Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

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80. Disconnected
Average score: 6.95
Highest score: 10x3 (@Sanctuary, @tylerc904, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 3 (@abael)
My score: 6

Yet another surprise for me as I fully expected this to bomb out in the immediate half of the rate, instead it almost makes it to our halfway point. 'Disconnected' was included in the release of 'Who Knew', back when b-sides were a thing, and it smartly deals with a disconnect with life itself by wrapping it up in a telephone call metaphor. I've always loved the theme and the way she bounces around lyrically, but never felt it punched as hard as anything on I'm Not Dead.

Considering the negativity in the commentary I'm pleasantly surprised to see it last until now, because there's definitely a gorgeous song inside of here and the chorus melody is pretty great - so for a bonus track, this is a hit.

Commentary corner:
@rick: (5) What I imagine Amy Studt would be releasing nowadays

@abael: (3) Pinks attempt at a track aiming both for empathy and independence is a misfire. She ends up reshaping her persona more negatively here than in songs in which that is the intent

@Laurence: (7) This works well to me, I think it's an OK track right at the end and it stands out because the others are a bit too filler for me.

@Music Is Life: (10) This is my favorite B-side from the era that didn’t become a bonus track. I just love the lyrics, and I think the rough production pairs extremely well with them.

@Maki: (6.25) My least favorite out of the bonus tracks/B-sides from "I'm Not Dead". It leans more towards the bland side. It has a nice hook, but nothing in particular is memorable about it (perhaps that voice message bits). I guess I'm a bit 'disconnected' with this song.

@R27: (8) This was a really great discovery. Mid-2000s pop rock executed flawlessly.

@savilizabeths: (8) “Damn, this is kinda how I felt in high school. I’m laughing.”
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A good result for Split Personality I’d say. Enjoyable enough but it doesn’t really garner strong opinions. A middling placement is apt.

Completely forgot about Disconnected and even looking back on my commentary for it I have no recollection of the song
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79. More
Average score: 7.01
Highest score: 10x4 (@rick, @LiK, @Music Is Life, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 1 (@Laurence)
My score: 10

Imagine my surprise when Hurts 2B Human turned out to be a fantastic return to form, and I was more than happy with it, only for me to stumble upon this little Japanese bonus track and realise it's one of her strongest ballads since Funhouse. It's stark and powerful from the offset, pitching Alecia's vocals, a piano and some strings right at the forefront with almost nothing else to hide it - and god, she pours her heart out into nothing here. Honestly the first time I heard it it brought me to tears and I had to repeat it several times, this is easily the most vulnerable she's sounded in years and we're this far into her career.

'More' approaches her typical formula but this time with feeling, perfectly captivating pure desperation and pain in begging for someone to help you fall in love with them again. Melodically it's like a sledgehammer to the gut, just pure bliss. I really wanted this to do well, so I'll just be happy that it crossed the 7 point mark at least!

In another world this really would have done well as a single (in my eyes) following 'Walk Me Home'. It's immediately captivating, emotional and presents a whole new side to P!nk that we haven't seen... which at this point is incredible. The fact it was tossed aside as a Japanese exclusive is mind-blowing to me. Also the fact someone gave this a one... are you fucking kidding me.

Commentary corner:
@rick: (10) Can’t believe this is a bonus track. It’s gorgeous. My 11 was locked before I even started to rate but this really made me stop and second guess. Stunning song, stunning vocals. We could have had this on the album instead of (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime

@Music Is Life: (10) Why the fuck is this a bonus track?? This would’ve been a slightly better official closer than “Last Song”. I mean that chorus melody alone slays, but her voice is just so perfect here and the lyrics! I love these lyrics! I love everything about this. The verse melody is perfect too, and that bridge – perfection in just 45 seconds.

@Maki: (9.5) It still makes me wonder that they were thinking when they decided to leave this song as a bonus track. By far the best ballad from "Hurts 2B Human", very emotional. Those verses are beautiful and her vocals are so clear and powerful in the chorus. It still has to grow on me, so it may become a 10 in a few weeks. I actually crave for 'more' after hearing this song. Another album in 2020 maybe? I hope so.

@Sprockrooster: (9) Japanese bonustracks?! It's 2019. Especially sad cause this stellar.

@P'NutButter: (7.5) Once again a decent track is relegated to Japan-Only status...

@abael: (6) It's a very basic ballad, stock standard.

@R27: (4.5) I could use less of these dreary ballads.

@savilizabeths: (6) “Pink really uses strings in her ballads so well. This one isn’t a favourite for me though. It’s really pretty but it doesn’t hit me the same as some of her others songs in this vein. As usual, Pink sells it though. She’s a true performer and vocalist.”
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'Disconnected' is a great little song, I love the lyrics in the opening verse.

'Split Personality' was an instant favourite for me back when Can't Take Me Home first came out. Random memory but I remember when the wires in one of my stereo speakers (this was 2002) was breaking up and it separated the channels for a minute and the chorus ended up being just P!nk's vocal, no backing vocals... and it was brilliant!
Hell Wit Ya should have been the 4th single from her debut according to this rate. Missed opportunity for Pizza Hut to sponsor the music video.
I really like that song ("Split Personality" is far superior), but I can see it leaving soon. It's my lowest remaining score from her debut (still an 8+).
At least it is a longest lasting non-single from "Can't Take Me Home".

"Disconnected" was one of her most forgettable songs to me, surprising how it got this far. I thought it wouldn't even reach the top 100.
It would've been a complete filler if it had appeared on the album.
Also, it was my lowest remaining score, so I'm glad that it's gone.
And I had to laugh at this:
@Music Is Life: (10) This is my favorite B-side from the era that didn’t become a bonus track.
@Maki: (6.25) My least favorite out of the bonus tracks/B-sides from "I'm Not Dead".

"More", on the other hand, is definitely out too early and is a bit of a shocking elimination, given the warm response it got when released. It was a positive surprise to me when I first heard it, and definitely remains one of the best from "Hurts 2B Human".

And that voter giving "Slut Like You" an 11, while giving "More" a 1 definitely made... a choice.