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"Don't Let Me Get Me" is not even in my top 20 P!nk songs, but it absolutely doesn't deserve to leave anytime soon (and of course it won't).
Don't Let Me Get Me is now my least fave single from that era, but even so that song is a classic. It was everything to me back then. I eventually outgrew it probably like P!nk did over time, but anyone wanting that song to be eliminated at this stage should maybe have the rest of their scoring void from this rate instead.
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76. The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive
Average score: 7.09
Highest score: 10x4 (@Sanctuary, @tylerc904, @Music Is Life, @əʊæ)
Lowest score: 1 (@Sideout)
My score: 9.5

'Blow Me (One Last Kiss) B-side and Japanese bonus track 'The King is Dead...' falls out at a graceful seventy-six. Taking a different approach to P!nk's usually story-driven and intimate lyricism, it's another tongue in cheek middle finger to over-entitled men. Much like the album as a whole it's slightly noisy, purposefully abrasive and overflowing with self-confidence. With lyrics like

I wear your crown and I look quite nice

There's a party in your honour but you won't be there, whatever.


Unlike your anatomy, I'm glad I had it in me.

It certainly isn't boring and was an incredible choice for accompanying her new lead single. P!nk's leads have always hit the ground running with 50% shock, 50% appeal and this does exactly what you'd expect to. It's the kind of song absolutely nobody else could pull off, whether they try to or not. It's a total racket from start to finish, especially the enormous chorus, and I wouldn't wish it to be anything less.

Commentary corner:
@nikkysan: (9.5) Such a great oddity in her discography, why did she leave all the bonuses off the standard tracklist when these shit all over majority of it?

@Sprockrooster: (6) Me hoping for some gems in the bonus tracks I never sought out that I could have ranted about how they should included of the many filler instead, yet finding more of the same weak tracks.

@Music Is Life: (10) Another total self-empowering jam from this woman! Love the cheerleader-esque, expletive filled chorus. And the middle-8 in this is honestly one of her best in her upbeat songs, in my opinion. Deserved more than B-side or bonus track status, but I own the fan edition of the album, so I’m not complaining too much.

@Verandi: (7) A loud mess

@Maki: (9) Perhaps her most well-known B-side (and probably her last), and it is among her very best bonus tracks/B-sides. The verses are really strong, not as much as the chorus and I’m not a fan of the spoken bridge, but it’s a powerful and catchy tune. I forgot about the great guitar solo, too. It could’ve easily been a standard album track.

@rick: (6) 6/10 only for the anatomy line

@abael: (4) Cheesy song with dynasty warriors level rock backing, bleh.

@tylerc904: (10) It’s a lil’ corny but it really does pump you up. Great for a workout.

@Laurence: (7) Pretty OK track

@R27: (6.75) The Truth About Love seems to have an endless stream of bonus tracks and I am running out of things to say about them. Basically, I like the guitar solo in the bridge of this one.

@savilizabeths: (8) “The stomping chorus on this is fantastic, and the lyrical content is pretty great. I’m not a huge fan of the first part of the bridge, but the electric guitars are absolute killer. What a triumphant bop!”
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Yet another surprising elimination... this rate is all over the place.

While it doesn't reach the absolute highs of the bonus tracks from "The Truth About Love" for me (that are "Is This Thing On?" and "Timebomb"), it's such a stellar song that deserved better, both in the album treatment and this rate.

And poor @Music Is Life losing eight 10's in the last ten eliminations. I feel you.