which she addresses just wanting another minute to see someone who has passed... It's heartbreaking. P!nk has always been about the guitar, that's what she pours her heart out to, so I can't see any other type of minimal for this.

Beam me up
Give me a minute
I don't know what I'd say in it
I'd probably just stare
Happy just to be there
holding your face.

Like, the ability to write that chorus. To feel that pain. To translate it as she has done. Understanding that terrifying feeling of being content with their passing, enough to have nothing of worth left lingering that needs to be spoken, but to still want that moment together. And then I stop and think about how this is about a child, who never had the chance to live to their full potential. It's beautiful

I mean, look at the obvious pain she finds herself in when she comes to describe/perform it:

Despite recognising the difficulty that would come with performing this live, she actually has sat down and done so on a few occasions. Again the heartbreak and pain just pierces right through me, this is P!nk at her peak for me.

Commentary Corner:

@Verandi: (3) Not today Satan. ddd not in a song about going to heaven to meet a dead child, sis.

@JMRGBY88: (5.5) I know it’s a sensitive subject area but I just think this is a bit filler-y.

@The Hot Rock: (9) A song I like on TTAL unconditionally? I'm Shaking.

@rick: (5) Gorgeous but Can’t listen. Reminds me of my dead dog

@savilizabeths: (7) “A softer moment in the midst of all of the loud is pretty damn welcome. This is sweet. Far from a standout in her catalogue of ballads, but it’s certainly pretty.”

@abael: (6) The token folk song is inescapable as ever, but the richer instrumentation makes it an easier detour.

@tylerc904: (6) I actually prefer this to Glitter oop.

@Laurence: (5) This is just random and forgettable. I see the attempt of it being cute and going somewhere but no ma'am.

@Music Is Life: (9.5) This is such a gorgeously sad song. The lyrics are just heartbreaking, especially if you think about the story they tell, and how they relate to her. I love the melody, especially on the verses, but that chorus is what made me pay attention to this when I first heard it. And her voice. God I love it so much.

@Maki: (5.75) I definitely appreciate the emotions and vocals here, but it's among the weakest from this album. The chorus is my favorite part, although rest is just boring and goes on for too long, which makes me want to skip the song.

@R27: (7) Very nice.
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