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I've always said it; there are plenty of albums out there with multiple editions, but not many have a great closing track (that sounds like a closing track) for each one. The Great Escape, Good Old Days and The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive are all brilliant endings.

(Also I'm not quite sure why having this song after Run is repetition? The lyrical subject matter isn't really the same and they sound absolutely nothing alike.)
While I'm fine with its elimination, "Good Old Days" really is such a fun song both sonically and lyrically and could've been around for a while.
The only thing that bothered me is the repetitiveness, but I'll probably get used to it.

I'm a bit relieved, but that doesn't mean the next eliminations will be acceptable.
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92. Just Give Me a Reason
Average score: 6.76
Highest score: 10x2 (@Daniel_O, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 2x4 (@nikkysan, @The Hot Rock, @P'NutButter, @LiK)
My score: 7

'Just Give Me a Reason' marks a turning point in P!nk's career, one which embraced Adult Contemporary with open arms and was rewarded with momentous success; becoming what is essentially her biggest ever hit. Not only did it top charts around the world, it also ended up in the top 10 of the year end charts in the UK, US and Australia to name but three.

It's a powerful and very straightforward song, driven by the piano and an unshakable melody. Aping the style of fun. whilst also bringing P!nk's trademark stellar ad-libs and ability to emote, this was in fact never going to be a duo had P!nk not had her way:

"I was like, 'no, this is a story, this is a conversation - it needs the other perspective whether it's a guy and a girl, or two girls or two guys. 'I came in and tried to convince him that this was how the conversation was going to go and it was interesting you know, he was like 'I'll just do the demo cos I don't know about duets' and I totally tricked him into doing it, and I am so glad I was able to. 'I think now he's very happy that he did it, I think it's a beautiful song and I'm really, really proud of it.

Since then, the music video has gone on to rack up 1 BILLION views. 13 years into her career and she achieves her strongest ever single campaign, and this is before Beautiful Trauma would go on to achieve her highest first week album sales too. Just as her Grammy Awards 'Glitter in the Air' performance made people stand up and pay attention to her, it feels like 'Just Give Me a Reason' was doing the same.

And all that is without discussing the actual quality of the song, which clearly we all find extremely divisive. I can't help but think the sheer ubiquity of it hasn't helped, as everyone has an opinion on it, but I have always found it abrasive. It doesn't help that Nate's vocals are on this, and they are definitely an acquired taste.

Commentary corner:

@savilizabeths: (9) “I wish they’d gone for the harmonies more here instead of singing in unison. That’s definitely a musical duet pet peeve of mine. Honestly though, I love this. Always have. I like how they utilise the fact that it’s two performers by telling two different sides of the same story. I like the storytelling details. Plus, I performed this once so it has memories attached.”

@R27: (6) This is bland and not particularly moving, but radio beat this into my back in 2013 until I started to enjoy the melody, so I guess it's a pass.

@Sprockrooster: (3) Not a great track to begin with and then it got so damn overplayed making it even more annoying. I am literally sick and tired of this song.

@nikkysan: (2) I’ve always hated this, sorry. It’s just so offensively beige and bland. Of all the singles from this album, why was this the massive smash?

@JMRGBY88: (6) It’s not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination but the fact she keeps this in her set over…better songs is baffling.

@The Hot Rock: (2) Nauseating. As a fan of The Format and fun. this song makes me mad that we let Nate Ruess happen on any level.

@sapnu puas: (4) I’m glad for her that this was successful I guess.

@Laurence: (4) I hate this

@rick: (9) Would have been a Ten if it was a solo track.

@P'NutButter: (2) I've never liked this song. It actually makes me cringe.

@Verandi: (8) I know everybody here hates this one, but I remember loving it before being chosen as a single and… wait I don't love this anymore actually.

@tylerc904: (9) I cannot hear this and not think of that karaoke video of those young white girls completely out of tune. But all feelings about Nate aside, it’s a great song.

@abael: (8) This shouldn't work as well as it does. Pinks choice of duet partners and it being a duet at all would usually be a turn off, but sometimes being a bit off kilter works in Pinks favour

@Maki: (9.5) This is like a modern classic that has been overplayed. I think I’ve heard it two times on the radio during the past week. But it’s such a beautifully written and performed song. P!nk’s vocals on the middle-8 are brilliant. It’s not a 10 mostly due to Nathan’s annoying vocal tone and way of singing.

@Music Is Life: (10) Okay people hate on this way too much. It’s a great, beautiful song! I love the melody throughout, especially on the verses, and the piano is just ugh, beautiful. It’s a great song and y’all, as always, do too much over it. In fact, I almost did a duet of this for a talent show my freshman year of high school, with this girl who I was friends with and had a crush on, but we didn’t end up signing up.

You'll want to be here for the next one.
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Oh what a fucking joyous day it is now! Two of my least favourites bogging off in succession.

But then this makes me think a big loss is coming...
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91. Can We Pretend?
Average score: 6.77
Highest score: 10x2 (@Sanctuary, @Remorque)
Lowest score: 1 (@The Hot Rock)
My score: 9

After surviving 52 eliminations and multiple draggings in the thread, 'Can We Pretend' vacates. Now, if you're actually reading this then do me a favour and comment one thing you actually enjoy about the song - no caveats. I'm expecting a vocal amount of why this song sucks, so it'd be nice to counter it.

