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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. EM
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  2. Wish I’d taken part now. Private Show was robbed
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  3. I totally agree about "Private Show".
    And a pity that you missed the opportunity, but you can always follow the results!

    Also, you can do the P!nk song sorter which will generate you own ranking of her songs (it doesn't include songs from "Hurts 2B Human" and a few other songs).
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  4. Now sis, nothing about Just Like Pink's Best Song is horrible. Nothing.

    I've even ignored your slander and shade against Rita before, but these kind of lies are something I will not stand for.
  5. It's about her desperation for love and how she is literally SCREAMING for it until her vocals are breaking. It's perfect.
  6. I mean I think I gave it a 9, so I'm almost stanning anyway. Rita is iconic, shame about the lack of originality
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  7. LiK


    It should have at least cracked top 50.
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  8. I'd have liked this without the small print.
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  9. [​IMG]
    73. Walk of Shame
    Average score: 7.15
    Highest score: 10x3 (@Sanctuary, @tylerc904, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 4x4 (@The Hot Rock, @Reboot, @playboy69, @sapnu puas)
    My score: 7

    'Walk of Shame' is somewhat of a 'Slut Like You' redux, filtered to remove the profanity. At least in my mind, it's a purposefully abrasive reclamation of sexual freedom that features a trademark P!nk chorus and hooks, which puts it in the same bracket. Considering she's a (relatively) happily married woman with several children, it's kind of refreshing to hear something as visceral and open as this? Abael mentions it briefly below, which I'm glad about. I'm certainly very respectful of P!nk for constantly owning her sexuality without fear.

    Notably it's not actually about her and Carey, instead apparently inspired by the sheer amount of walk-of-shames spotted by Carey in Vegas. It was released as a single in Australia with an accompanying tour video, but I never really class these kind of releases as singles anyway... it definitely could have been replaced with 'Timebomb'.

    Commentary corner:
    @Reboot: (4) I'm too asexual for this

    @rick: (8.5) Was meh on this until I saw the Truth tour. It’s a pleasant bop.

    @abael: (7) Pink definitely showcases a complex attitude on sex, which isn't to imply that the song here is complex. On the contrary, it's subject is just too shallow to really have an impact

    @Laurence: (6) Just a little need something... I don't like it I guess

    @Maki: (8.5) Really catchy little song which fits the album sound perfectly. The chorus is one great punch, love it. The rest is on a more generic side, but it's much better than some of the other album tracks. It surely benefits from its length and avoids being repetitive.

    @R27: (5) The whistle is grating.

    @savilizabeths: (7) “In spite of myself, I find this one pretty fun. It’s not perfect but I can actually bop along instead of wanting to turn it off immediately like some of its album mates. It’s a bit dumb but in an enjoyable way, so that’s nice.”

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  10. One of my best friends uses this song as part of a really funny lipsync act.
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  11. I've always thought of Walk Of Shame as the sequel to Slut Like You. They're both gone way too soon.
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  12. "Walk of Shame" should've stayed longer. While not being among the highs, it totally encapsulates the album sound and is great.
    "True Love" would be my choice for the next song out from "The Truth About Love".
  13. I fucking love 'Walk Of Shame'. "We're walking... we're walking..." It's so short but really makes it's mark on the album.
  14. [​IMG]
    72. Hell Wit Ya
    Average score: 7.16
    Highest score: 10 (@tylerc904)
    Lowest score: 3 (@playboy69)
    My score: 8.5

    Can't Take Me Home loses it's last standard track, leaving just the three singles left to fight for its corner. 'Hell Wit Ya' is easily the next best thing on the album and would have been a perfect single too with its squelchy synths and witty lyricism. Even a reference to Pizza Hut can't bring it down, and I'm surprised by how fresh it still sounds in 2019?

    Sporting a fantastic guitar solo toward the end as well, it really is a song that could still translate well into the rest of her discography so its times like this I am sad she's distanced herself from the debut completely. Imagine how well it would translate now:


    Commentary corner:
    @nikkysan: (7) I always loved that Pizza Hut lyric ddd.

    @JMRGBY88: (8) Any song that references Pizza Hut is good with me

    @The Hot Rock: (7) “Yeah, I remember that time we went to Pizza Hut. You told me she was your cousin.” Alecia sis...

    @R27: (7.5) I dig the turn of the millennium r&b production here, but I do wish the chorus went a bit harder/more over the top. Added an extra half point for the pizza hut reference.

