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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. Oh, my scores for Beautiful Trauma are kinda...high, oops? I'm getting ready to be dragged.

    Not Revenge though, promise.
  2. I’ve made a start on this. First two albums are done. Should be finished at some point this week
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  3. You know what, even after fighting for 0 rights, I think I might not actually give any scores below 3 after all. I was going to either give it to one of her overplayed The Truth About Love/Greatest Hits singles, which they don't actually sound that bad anymore now that you're not subjected to them every 5 minutes, or to Revenge, which, well, is still pretty bad, but despite Eminem's worst efforts, P!nk's parts aren't quite 0-worthy.

    It's definitely sounding better to me than it used to I have to say. I think I might end up giving it a better average than The Truth About Love at least. It definitely benefits from not having like 43 songs.
  4. WAIT at (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime

    [​IMG] ´

    I was NOT expecting a bop like that at this point in her career.
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  5. Given that both Revenge and Here Comes The Weekend are surely wooden spoon contenders, I think we can all agree that Pink should stay away from Eminem.
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  6. P!nk and everyone else in the music industry to be honest.
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  7. Finished with Try this, starting I'm Not Dead!
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  8. Whew Can't Take Me Home was a real struggle to get through for me.
  9. I just need to do her first and third albums (my order of listening is really haphazard, I know), and then I'm done. Funhouse will get my highest average for sure.
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  10. For all of those who decided to participate here (and didn't already vote), whether you have trouble choosing your 11, choosing your 0 perhaps, or just for fun, this song sorter may come in handy (notice that it doesn't include songs from "Hurts 2B Human").
    Let me do it and see how my ranking will look like, it may help me when scoring, too.
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  11. Can't Take Me Home - 6.2 (10 x 1, 3 x 2)
    M!ssundaztood - 7.5 (10 x 2, 4 x 1)
    Try This - 7.7 (10 x 2, 2.5 x 1)
    I'm Not Dead - 8.6, 8.2 w/ bonuses (10 x 4, 5 x 1)
    Funhouse - 7.4, 6.4 w/ bonuses (10 x 1, 6 x 1)
    The Truth About Love - 6.0, 6.8 w/ bonuses (11 x 1, 10 x 1, 2 x 1)
    Beautiful Trauma - 5.0 (8.5 x 1, 0 x 1)
    Hurts 2B Human - 5.6 (9 x 1, 2 x 1)
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  12. Mh.
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  13. Beautiful Trauma got two 10's from me dd
  14. I still don't hate Beautiful Trauma like most people. It holds three of her best songs for me (so 10x3). I'd still take it over the tragic follow-up any day.
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  15. The hate for the last three albums will kill me.
  16. Someone just BOMBED the latter albums so yes please do join if you love them.
  17. Just delete their results dd

    Can't Take Me Home 6.96
    M!ssundaztood 7.53
    Try This 5.7
    I'm Not Dead 8.57
    Funhouse 7.3
    Greatest Hits…So Far!!! 9.3
    The Truth About Love 6.92
    Beautiful Trauma 6.75
    Hurts 2B Human 8.14
    Extras 5.81

    Oop at Hurts 2B Human being my second favourite P!nk album on paper.
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  19. To be completely fair, Try This is her worst effort because you can literally hear how much she didn't want to be doing it at the time so it's a painful listen and it also houses her absolute worst single. The Greatest Hits era was 4/4 and Hurts 2B Human is legit great bar like three tracks.
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  20. Hurts 2B Human is her best album since Funhouse.
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