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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. There's one more song with this achievement.

    Expect our next one in 2-3 hours, less if we get more comments going!
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  2. Crystal Ball is cute but probably wound up with an accurate rating/placement.

    One Foot Wrong is a fantastic song, I love her voice on it. Went by a little under-appreciated for me.
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  3. That's so impressive!

    As for the 11, I'm still on the edge... I can't believe the lack of taste (if it ends up being mine).
  4. Slut Like You is finally being eliminated?

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  5. I mean, over five 10's and one 11? That's the only song that can be so divisive (and a few of us called it, too).
    Oh, please be it!
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  6. I just hope it's not actually Trouble, which a few people bizarrely seem to hate.
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  7. [​IMG]
    82. Slut Like You
    Average score: 6.94
    Highest score: 11 (@Laurence)
    10x5 (@Sanctuary, @Verandi, @kal, @Untouchable Ace, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 1 (@savilizabeths)
    My score: 9

    I'm not a slut, I just love love!

    So a few people have been calling for 'Slut Like You' for quite a while, now is there time to celebrate. Unfortunately for them it still manages to be a fucking bop from start to finish, and arguably one of her best up-tempos, which would have been perfect to release if the world wasn't a huge hypocrisy.

    First of all let's address the room; P!nk is subverting male gaze here, reclaiming her sexuality and perfectly natural inclination to enjoy sex. Never shying away from the controversial, 'Slut Like You' really reclaims a horrifying word typically used to bring women down for doing exactly what men do. So let's get this straight, if you have a single ounce of a problem with her expressing her love for sex here - you're part of the problem.

    "I kept thinking as I was writing this song how mad moms were gonna be at me, but really, it's my form of feminism. I've always had such a problem that men can sleep with ten women and they're players, and then women can sleep with five and they're sluts, and I just think that's so unfair, and I've always said, 'What did you get from me that I didn't get from you? Maybe you were my conquest.' And I feel like that is a very dirty form of feminism, but it's mine, and you know, you have to own your choices, especially as a female; we pay for our choices, I think, a lot more than men do... still. And 'Slut Like You' is my really unsophisticated way of taking the power back."

    Soak that in, mother-fuckers. This is P!nk's raw, dirty form of feminism, and there's nothing wrong with it. In another world, this was a single with a video openly mocking the males (like Ed Sheeran) that actively celebrate being able to fuck any girl they want because they're famous.

    And now a moment for @Laurence, who gave this their eleven:

    This is so fucking great. I love this track and remember when this was new, it come out a few months after my coming out and going to the gay bar often, this was played a lot and my newly made gay friends also loved it. It kinda was an anthem. It was on every damn every time I saw them and so I fell in love with the song and this just brings back those good times & memores. Also the reverse gender roles? Innovative queen & LGBTQ+ icon since 2012.

    Commentary corner:

    @Sprockrooster: (9) Okay, this could have been on Funhouse would have not fallen out of place qualitywise

    @Music Is Life: (10) I LOVE THIS SONG. I have since I first listened to the album 4 years ago. It’s fun to be a 15 year old virgin, but singing “I’m a slut like you!” at the top of your lungs. I love that she describes this as her brand of feminism, because of course P!nk would be like this. I love how in the middle-8 it has the chorus with just her and the guitar and her voice, it makes it sound sweet for a second. Then it goes right back to pop-rock banger. And I am so annoyed that this is the only song on the entire album she did with max and Shellback. Why P!nk? WHY?!

    @Maki: (5) Annoying and really irritating song, one of my least favorite songs by her. The guitar riff is quite good, and I love the stripped-down chorus bit, but the rest of the song ruins it. I know the lyrics are supposed to be ironic, but they're not really good. And that rap part is so cringey.

    @R27: (6) This was.... a lot. It feels like all of pinks most obxonious characteristics and tendencies rolled into one. And yet... it kind of works?

    @Reboot: (4) *Insert gritted teeth emoji here*

    @rick: (9) Let me get popcorn ready for all the ‘hot takes’ in this commentary.

    @abael: (9) It might be a little immature, but I'll always prefer Brash Pink over Mopey Pink.

    @tylerc904: (6.5) It does pop awf a bitsy but I genuinely loathe the middle bit.

    @savilizabeths: (1) “Oh, shut up!”
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  8. kal


    Slut Like You is top 30 material. MESS.
  9. I should've given it a ten. It's definitely top 20 worthy for me. Mess.
  10. OH LORD FUCKING FINALLY! My problem with the song isn’t her proclaiming her love for sex at all. I love that! I love sex, and I’m a woman so reclaiming the word is important to me. Shame that song is grating and irritating and just plain sounds terrible. It’s one of my absolute least favourite songs by her and I can’t believe I’m the only person to give it a 1!
  11. Finally! That song is beyond grating, the you-ooooo/woo-hoooo/etc chorus is an aural nightmare. I really thought it was a shoo-in for bottom 10, the amount of actually great songs it beat is ridiculous.
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  12. You all have never been a slut and IT SHOWS!
  13. The you-ooooo/woo-hoooo part is *Adele's voice* monioumentol
  14. It just reminds me of ME! to be honest.
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  16. One has a chorus built around You-ooooo/Woo-oooo, the other has a chorus built around Me-ee-eee/You-oo-ooo, both sung in a very grating, high-pitched way. I'm not saying the two songs sound the same but there is an obvious similarity there.
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  17. The original is a banger too.
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  18. S-L-U-T

    Hey kids, spelling is fun!



  19. I love the ninth circle of hell OST.
  20. FINALLY!!!
    Yesss! I'm so relieved that my 11 isn't the first one out!

    But that is a... choice for an 11 (sorry @Laurence).

    By far my lowest remaining score is finally gone, and now I'm left with 'good' scores.
    I appreciate the lyrics, but the way they're done is immature and clunky. But that's not the issu I have with the song itself - it's how annoying it is. In fact, I'm listening to every song while reading its elimination write up, and with this one, it was a struggle to read because of how distracting it is. The rap section is a nightmare.
    That all being said, it is not the song that I downright hate (she doesn't have any of those), it's just what I consider one of her weakest.

    And with the elimination of "Slut Like You", I have only 6+ scores remaining!

    By the way, I love the artwork for this one, @Lost Boy, and especially the ones for "Funhouse" songs.
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