    @Reboot: (5) This does nothing for me.

    @P'NutButter: (8) Should be brought out on tour.

    @rick: (8) This should have opened the album. It’s bombastic, full of personality and casual swearing for no apparent reason. Also the first use of her signature mis-spelled song titles.

    @abael: (6) Balance between music and lyrics aren't great, makes the lyrics seem over emphasized.

    @Music Is Life: (9.5) BOP. Really sassy BOP. I love the melody on the chorus. And I swear it’s the only time I’ll mention it, but the censoring on the first two albums really fucking annoys the shit out of me.

    @Maki: (8.5) A typical R&B track that is pretty good and considered one of more ‘popular’ album tracks from this album. I really like the effects used in the pre-chorus and the really catchy chorus. Great inclusion of the guitar before the final chorus, too.

    @savilizabeths: (8) “The chorus on this is really cool. It’s a really fun R&B song. It features her spoken lines much like ‘Split Personality’ did and I really enjoy those.”
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    Can't Take Me Home


    Most Girls
    There You Go
    You Make Me Sick


    Don't Let Me Get Me
    Just Like a Pill
    Get the Party Started
    18 Wheeler
    Family Portrait

    Lonely Girl

    Try This

    God is a DJ
    Last to Know
    Oh My God
    Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
    Save My Life

    Humble Neighborhoods
    Walk Away
    Love Song
    Feel Good Time

    I'm Not Dead

    Stupid Girls
    Who Knew
    Long Way to Happy
    Nobody Knows
    Dear Mr. President
    I'm Not Dead
    Cuz I Can
    Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    U + Ur Hand
    I Got Money Now
    Conversations with my 13 Year Old Self


    So What
    I Don't Believe You

    Please Don't Leave Me
    Bad Influence

    It's All Your Fault
    Ave Mary A
    Glitter in the Air
    This is How It Goes Down

    The Truth About Love


    Are We All We Are
    Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    True Love
    Where Did the Beat Go?
    My Signature Move
    Is This Thing On?

    Beautiful Trauma

    Beautiful Trauma
    Whatever You Want
    What About Us
    Where We Go

    Greatest Hits... So Far!!!

    Whataya Want From Me
    Raise Your Glass
    Fucking Perfect

    Hurts 2B Human

    (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
    Walk Me Home
    My Attic
    90 Days
    Hurts 2B Human
    We Could Have It All


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  16. Try This is definitely better represented than I thought it would be at this point, but the big surprise for me is Walk Me Home still hanging around. I didn't think anyone here particularly liked it.
  17. Poor debut... as soon as I saw "Split Personality" leave (which totally deserved to be the longest lasting album track from the debut), I knew that "Hell Wit Ya" was going to be eliminated soon after. I don't consider it among the absolute highs of "Can't Take Me Home", mostly because, as @R27 already mentioned, the chorus lacks a bit of a punch. Either way, it's a great song that deserved to do slightly better. And yes at everyone mentioning the Pizza Hut line!
    As expected, only the singles from "Can't Take Me Home" remain, and they shouldn't go anywhere near yet. "Most Girls" for the top 10!

    While losing two 8,5 scores in a row isn't bad at all, the last two songs that were eliminated belong in the top half of her discography.
    Now that we entered the 'better half' of the songs in the rate, I guess it's not that necessary for me to mourn some of my favorites that will be eliminated in the future (but I will still riot he he).

    And I totally agree with @Lost Boy, she should incorporate R&B more often in her music.
    Whenever she does it, it's flawless. Case in point: "Family Portrait", "Catch Me While I'm Sleeping", "I Got Money Now", "Where Did the Beat Go?", "(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime" etc.
  18. If I could Swap Out 1 Song From Each Album:
    You Make Me Sick/ Stop Falling
    Lonely Girl/ Respect
    Save My Life/ Tonight's The Night
    Centerfold/ Crash & Burn
    Ave Mary A/ Why Did I Ever Like You?
    Try/ Slut Like You
    Secrets/ I Am Here
    Happy/ Hustle
  19. R27


    The debut has really been done wrong in this rate. If I'm being honest, I like it better than anything she's done post-Funhouse, so it sucks that only the singles remain.
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  20. Yes! ("You Make Me Sick" is great, though)
    I love both, but prefer the latter songs - kind of agree.
    I like both, but prefer the former songs - kind of disagree.
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