Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

106. How Come You're Not Here
This might be my first shock in the rate, but considering how Try This is doing I'm not that surprised. It's just a shame that Can We Pretend is still in.

On the other hand, Could've Had Everything and Why Did I etc etc are easily the only bad b-sides from Funhouse so yeah bye.
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Nooo! Not another absolute gem leaving. "Could've Had Everything" is criminally underrated, out of all the songs, that is the one that's leaving? Not even in the top 100? Such a damn shame.
I can totally see how one can easily forget about the song (as the lack of commentary suggests), but after a few plays, "Could've Had Everything" became one of my favorite P!nk songs ever (probably in my top 15).
That middle-8 is one of her career highlights.

"How Come You're Not Here" is also underrated, but to a lesser extent. It's definitely not the song that should be going next from "The Truth About Love". It displays the abrasive and loudness of the album really well.
I loved your write up for it, @Lost Boy, and that live performance is absolutely amazing!

"Slut Like You" is still in? How?

The artwork for "Could've Had Everything" is beautiful, but the way.
Most definitely! I get that some people didn't really grow up in that era nor care for that kinda time capsule RnB sound which dates it a bit, similar to how Teen Pop of that era sounds nothing like before nor after it. But the songs on debut are mostly fantastic. In-fact she got some pretty top notch material that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Destiny's Child, Toni Braxton, TLC album at the time.

Funny thing we discuss her debut so much recently, because...
...Happy Birthday P!nk !

No, not Alecia Moore, but P!nk.

Today marks exactly 20 years since P!nk, as we know her today, was 'born' and made her debut!
August 1st, 1999 is the day when she first appeared in public as under that name, with her signature (at the time) fuchsia pink hair. This very memorable appearance, complete with a cowboy hat, was just a beginning of the crazy outfits that she wore in the following years. The event was the first ever edition of Teen Choice Awards, where some big pop stars in the making, such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, performed.
Here's how she looked:

See what's written on that outfit? Edgy...

P!nk didn't even have any music released, but the heads were already turning (see the lady in the back!)


20 years later, she's still amazing, perhaps in a different way, but she still has that recognizable essence.
Another fact or, better said, 'misconception' people have about early P!nk style is that she 'stole' the pink hair from Gwen Stefani.
While Gwen did dye her hair pink back in 1999 (starting with just highlights, as seen in the music video for "New", then going full pink), and she looked absolutely stunning with it, the photos above prove that P!nk already had pink hair in 1999, too.
People probably overlook the fact she appeared in public before her proper music debut in early 2000, and that is most likely the reason she's falsely accused of that.

And while I was doing some 'research', I stumbled across this:
Her only other appearance (with photo/video evidence) before "There You Go" was released, that occurred on January 14th 2000 at Teen People Magazine Party, and includes her oldest interview I've ever seen.
That was basically her introduction in the magazine, and she performed the lead single for the first time (she was performing it during 1999, but most of the appearances weren't documented).
She even sings a snippet of yet to be released song during the interview, so cute!

Also, did you know that she was rocking this crazy hair color back in December 2000 at Billboard Music Awards:


Debut takes another hit next.
Aw... the title track is my lowest remaining score from it (7,5 and that's not a low score at all), but I'm afraid that "Leaving for the Last Time" is, well... leaving.
It bothers me, too, but I'll keep saying it (there are a few more songs where that can apply). And I'm pretty sure that you said the same thing once or twice here (don't get it as a bad thing lol)
It's okay. I understand. And believe me, I hate myself when I have to say it.

I hope Slut Like You makes top 100.
he / him

105. Private Show
Average score: 6.42
Highest score: 10x2 (@Maki, @tylerc904)
Lowest score: 3x2 (@Duppe, @Reboot)
My score: 8

I predict this will somewhat of a surprise to our regular posters, as nobody has really been calling for 'Private Show' and there's definitely worse still in. 'Private Show' is another one from the debut that P!nk didn't have a hand in writing, but she still manages to command it with her own charisma and charm. The gigilo line is something she'd definitely still front now, isn't it?