There's a lot to get into with this song, isn't there? It's quite clearly a label interference after seeing just how unexpectedly well the 'What About Us' remix did, but they're obviously oblivious to the sheer strength of that songs very simple but evocative chord progression and how much that carries it. 'Can We Pretend' doesn't have that, and we don't know the original either. Instead it feels like this was given to Cash Cash, who created something fairly generic.

I've warmed to it a lot over time, and seeing her dance to it live made me realise that she can, quite honestly, take almost anything and put her heart into it enough for me to find it palatable. The thing is, it just doesn't sound like a P!nk song in the slightest... which it obviously isn't trying to be as it was passed on to Cash Cash to work on. She's previously voiced the fact that this was written with Ryan Tedder well before the album, and I'm still craving that version. There are flashes of brilliance here and P!nk sounds, as always, exuberant.

'Cause honestly reality it bores me.

With all that in mind, it was a really bad choice for a single that just reeks of label interference. It's nice that P!nk can try new things this far into her career, and I never want to limit her artistry, but they just played these cards completely wrong.

Commentary corner:
@JMRGBY88: (8.5) I avoided listening to this pre-album and was worried over people’s descriptions but I actually really enjoy this song. It’s a nice break in the middle of a slower/midtempo run.

@The Hot Rock: (1) God, Cash Cash is a remnant from my scene music days in my teens and I wish they'd Go Away. It's wild enough when I see them popping up with other artists I listen to (they did a song with Dashboard Confessional??) but I would've thought P!nk wouldn't have been one of them. Life is full of surprises. This song goes about as well as I would've expected a P!nk x Cash Cash collab, which is to say really bad. :(

@Sprockrooster: (8) Pink doing trendchasing but actually nailing it

@Verandi: (2) I'd love to hear the original, because there's a good song hidden here. As it is tho… no. Just no. This is everything she would have been against ten years ago. Tired, basic, borderline offensive for that drop alone. No.

@Reboot: (4) Such a promising song that has to be ruined with a drop … chorus … thingie

@P'NutButter: (8) the drop has been done to death, but this track is hard to dislike.

@rick: (9) About 2 years later to the trop-bop party but still a cute little hit.

@abael: (8) This is how moody Pink should've been done up until this point, it's less song-like and relies on the musical aspect more. I think in doing so the lyrics don't seem so contrived.

@tylerc904: (6.5) It definitely sounds like “Cash Cab single featuring P!nk” but it does mark a nice change of pace on the album. I cannot pretend we both like the president tho!!!!!!!!

@Laurence: (6) I somehow like this but I can't decide why or so. Well those ad-libs at the end were not it sometimes but I guess fine track.

@Music Is Life: (8.75) I didn’t understand the dislike for this song when it was released earlier this year, and I still don’t get it. It’s a total BOP, with heartfelt lyrics. So basically exactly what we expect (and in my case) want from P!nk. And the lyrics are pretty good, but she sells them with that gorgeous voice of hers. And of course “can we pretend that we both like the president” always gets a chuckle from me.

@Maki: (6.75) I was so disappointed by this song in the beginning, but it ended up likable. The major thing that I don't like is the basic-as-hell drop. Now that we know it's an outtake, it seems like it had a different production, before and made it bland. The melody is really pleasant and the lyrics are quite funny, so it's not bad at all.

@R27: (6) This song has so much potential for me, but never quite manages to fulfill. That yearning for a so-called simpler time, despite the blatant romanticization of her past problems, is relatable and affecting. However, the drop during the chorus feels like a cop out that ultimately undercuts the song's potency. Also, this song contains yet another tepid political statement/swipe at Trump that feels forced. Just give us Dear Mr. President Pt. II: FDT (feat. Cardi B).

@savilizabeths: (9) “Honestly, this is just a straight forward bop that has no business being this catchy and fun. It’s one of those nostalgic songs but it’s just really fun. Pink just really sells this and makes it feel so hopeful in the midst of everything the world is these days. Plus, I spend half of my life trying to pretend I’m somewhere else and someone else, so this just resonates with me.”
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I don't care much about Can We Pretend (it's neither the best song on Hurts 2 B Human nor the worst) but Just Give Me A Reason leaving when White Rabbit and Fingers are still in? Sake.
Can We Pretend has been done dirty and it’s very clear that some of you didn’t see it live because it went off!

I can understand the criticism of it but if this had a different production to it, I think a lot of you would have been for this track.
Good Old Days - cute girl, nice lil bonus cut.
Just Give Me A Reason - obviously a turning point in her career for some, but the melody is lovely. The duet partner is a choice but the bones of the song are strong.
Can We Pretend - sort of harmless and sort of shameless. Either way it ain't horrible, I can see it be very dated in a year's time.
The problem is Cash Cash, not P!nk.

Also the live version is loads better, yes.

Yes the shoody dated & cheap production totally ruins the songs, I just cannot get past it.

Can We Pretend has been done dirty and it’s very clear that some of you didn’t see it live because it went off!

I can understand the criticism of it but if this had a different production to it, I think a lot of you would have been for this track.

I'd say the song charted about 50 places too high! Production is just as important as Lyrics, at times even more important and this song sounds like something from summer 2016.

The rate has been cleansed, now onto making sure Trouble cracks top 20.