Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

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Imagine thinking Trouble is top 20 material.

Wow... these two are big surprises, but in totally different ways!

I had absolutely no idea that "Just Give Me a Reason" was this divisive and disliked (only teo 10's?) so it was really unexpected to see it go this early.
Personally, I love the song. However, Nathan's vocals aren't that pleasant, so I guess it may be off putting for the listeners, as well as the massive exposure and immense amount of radio plays.
Still, it went too early for sure.

On the other hand, how surprising is "Can We Pretend" reaching top 100, after those initial reactions?
It's a good song, but I thought it would leave much earlier. The basic production sucked out all the emotions from the song, so I agree with the voters about that. Definitely was the weakest song from "Hurts 2B Human" remaining, so it's a good elimination.
I love Just Give Me a Reason for the same reason I love Can We Pretend. I generally find it difficult to find Pink authentic, and and these two were some of the few tracks in which I really bought into the emotional aspect of the songs. Honestly, one of the best aspects of the more recent albums is the general sense that Pink no longer needs to prove anything. She's established, and can go about things as she feels work best more than ever.
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Average score: 6.78
Highest score: 10x3 (@Sanctuary, @nikkysan, @Maki)
Lowest score: 2x2 (@abael, @happiestgirl)
My score: 8.5

Normally songs that directly reference open war, which led to the estimated death of millions, shouldn't be privy to any celebration at all. Had her father not fought in the war, and if the song didn't feel like an open letter to her father and the world around her, I wouldn't have time for it. Lyrically slightly troublesome, it tackles P!nk's own wars in America and successfully reframes a narrative back on to American life. Mixing the personal with the political, as her father would have done, before ending on a deteriorating American anthem - this served as somewhat of a precursor to what would be 'Dear Mr. President'.

Lyrics aside, the song does a wonderful job of creating atmosphere and translating her young angst. She sounds naive and doe eyed, comparing her dramatic life with the violence of war, and it's a fitting statement piece to end the album with. Also that final bridge with the What do you expect from me? gives me chills.

Commentary corner:
@nikkysan: (10) The song just decaying into the American National Anthem at the end is fucking brilliant.

@rick: (9.5) It’s a great song on its own but that electric guitar takes it all the way there

@abael: (2) For a second you think this song isn't as self centered and shallow as the majority of this album…Nope!

@R27: (7.5) I love the production here and there's some really interesting lyrics, but I don't find it's very clear what her Vietnam actually is. Based on the second verse is it the education system? Her teachers? Her parents for making her go to school?

@savilizabeths: (9) “What a gorgeous song! It’s so personal and detailed. I really love it. It’s a really strong track. It really fits with how personal this album feels. Some of the lyrics feel a bit stiff but for the most part, I love this.”

@sapnu puas: (9) the run of songs here at the end is so so solid

@Maki: (10) Highlight from this album for sure, and pretty much another masterpiece, although it took me some time to get there. It perfectly represents the core of "M!ssundaztood, with the amount of emotions poured in. Sonically, it's amazingly well-crafted and produced. The intro has that 'going to war' feel and I can envision soldiers and everything she describes in the song. The chorus is simple, yet amazing, and that middle-8 is so powerful! The ending is cleverly done; it was a bit unexpected for me when I first heard it. She totally made 'her Vietnam' relatable and created a perfection of the song at the same time - props to her and Linda!

Up next: me and @savilizabeths are losing tens :(
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89. Mean
Average score:
Highest score: 10x2 (@savilizabeths, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 4x6 (@JMRGBY88, @AllGagaLike, @Verandi, @playboy69, @abael, @Sideout)
My score: 10

'Mean' tackles the aged topic of a relationship turned sour, but this time giving it a much more countrified vibe. Personally I think this is a highlight of the album, with the melody being exceptional and the whole song giving out this drunk-confessional mood.

Normally I'm so strong
I just can't wake up on the floor
Like a thousand times before
Knowing that forever won't be

The way that certain lines like this drawl out with such emotion floors me. This is also one of the last times we'd hear her signature rasp at full force, considering she has since cleaned her act up in an effort to save her voice from failing too soon. Whilst it's somewhat of a tired narrative for her at this point, it's different enough sound wise to stand out and I find the emotion in her voice turns this to a ten.

Commentary corner:
@savilizabeths: (10) “Why does this almost sound like country rock to me? In the goddamn best way. The lyrics to this are so strong. This one hit me immediately and I just really love it. I’ve never been through this and god, I hope I don’t but she paints the picture so well. The song is really fun despite how awful the situation is. I’m glad I discovered this one.”

@rick: (9) When my boyfriend makes himself a cup of tea without even offering me one I like to listen to this and be dramatic

@tylerc904: (9) I really love this one, it’s far stronger than the other blues/country influenced tune on the album (One Foot)

@Music Is Life: (9.5) I love the country-blues-rock feel of this, she does this sound so freaking well, and the chorus melody is great. And I LOVE the middle-8! It’s so good! I love this song.

@abael: (4) How uninspired. I'm forgetting this song while it's playing.

@Maki: (6.75) One of my least favorite tracks from this album. It has nice moments, of course, like the melody in the verses and chorus, and the piano. However, I'm generally not a fan of P!nk singing country.

@R27: (7) Probably the most filler track on the album for me. However, Funhouse filler still trumps a lot of her later work.

@JMRGBY88: (4) how this made the album over the bonus tracks is…baffling.

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Nooooooo. Mean is Pink at her best. She said in an interview it was the first song she wrote for the album whilst still with Carey.

Apparently they were out camping with friends and they started jamming and she just straight outburst of the gate started to moan about Carey through the song with Carey there. I don’t know where the interview that was from.
Which I’d love if the song was any good.
Only liking this cause I love you and your sass.
I generally find it difficult to find Pink authentic
I have an issue with this. She's honestly one of the most authentically honest artists out there.

Good Old Days and Just Give Me A Reason are both gone way too soon. As is Mean. Ya'll suck.
I can't believe how much this rate hurts me already.
If a song from Funhouse had to go then this wasn't the worst choice, I suppose. There's at least one song on each of the other albums that would have been more deserving, though.