I think this is a highlight from the debut, but it isn't one I particularly return to and as with a lot of the album it's as far removed from standard P!nk as you could possibly get.

Commentary corner:

@rick: (7) I have fond memories of my grandmother hearing the word ‘gigolo’ and tutting under breath how ‘disgraceful’ it was. I knew then I was the black sheep of the family

@abael: (7) Nothing groundbreaking, but this is a lot of fun

@tylerc904: (10) My favorite album cut from this.

@Music Is Life: (8.75) This is a bop. The chorus melody is so freaking catchy and I love it. Great song here. Um, but what’s a jigalo?

@Maki: (10) One of the main highlights of “Can’t Take Me Home”. I was so impressed the first time I heard it - it’s minimalistic, yet effective. The melody is perfect and the instrumental is a bit captivating, not matter how simple it is. This is one of the tracks that solidify the album as one of the best in R&B music (from my perspective). Gorgeous harmonies in the chorus, too. Such a well-crafted song and a ‘hidden gem’ from this album.

@R27: (8) You really don't hear the term gigolo used in a lot of pop songs these days.
@savilizabeths: (8) “This one is definitely fun. I enjoy the chorus a lot. P!nk really lets gross guys have it in her music and I love that.”

@The Hot Rock: (4) Seems that Private Show is just a Cursed song title.

@Reboot: (3) Snores


104. Circle Game
Average score: 6.43
Highest score:10x2 (@JMRGBY88, @P'NutButter)
Lowest score: 2 (@happiestgirl)
My score: 7

P!nk tackles a new and beautiful topic for her: being a mother. Unless you count the three rats I look after, I can't relate to the challenge of parenting. Considering I grew up in a tough household with an abusive parent, I've actively shunned the idea of parentage and whether I would become that very thing I feared as a child. There's no escaping that with 'Circle Game' which is entirely about the pattern of parentage and how terrifying it is to grow from child to adult to parent, and still want to be a child yourself. You don't necessarily have to be a parent to understand that fear, and part of why I love this album so much is hearing P!nk tackle these morose questions that are clearly plaguing her.

Unfortunately I just don't really like the chorus, despite it thematically being a highlight of her entire discography. The verses are absolutely stellar and, especially if like me you listened through her discography recently to rekindle your thoughts, the sheer growth that the song represents next to songs like 'Family Portrait' makes me damn emotional. It also doesn't really help that it is sandwiches in between two other ballads, and I'm pretty sure I would be into this a lot more if it was a closer? As I said, there's a lot that this song brings up for me and I'm sure for all of us. The fact that she can still do this so long into her career is astounding.

Commentary corner:

@JMRGBY88: (10) This fucked me up in the same way as Barbies did but even more so when I listened to it from my mum’s view point as she really misses her dad and her mum is being incredibly difficult to the point where my mum has basically described herself as an orphan and I ended up crying on the bus while listening.

@P'NutButter: (10) by far the best track on this album, her vocals are insane!

@abael: (8) She got me! After the first couple lines l was ready to write this off as an insipid ballad, but she was able to sing me round to thinking this is brilliant. I don't know what note, what line won me over but she did it

@Laurence: (4) Not a fan

@R27: (7) Two questions: 1) What Disney film is this from? and 2) Why am I lowkey getting my life to this?
@savilizabeths: (9) “The first time I heard this, I almost burst into tears in public. The best ballads combine heartfelt, gorgeous lyrics, emotive vocals and strings. This song has all of those. It really just captures how growing up feels. You can tell Pink is pouring out her emotions here. The second verses has some plucky strings that sound absolutely gorgeous. I just really feel this and I know I will continue to relate more and more to it as I grow.”

@rick: (7.5) 5 mins long? Really?

