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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. All the fighting over her 1st and 3rd albums when her proverbial number 2 is right there.
  2. I'm surprised that White Rabbit is still in and Just Like Fire is out, even if I'm not bothered by either.
  3. Finally it's gone, about time! Can't believe y'all gave Bridge Of Light and Today's The Day the boot before THIS!
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  4. Slut Like You is one of the few good tracks. And I'm seeing her Sunday.
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  5. You’re going to love it! Where are you seeing her?
  6. Tale of two halves for me, gutted at Can't Take Me Home practically bleeding tracks out the rate, but also thrilled 'Just Like Fire' has gone. It's by far her worst ever song and just below her.
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  7. Sunday in Malieveld, Den Haag. Wonder how they make all the flying work there but it looks so big already. Golden Circle I got and I'm also excited for Davina Michelle, as the opener.
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  8. LiK


    Just Like Fire had no business leaving as yet.

    You cannot be serious?
  9. One of the newer albums takes the next hit.

    Can we pretend otherwise?
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  10. Don't you dare.
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  11. R27


    Is The Truth About Love considered newer?
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  12. "Can't Take Me Home" was my lowest remaining score from that album, but the song still ended up a bit underrated. However, I didn't expect it to surpass "Stop Falling" and "Private Show".

    "Just Like Fire" is a good song, but nowhere near her best. I'm fine with its elimination, and I expected it to be quite divisive.
    It kind of deserves to be her first solo single to leave.

    "White Rabbit" shouldn't go yet, but I would've preferred if "Halfway Gone" was the longest lasting from the bonus section (it's still confusing to me how it left so early).
    Actually, "White Rabbit" is a part of "Beautiful Trauma", as it was released as a Japanese bonus track.
    I have a feeling this will be "But We Lost It", which is my lowest remaining score from that album.
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  13. [​IMG]
    94. But We Lost It
    Average score: 6.67
    Highest score: 10 (@Music Is Life) 9.5 (@AllGagaLike)
    Lowest score: 4x4 (@The Hot Rock, @Verandi, @tylerc904, @Laurence)
    My score: 9

    Much like most of her material, 'But We Lost It' seemingly deals with Alecia and Carey's on-off relationship and how you can sometimes feel numb to the love you once had. It's not exactly untreaded territory in her discography but there is a delicate intimacy at play here which brutally highlights what, on paper, seems like throwaway lines. Despite Alecia herself saying 'You Get My Love' features her best ever vocals, I think this would also be a very strong contender.

    I also think the song smartly weaves in themes of loss and grieving alongside the tragic love narrative, and there are times when I question whether this is as simple as it really suggests? We know she briefly discussed her miscarriage before this album, which would go on to play a huge part in its direction, and the song not only deals with having something that you never know you really had in the first place but also the loss of identity: I'm still the girl that you chased all around the world, I haven't changed just replaced all the chains with pearls.

    Now I'm not armchair psychologist-ing the song at all, but I have always seen a lot of depth in this ballad and don't enjoy seeing it struck off as a simple "our relationship is over" ballad - though that's ignoring the stark similarities between losing love and loss. It also helps that the melody for this is absolutely divine.

    Commentary corner:
    @abael: (7) A ballad that is similar to the previous, with a bit more individual and energized

    @Music Is Life: (10) This is a beautiful piano ballad, and one of the best on this album. I absolutely love the chorus melody, and the second chorus, especially the lyrics, is the best part of the whole song.

    @Maki: (6.5) Initially, I considered this as my least favorite track from "Beautiful Trauma", but, hello, "Revenge" exists. Pretty much all of the ballads from this album grew on me, and this is not an exception. I always deemed it boring, and while it is a bit boring, it has beautiful moments, for example the melodic chorus. Probably the weakest ballad on the album (surprise, it's not "You Get My Love"), it just isn't remarkable enough for me to play it willingly.

    @R27: (6) I enjoy this much me, but I still feel like it could be more engaging and much vbetter mg than the final product that we got.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “Something exploring her discography has done is make me fall in love with Pink’s vocal talent. She has impeccable technique and just commands every song she performs. This is a force of a ballad. It kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga, perhaps something about the vocal delivery. Classic piano ballads are definitely something I gravitate to, particularly if they have strong lyrics. Lyrics can make or break a song like this and Pink tends to deliver strong lyrics. This grows on me more and more with each listen.”

    @rick: (7) Nice song but her vocals are a bit whiney on this.

    @JMRGBY88: (5) She has better ballads than this
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  14. R27


    What the fuck was my commentary for this song. I really need to proofread next time I'm writing commentary on my iPad. My apologies to the English language and anyone who tried to read that.
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  15. Aw, losing two 9.5s stings a bit, especially when White Rabbit and Can We Pretend are still here.
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  16. We all need to stop with this Can We Pretend slander at once
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  17. LiK


    Can We Pretend now being used as a way to hype up eliminations... I.Am.Disgusted.gif

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  18. LiK


    I'm not mad about this leaving at all. It's such a by the books ballad by her, which she did better on previous albums regarding a similar subject matter.
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  19. 'Can We Pretend':

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  20. If only I predicted the "Slut Like This" elimination in this way.

    "But We Lost It" is definitely a grower, but I still don't go back to it as much. Maybe my score was a little bit lower that it should be.
    That chorus is lovely, pretty much the whole song has a very nice melody.

    "Can We Pretend" still being in is really surprising to me, but I like the song (however, I won't mind at all if it goes next).

    Also, with this elimination, we've now passed the 1/3 of the total amount of songs.
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