Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

You forget sometimes how decent her material actually is, of course the albums have filler but I don't hate anything. Besides 'Just Give Me A Reason' and 'Revenge', the latter mostly because of Eminem's dated misogyny.
Not another 10! I did not expect "Private Show" to leave before top 100 at all. At least not over "Leaving for the Last Time" and the title track, among many songs from other albums.
It's definitely one of the highlights on her debut - effortlessly amazing.
I keep saying this, but poor debut album!

"Circle Game" is nice and has amazing vocals, of course, but I don't get back to it as much, so I'm Ok wothout it. I assumed it woyld leave around the time that "Love Me Anyway" and "The Last Song of Your Life" were eliminated.

"Courage" is such a great song and definitely went too early.
The production sounds almost the same as on some of the songs on "1000 Forms of Fear".
But seeing how "Waterfall" has done, I'm glad that it didn't leave earlier.

Courage is so damn Sia-song-generator but I enjoy it. Circle Game is so bland. Private Show on the other hand? BAWP.
My exact thoughts summed up!
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102. Respect
Average score: 6.49
Highest score: 9x4 (@Lost Boy, @Verandi, @Music Is Life, @rick)
Lowest score: 3 (@Duppe)
My score: 9

I get really sick and tired of boys up in my face

P!nk's very own 'Lady Marmalade' falls just before the 100 hurdle. I still find it slightly hilarious that it seems behind the melodramatic coupling of 'Misery' and 'Don't Let Me Get Me', but we all know she likes to play with cheekiness as much as brutal honesty. 'Respect' is somewhat of an outlier for her, whilst also recalling 'Get the Party Started' and what would go on to become 'U + Ur Hand'.

Basically P!nk is really good at shit-talking the men that try to feast on women without their consent, and quite honestly I think she always pulls it off. The song is sonically reminiscent of a handful of classics (especially the R-E-S-P-E-C-T chorus hook) but... this song absolutely captures me when it's playing. It's a total ride from start to finish.

Commentary corner:

@rick: (9) ‘Sisters it’s time to be greedy’ Life advice I never stopped heeding

@abael: (8) Bass, Beat and Brashness, P!nk earns that exclamation point here.

@Music Is Life: (9) I love this so much. It’s so sassy and fun, and I love the production. That pre-chorus/chorus combo is honestly one of the best on the album. Such a bop.

@Maki: (5.75) First of all, I don’t listen to (nor like) rap in general. This song is one of the low points of the album, The hook is actually really catchy and her vocals sound great. I don’t consider this song a filler, because it’s the only ‘rap’ song, but it really gets lost in the tracklist. The production is clumsy, too.

@R27: (5.5) This is so corny, and it certainly didn't do itself any favors by opening itself up to comparisons to one of the greatest and most well-known feminist anthems of all time. That being said, I respect the message and the whole vibe is pretty cheeky and fun.
@savilizabeths: (8) “This one is so fun! She definitely pulls it off, and the lyrics are such a mood. It’s such a great empowering message. It makes me smile. I actually enjoy the rap. I love her just feeling herself.”


101. Better Life
Average score: 6.49
Highest score: 10x3 (@P'NutButter, @playboy69, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 3 (@əʊæ)
My score: 9.5

Beautiful Trauma loses one of its finest tracks at the last hurdle in 'Better Life', an ode to scrolling through social media and being inundated with lives much better than your own. It's a modern topic I'm sure we all relate to, and it's a difficult spiral to get yourself away from.

But I can't shake the feeling that you picture a better life.

Relationship anxiety is an absolute killer, and the only real way to fight it is by being honest about it with your partner? A partner that doesn't accept the anxieties cause by past traumas is not a good partner, and I've spent many a sleepless night terrified for absolutely no reason that I could never possibly be good enough for said person. Luckily for us with the help of Jack Antanoff, P!nk manages to condense this into a whimsical tune that's packed to the brim with hooks.

It's a fairly minimal song for her, which I adore, but I think the majority of voters took that as it being... fine. Apart from a couple of the same tired joke, most people appreciated this as a throwback to her earlier days whilst also tackling something new. Also it's a total earworm.

Commentary corner:

@JMRGBY88: (6.5) It’s fine. But that’s all it is.

@P'NutButter: (10) Truly one of my favourite P!nk songs now. I love it.

@rick: (7) I wished for a better song.

@R27: (3.5) I can picture a better song.

@abael: (8) The creative implementation of the keyboard and line delivery give this track some much needed identity.

@Music Is Life: (10) When I first listened to the album, this stood out to me as an automatic favorite lyric. I love the bluesy, lite-R&B feel of the track, I love quick-paced melody on the verses and the chorus, and I love how honest the lyrics are. This is one of the best on the album and I hope it does well here.

@Maki: (6.5) This is so cute, and a great nod to her R&B days. I almost feel sorry for not giving this song a higher score. It's just not remarkable enough and its unfortunate position makes it get lost in the tracklist. The outro goes on for a bit too long, and I wish there was something more to the song melody. Although, I love the middle-8, which is the best part of the song. And what are those vocals at the beginning and the end supposed to be?

@savilizabeths: (7) “The lyrics here are really interesting to me, and I feel a connection to the feelings of this. I have a lot of insecurities, sometimes even in my relationship when I know there’s no reason to. The song also has a cool chill vibe which contrasts interestingly with the anxiety of the lyrics. It’s a cute little song.”