@Music Is Life: (9) This is a beautiful ballad. I love the verse melody on this. And whatever the instrument that comes in during the second verse, with the piano, I love that. This really shows off her voice which is always a good thing. Love this.

@Maki: (6.75) More AC ballads don't do this album justice. This is actually a really nice song, and her vocals are so clear, but this type of ballad isn't something that I would listen to willingly. The middle-8 is probably my favorite part. I wonder if this was an outtake from "Beautiful Trauma", it sounds similar to some of the ballads from it.


103. Courage
Average score: 6.44
Highest score: 10 (@Sprockrooster)
Lowest score: 2 (@savilizabeths)
My score: 6

Give yourself a pat on the back if you instantly recognised this as the Sia co-write (She is a caricature at this point, isn't she?) of the album. Everything you'd expect from a Sia song is here from the empowering lyricism to the repetitive chorus, the double layered vocals and the marching drums. The first time I listened to this I got goosebumps from the piano, and I'm a sucker for the piano so I'll openly admit that's nothing to celebrate, so imagine my disappointment when it squandered such a brilliant little riff.

There's not really much to say about 'Courage' than... it's a great song that we've all heard a million times? Admittedly P!nk hasn't ever really done this kind of thing before, so it's easy to admit why she'd have fallen for it, and she never gets overpowered on her own songs. Even when doing covers, it becomes a P!nk song, and I'd argue that parts of this she does overpower the Sia-isms (Such as the brilliant oh-oh-ooooooooh middle-8) but it's not enough when that bloody wig keeps popping through my mind while listening to this. I'd have polished it a bit more and reworked the chorus, personally.

Commentary corner:

@JMRGBY88: (7) nowhere near as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

@Sprockrooster: (10) The only thing that impressed me instantly and deeply so far from this era. But I can see definitely tracks grow more on me.

@Verandi: (7) A Sia track I don't hate. Tired as fuck, but I have to keep what I can from this dumpster fire of an album.

@savilizabeths: (2) “So, I was listening to this on the train for the first time and just feeling mind numbingly bored. I thought the song was about to be over because it felt like it had been dragging on forever, until I looked down at my phone and realised I was only one verse and one chorus in with another two or so minutes to go. Yikes. It’s lyrics are so uninspired and the entire song sounds so bland. Can Sia just…stop already? She always seems to write songs on autopilot. Everything she writes just sounds so…her and that is not a compliment. No thanks.”

@R27: (5) Did Sia have a hand in writing this?

@Maki: (9.25) No matter how Sia-sounding and repetitive this is, I thoroughly enjoy it. The verses are more quiet and emotional, so that the powerful chorus comes The production is really good, with the pounding drums, although her vocals sound a bit muffled. The final 'today' ad-lib she sings at the end is amazing. Well, it actually is pretty repetitive to get even higher score, but that's totally fine.

@Music Is Life: (8.75) Would be a 9 if the chorus was just a little more interesting.

@tylerc904: (7) Every criticism about this being Sia on autopilot is 100% valid but I’m a sucker for a generic, anthemic chorus.

@abael: (6) Nice, but it lacks any real moment or warp of convention.

@Laurence: (7.5) Boring

@rick: (8) Trim 30 seconds and it’s great

Tomorrow we cut the fat and get to the TOP 100.

One recent album.

One older album.

Will 'Can We Pretend' make it?
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I'm not even going to lie I totally forgot about Private Show. It's definitely one of my faves off debut, unfortunately looking back on some of my scores my love for certain songs aren't quite reflected because I was trying to not just give everything an 8 - 10.

Circle Game - deserved a bit better, but I'm not too fussed it got axed since the chorus is absolutely lazy, which kinda is an issue on some songs throughout that album.

Courage - sounds like a 2015 song written by Sia and The Script and P!nk found an old demo and decided to record it... So good riddance.

Tomorrow we cut the fat and get to the TOP 100.

Will 'Can We Pretend' make it?
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