Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

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78. Dear Diary
Average score: 7.04
Highest score: 10 (@soratami)
Lowest score: 2 (@abael)
My score: 8

'Dear Diary' kind of epitomizes the entire vibe of M!ssundaztood pretty succinctly. Successfully bringing in parts of P!nk's R&B past with the newly forming rock goddess, 'Dear Diary' is a coming-of-age epic of fairly minimal proportions and, is as you would expect, an exploration of the kind of feelings you'd pour out on to paper. Songs like this are part of the reason P!nk is still here now and is widely celebrated as a truth-teller: this fearless ability to express our darkest and innermost characteristics.

Commentary corner:
@nikkysan: (9) I love this. P!nk’s hushed tone makes me feel like I’m peeking over her shoulder while she’s writing in her diary. Great production flourishes too.

@Verandi: (5) A good song ruined by awful production.

@Reboot: (6) Very pretty. Sadly doesn’t really go anywhere.

@rick: (7) I forgot about this one. It’s nice. Nothing remarkable

@abael: (2) Please just finish. You are boring enough to not only have a diary, but no doubt irritating enough to start each entry with 'Dear Diary,'. No one cares.

@Laurence: (7) I like this one too but it goes on a bit too long. Cut it off a bit

@Maki: (8.5) Initially, I labeled the song as a filler, but the more I listen to it, the more it seems necessary for this album. It’s that totally chill and more lowkey track needed in the middle of the album (especially after the hysteric “Misery”) to balance out the things. Loving the interesting oriental instrument in the background and the middle 8 is great. The vocal effect works really well, too. Overall, it’s a bit too ‘sing-songy’ for me to give it a higher score.

@R27: (8) The production here is such a vibe.

@savilizabeths: (8) “I love the vibe of this one. I actually really love this. I can definitely see coming back to it. I like the vocal filter, it really creates a mood.”
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I think Love Song is the most obvious candidate from Try This, but I don't think anyone's mentioned Walk Away very much so apathy could well sink it.
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77. Try Too Hard
Average score: 7.05
Highest score: 10x3 (@Robsolete, @tylerc904, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 4x4 (@Daniel_O, @playboy69, @happiestgirl, @HollyDunnSomething)
My score: 8

The last song Try This lost was 'Tonight's the Night' at 108, and this will be the longest safe period for any album from here on out. Somehow this song manages to sound like it's trying hard but also not trying very hard at all, revelling in the whole fuck it vibe of the album. Luckily it pays off and the song serves as a spunky middle finger to the scene kids of the world, faking it on a daily basis. Certainly one of the most abrasive songs on the album, I find that it couples well with the following song 'Humble Neighborhoods' and helps push this bratty persona she was crafting for the album.

Commentary corner:

@rick: (8) I’m one of the people that make her sick

@abael: (6) Pop stars can never really pull off this songs angle, but Pink and the team sell it well enough to hold off the skip button.

@tylerc904: (10) Should have been a single over Last to Know but I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered in the US. I do think this would have outperformed Last to Know in the UK at least.

@Music Is Life: (10) This is such a great punk rock song. It goes so hard, and the melody, especially on the pre-chorus and chorus is so fucking good. I really like the lyrics, cause I feel like it could apply to a lot of people who are famous for no reason, and I like that she changes it to “people like us” for the final chorus.

@Maki: (9.75) This killer rock tune is so good. After initially thinking it's a bit too basic, it grew on me so much. I love everything about it now. It even has a 'fuller' sound in comparison to the other rockier tracks from the album. The way it transitions fast from the verses to the pre-chorus and chorus is so well done. The chorus is very memorable, and that guitar solo is amazing! Maybe that minimal 'genericness' about it is the only thing which led me not to give it full marks.

@R27: (7) I'd argue P!nk herself is occasionally guilty of this, but this is not one of those times.
@savilizabeths: (7) “I really quite like this one. The guitars sound great, and I definitely know people like the one in this song. I can see myself liking this one even more with time."
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And just after being called, "Dear Diary" leaves us. While not being among my faves from "M!ssundaztood", it should've stayed longer. It encapsulates the second half of the album's moody and unique vibe, but songs like "Eventually", "My Vietnam" and "Lonely Girl" do that flawlessly. The lack of 10's is probably the main reason why "Dear Diary" left at this point.

I don't get how the production of the album is quite divisive - I find it gorgeous in ballads, yet a bit clunky in the uptempo songs (speaking of Linda Perry's production).

And I really didn't expect "M!ssundaztood" to lose more than half of its songs while we still aren't in the top half of the countdown.

And of course that one of my highest scores from "Try This" is eliminated. I was almost sure that "Walk Away" would be the next cut from that album.
"Try Too Hard" is a brilliant album track that is even single worthy. I don't get how it didn't last longer - such a punch of a song. Well done @Robsolete, @tylerc904 and @Music Is Life for recognizing this gem!
Poor Linda Perry keeps losing songs she co-wrote and produced.
My only issue with 'Try Too Hard' is that her vocals are too low in the mix, otherwise it would be a 10.

and 'Dear Diary' is another stellar slow track. I do wonder if some of these voters have no heart.
My only issue with 'Try Too Hard' is that her vocals are too low in the mix, otherwise it would be a 10.
I actually love the production on that one, it certainly showcases the 'live' feel they were going for on that record.
I do wonder if some of these voters have no heart.
Well, they already tanked "Stop Falling", "Eventually" and "My Vietnam", among others, so it's apparent that some voters have no heart.