Tomorrow I'll need some time for the write up because it's going to be an emotional one. :(
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The top 100:

Split Personality
Hell Wit Ya
Most Girls
There You Go
You Make Me Sick
Can't Take Me Home
Leaving for the Last Time

Don't Let Me Get Me
Just Like a Pill
Get the Party Started
18 Wheeler
Family Portrait
Dear Diary
Lonely Girl
My Vietnam

God is a DJ
Last to Know
Oh My God
Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
Waiting for Love
Save My Life
Try Too Hard
Humble Neighborhoods
Walk Away
Love Song
Feel Good Time

Stupid Girls
Who Knew
Long Way to Happy
Nobody Knows
Dear Mr. President
I'm Not Dead
Cuz I Can
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
U + Ur Hand
I Got Money Now
Conversations with my 13 Year Old Self

So What
I Don't Believe You
One Foot Wrong
Please Don't Leave Me
Bad Influence
Crystal Ball
It's All Your Fault
Ave Mary A
Glitter in the Air
This is How it Goes Down
When We're Through

Are We All We Are
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Just Give Me a Reason
True Love
Slut Like You
Walk of Shame
Where Did the Beat Go?
The Great Escape
My Signature Move
Is This Thing On?
Good Old Days
The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive

Whataya Want From Me
Raise Your Glass
Fucking Perfect
Heartbreak Down

Beautiful Trauma
Whatever You Want
What About Us
But We Lost It
Where We Go
For Now
I Am Here

(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
Walk Me Home
My Attic
90 Days
Hurts 2B Human
Can We Pretend
We Could Have It All

Just Like Fire
White Rabbit

I’ve been pretty MIA on the reveals so far but Respect is a song I do not like at all but i’m still surprised I had the single lowest score for it.

My biggest upsets so far are We Could Have Had It All and Chaos & Piss leaving, two brilliant songs that deserved to do way way way better.
What a shame to see Better Life go! Beautiful Trauma is possible her second best album to me and I always kinda overlooked this song to begin with as it's a subtler moment amongst the drama/noise but the lyrics just really ended up clicking with me.
"Respect" the one of my most anticipated eliminations and my lowest remaining score form "M!ssundaztood", so I'm glad that it's out.
It just doesn't do much for me, although I must admit that the pre-chorus and the hook are really good.
Also it's not really rap but that's another matter.
I know it's not a fully rap song, but the verses and middle-8 certainly are rap parts.
Even P!nk says: "this my rap song".
As for Linda Perry and mixing, she admitted it herself:
I am a horrible mixer.
But I guess she prefers the more raw and unpolished feel of the songs, and if mixing is needed, someone else does it for her.

As for "Better Life", perhaps I slightly underscored it, it's such a cute song.
But I'm not mad at its elimination the at all, as it was among my lowest scores from that album.
And look at "Beautiful Trauma" having the only two songs that received three 10's so far - I didn't expect that.

Tomorrow I'll need some time for the write up because it's going to be an emotional one. :(
This makes me anxious...
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100. I Am Here
Average score: 6.54
Highest score: 10x4 (@Sprockrooster, @rick, @Music Is Life, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 2 (@Laurence)
My score: 10

Where does everybody go when they go?

Only last year I tried to take my own life, survived that and then would go on to lose two grandparents and my childhood dog. The former wasn't a new experience to me, but losing someone? That was an entirely foreign experience that floored me more than I could have ever prepared. We can normalise death of ourselves to a point where we feel numb to it, numb to the pain it leaves behind, and then we lose someone and that loss is insurmountable - you'd give anything to have them back. And that loss reflects back on yourself in a multitude of ways, leaving you questioning the validity of your own existence. Why am I still here? What's the point of still being here?

That's where 'I Am Here' comes in. Seeing her perform it live recently, she opened with the following

There's a billion places that you all could be at tonight and the fact you are all here together is... mindblowing and I'm so grateful... All the times you allow me to perform, thank you, thank you, thank you. If there's anything anyone needs to let go of, now's your time.

I felt that to my core. There I was, already covered in tears from 'What About Us' when the Where does everybody go when they go chant came in. Clutching my boyfriend, I was just... overwhelmed, surrounded by thousands of people, all of us experiencing these emotions together. It's such a cheesy sentiment but let me just tell you that being there in that moment felt so incredibly validating after everything I've been through.

And in that moment, I allowed myself to let it go. I allowed myself to mourn, celebrate, love and fear - I danced my heart out and screamed the chorus alongside here. I am here. I made it here. It doesn't matter where I might end up or where I was because right now I am here. As I've been working on my own mental stability, I've been studying mindfulness for almost a year now and it has completely changed my life. That ability to bring myself back to the present moment is world changing, and in essence it is this song.

'I Am Here' is absolutely one of her finest moments to me, not just because of the personal connection I have with it, but because it's such a powerful moment and a sledgehammer of a song. The anthemic chorus and relentless production, the gospel choir, it's all perfect and all completely new and perfect for P!nk. I'm glad it made the top 100 but yes I am gutted to see it go.

Commentary Corner:

@rick: (10) You can’t tell me this isn’t a beast of a song.

@Sprockrooster: (10) BOPFEST with sassy lyrics. love her.

@Verandi: (8) A very Hilary Duff Breathe In Breathe Out Side B kinda affair. Oprah_I_like_it.gif

@P'NutButter: (8) That choir really lifts this track

@JMRGBY88: (5) I didn’t need her to do a Mumford&Sons tribute at any point and we got two on this album.

@abael: (8) Another great track at the back end of the album, it shows what can be achieved by Pink and the production team when the effort is put in

@Maki: (9) P!nk doing a gospel inspired track with choir is definitely something new for her! And the result is a success. The main thing that bugs me is that the chorus slows down, especially since it's followed by the amazing 'where does everybody go when they go?' part. The ad-libs near the end are among the best things of this song, too. One of my favorite tracks from this album, but I don't get back to is as much.

@R27: (4) They're probably going away from that chorus.

@savilizabeths: (4) “This feels like the Lumineers or Munford and Sons somehow and has some pretty below average lyrics. It’s just another average feeling filler track.”
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