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Whoever voted I Am Here down clearly wasn't at any of the recent live shows; it absolutely goes off in that setting.

As for the Mumford and Sons references: this trend for talking about bands as if they invented a genre when they've been around for about five minutes (in the grand scheme of things) really needs to die.
I was at the live shows and I still hate it, and it sounds like a Mumford song regardless of how long they’ve been around so...calm down, sis.
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Also this completely unplanned juxtaposition is really cool.
Thank you once again for including "Leaving for the Last Time", and I'm so glad that it was a discovery for some of you. As much as I didn't want it to be eliminated, I'm proud that it not only made not only into the top 100, but that it wasn't eliminated in the first half of her debut album. It did surprisingly good!
You probably thought that I would be the highest scorer, but my 8,5 is still a pretty high score (and above average in comparison to my total P!nk songs average). As @Lost Boy already mentioned, that intro is amazing, as well as the instruments used, and 'one of its kind' during that era and I'm in love with the verses (they give me Mariah Carey vibes), the chorus lacks just something more powerful for me. The inclusion of electric guitars are another very notable thing.

Just for the record, @tylerc904, I don't this is a 'leaked demo', but more of a full version of the 1:30 snippet that first appeared on three track "Can't Take Me Home" album sampler. The quality isn't that bad at all.
And while there is a very high possibility that the song was written and even recorded by Choice, this version doesn't feature the other two girls' vocals - only some random backing vocalists in the chorus.

I completely agree with @Music Is Life saying that it could've been such a great choice as an album closer, and with @P'NutButter that it should've replaced "Let Me Let You Know". It definitely deserves to be among the top half in the ranking of "Can't Take Me Home".

And while we're at it, let's share another fun fact from P!nk's beginnings: she was a backing vocalist for a few R&B artists during the late 90's (around the time she left Choice), including Diana Ross (on the song "Hope Is An Open Window").
The first time she appeared was in the Kenny Lattimore 's song "If I Lose My Woman" in 1998:

You can hear her distinctive tone in the chorus.
For Now doesn't do anything for me. Not exactly bad, but probably my least favourite on Beautiful Trauma outside of the already eliminated Revenge and You Get My Love.
"For Now" is another surprise cut from "Beautiful Trauma", but, unlike with "I Am Here", I'm OK with its elimination.
I'm pretty sure that the users of the P!nk forum voted it the best song from the album when it was released - at least it has that. But, unfortunately, the song doesn't appeal to me as much as I want it to, ans it was one of my lowest scores from "Beautiful Trauma".
However, the production (like on majority of the album) and the chorus/post-chorus are great, and there are worse songs still in here.

Up next: y'all really hate fun.
"Slut Like You" is finally leaving?



Also this completely unplanned juxtaposition is really cool.
Love this!
No, poor "Leavng for the Last Time!" I'm pretty sure that's my highest score I've lost so far. At least it was paired with the lose of one of my lower remaining scores. I'm interested to see what's out next as there are several "fun" P!nk songs that didn't click with me. I'm wondering if it's a single or an album track?
It's a first single
There's no way it can be "Stupid Girls", right? Or even "Bad Influence" and "Funhouse". Although, it could very likely be from "The Truth About Love". Was it an official single or just a promo/area restricted one?

I still have about 25 perfect scores left, so it better not be any of these songs.
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It's a first single

Catch my misdirection, he he.


97. M!ssundaztood
Average score: 6.61
Highest score: 10 (@Music Is Life), 8.5x2 (@Sanctuary, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 4x3 (@Sprockrooster, @abael, @Laurence)
My score: 8.5

The title track from her dark and monumental second album deserved much better than ninety-eight without even scraping a 7 point average, let me tell you. Cowritten with Linda Perry, the song tackles people's misunderstanding of P!nk's character, and served as the opening track on the first edition of the album. Considering the album it had just followed, it's a brilliant affirmation of a newly revived Alecia, one proud of her brattitude and ready to tell the world how she really feels.

This is certainly one of her sharpest songs for me, and she sounds so full of life and cheeky, which makes the mocking outro work perfectly for me. Unfortunately that was a bit abrasive for some of our voters, which probably cost it a few points, but I think by the time it gets around to the UH!'s and "This my first single, MAN!" I'm totally enamored with the world created and I love it. To me, it's a clear statement piece in how much she has changed between her debut and now - so I allow it.

It is quite funny that it didn't end up being the first single after that though.

Commentary corner:
@Reboot: (7.9) Very promising opener. I love the vocals. I hate the UGHS! At the end.

@rick: (6.5) It’s a nice track but an album opener it ain’t - Sex/constipation noises notwithstanding

@abael: (4) I understand what she was going for here, but there's not enough here for it to stand on its own.

@tylerc904: (8) The grunt section is a bit annoying, but the rest snaps. Thankfully this was NOT her “first single MAN”.

@sapnu puas: (8) uh the nostalgia of it all. She’s a cute girl.

@Music Is Life: (10) Great opener/title track, a fun little pop song that bops and with a melody that reminds me of an Uncle Cracker song. The outro is hilarious.

@Maki: (6.5) ‘Go Damon, go Linda… go P!nk !’ There’s something so charming and genuine here that almost makes me forget how bland the song sounds. It’s like her, Linda and Damon went to the studio for the first time, decided to play around the studio and make beats (which may even be the case). Like ‘let’s make something to begin with’. And, therefore, the song has a demo quality to it, which actually kind of works as the album opener. The chorus is a bit of an earworm, but that looping beat can get irritating. That outro, though, deserves a special mention - it’s hilarious!

@R27: (7.75) This is one of a few tracks that give me early 90s Sheryl Crow vibes. Could have used without the uhs at the end though.

@savilizabeths: (7) “I wasn’t a huge fan of this when I first heard this, but it’s grown a bit. I like how laid back it is. It’s not too bothered by having perfect lyrics or anything. It’s just chill and fun, I like that about it.”
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Glad to see that hanger-on Leaving for the Last Time hit the road, dragging down the average of her debut era. For Now is out, but it outlasted the clearly superior Better Life and I Am Here, so people obviously are gleaning different things from the album than I am. While I do think H2bH is better, I think scoring has been a bit harsh on Beautiful Trauma. As for the title track of LP#2? Good. Hope it continues to flop.