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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I'm listening to The Truth About Love for the first time right now and it's, er, interesting.
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  2. It's kind of funny you'd go with "interesting" because that's exactly what that album isn't ddd
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  3. The 11’s so far are AMAZING.
  4. I'm doing some of the scores and... The Truth About Love aged terribly. I used to like every track and now I struggle to find a 10. On the other hand, Try This sounds much better that what I remembered. Also getting through the debut for the first time and it's a real struggle nn.
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  5. Made it through I'm Not Dead (working through the discography sequentially) and listened to the b-sides for the first time. She might have snapped with some of those.

    Also once you get past a few bumps in the tracklisting Try This is much more consistent than the two prior albums would've had me believe.
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  6. I know. The Truth About Love is pretty dreadful. It's so ... loud? And the lyrics are pretty bad.
  7. Songs that better not get underrated:

    - Stop Falling
    - Eventually
    - Lonely Girl
    - Gone to California
    - Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
    - I Got Money Now
    - Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self
    - Why Did I Ever Like You
    - Could've Had Everything
    - Where Did the Beat Go?

    I tried to narrow them down to 10, and these are the most apparent ones to not get enough love.
  8. I'll say that I gave at least one of these a 10.
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  9. My possible 11s:
    You Make Me Sick
    Just Like A Pill
    God Is A DJ
    Oh My God
    Who Knew
    Long Way To Happy
    I'm Not Dead
    Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    U + Ur Hand
    I Don't Believe You
    It's All Your Fault
    This Is How It Goes Down
    Fuckin' Perfect
    Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    The Great Escape
    Is This Thing On?
    The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive
    Beautiful Trauma
    Whatever You Want
    What About Us
    But We Lost It
    Hurts 2B Human
  10. I love P!nk and certainly I've noticed this rate. But these are so many songs I'm really not sure I'll manage to do this rate. But I will give it a try.
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  11. Thanks for notifying me.
    Yeah, there are a lot of songs, but there's also plenty of time to vote (1st July is just a temporary deadline, and is very likely to be extended) hi @berserkboi
    Hopefully you will have enough time to listen and rate the songs.
  12. What I can tell you is the current top three is the absolute correct choice so I may just close the rate now.
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  13. I decided to go backwards for some reason and there are songs on Hurts 2B Human that I really like that I have a feeling will exit early.

    Edit: Wait, I’m listening to Revenge the first time and what the hell is this? I’m laughing so hard.
  14. Happy is such a gem, I hope it does well.
  15. I was expecting a bit more from Hurts 2B Human, to be honest. Courage is cute, though.
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  16. @Lost Boy Great rate. Thanks for hosting. I really wanna participate but am swamped at work this month. Please feel free to tag harass/remind me as it get's closer to the deadline. I'll do my best.
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  17. I really hope Hurts 2B Human isn't done dirty.
  18. This is going to be the first first PopJustice rate I have taken part in, excited!
  19. I stumbled upon a P!nk Song Survivor which was ran by @Mvnl almost 10 years ago!
    Here are a few voters that participated (and are still active) who may want to take part in this rate:
    @Lost Boy probably thought I won't tag anymore (oops).
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  20. Oh no keep going!
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