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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. You Make Me Sick is the best song on the debut.
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  3. This rate is making me play her first album even more than I did previously (which was a lot) so even though it's tanking in this, I'm loving it.
  4. Ha ha! But this also stands:
    And "Happy" is nowhere near the lowest scores from that album (and especially not in the entire rate).
    Also, "Hustle" is low-key my favorite song from "Hurts 2B Human".

    Loving the appreciation of her debut! It was done so wrong here.
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  5. I gave all three 10s but it's my favorite single.
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  6. LiK


    Debut album really was unfairly judged in here. Hell Wit Ya is top 5 on the debut album for me. It's quintessential early 00's RnB and it hasn't aged a day, gorgeous song. I hope all 3 remaining singles make top 40.

  7. [​IMG]
    71. True Love
    Average score: 7.17
    Highest score: 10x3 (@Laurence, @happiestgirl, @əʊæ)
    Lowest score: 1 (@R27)
    My score: 9

    The Truth About Love loses fourth single and general all-around mega-bop 'True Love' just over our half-way mark. A blink and you'll miss it collaboration between P!nk and Lily Allen, the song details P!nk's trademark humour in response to her love life - a humorous take on how whoever we love can make us passionately feel things unlike any other.

    Despite the barely needed feature, I've always found this to be one of her strongest singles and it absolutely deserved to become a classic P!nk hit. It's around this point that people start to sour to her typical lyrical traits though, and it doesn't ultimately do anything different to set it apart in that sense. What it does have though is hooks a PLENTY, literally every single verse is packed with some kind of killer hook. It still managed to score top ten in a few countries, top 20 in the UK and landed at #53 in the US... so I can't complain too much.

    Apparently she simply did not have the time for a 'proper' music video and as such it was given the tour treatment, but I think it actually kind of works? Cut out the Lily part (as I would with the song itself) and it has this charismatic appeal nailed, this whole cartoony vibe would have been great across the whole campaign.

    Commentary corner:
    @JMRGBY88: (6.5) a fine song but releasing it as a single using a tour video when it wasn’t even on said tour and then getting Lily Allen to come in and do something from a video treatment that obviously got scrapped last minute is…yeah, that was a time.

    @The Hot Rock: (6) Was really disappointed with this one at release. Not sure what I expected but it was definitely something more than this since it was with Lily.

    @Verandi: (5) I grew to hate this dddd.

    @rick: (7) Would have been an 8 if it was a solo track.

    @abael: (7) When it comes to basic and effective tracks, this one unfortunately leans slightly more toward basic.
    @tylerc904: (9) While I do love it, it doesn’t pack the punch you would expect a Lily/P!nk collab to.

    @Laurence: (10) A Lily Allen features deserves a 10. I am giving it my 11? I dunno yet. But this is such a sweet track, can't wait to see how this goes? Reminds me a bit or Air Balloon by Lily just that sweetness of it all. Best part is the sweet bridge and a nice melody and all. Now I'm just writing a lot of commentary and perhaps I should give it my 11. Also this was nominated for Best Pop Solo at the Grammys, stanning!

    @Music Is Life: (9) I love this sunny bop. The production really shines here and I love the funny lyrics.

    @Maki: (7.25) Her typical 'hate you, love you' song and it's not bad at all. It's basic and not really remarkable, but has nice moments. Pretty odd that they went with it for the single (which happened most likely because of Lily Allen feature, who doesn't add anything to the song).

    @R27: (1) I hate this song. I hate that it covers lyrical that Pink has already done better several times. I hate that the cliched lyrics. I hate Pinks failure to realize how cliched they are. I hate the obxonious cookie cutter production. I hate that it wastes a Lily Allen guest spot. But most of all, I hate how many times I was forced to listen when I used to work at a grocery store. Truly awful.

    @savilizabeths: (6) “It’s kinda grating and annoying but somehow fun enough, I guess? The “you can do it, babe!” part isn’t funny, it’s irritating. The Lily Allen bit is really cute and is probably my favourite part but it makes no sense. Like, what’s she doing there? Why does she only sing for the tiniest amount of time? Just why?”

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  8. That was actually my highest rated The Truth About Love song (along with Timebomb). Not too mad it's out, but there are a few songs that should have gone before (namely everything else on that album).
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  9. "True Love" is one of my lowest remaining scores (actually the lowest remaining score from "The Truth About Love"), so it's good that it left at exactly half point.
    It's nowhere near her best nor worst songs; it's just there.

    I'm so sorry, "Where Did the Beat Go?"...
  10. Finally.

    I gave it a 5 but probably it's just a typing error
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  11. Actually I gave that a 7 so it's not like I hate it.
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  12. This didn't age all that well, but I still kinda love it. It's fun and getting a P!nk + Lily collab was actually a dream come true back then! I remember being so disappointed when it wasn't performed on tour. And the video is so bad it's actually kinda good again.
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  13. My eyes are tired.

    I adore ‘True Love’ but the next elimination hurts me more.
  14. Okay, so that means you gave a 10 to either "Lonely Girl" or "Catch Me While I'm Sleeping" (or preferrably both) according to this:
    "I Got Money Now" and "Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self" have a chance of getting a 10 from you, too.

    Now that we're past the half point and into the top 70, here are my lowest scored (remaining) songs from each album:
    Can't Take Me Home: You Make Me Sick
    M!ssundaztood: 18 Wheeler
    Try This: Walk Away
    I'm Not Dead: Dear Mr. President
    Funhouse: Glitter in the Air
    Greatest Hits... So Far!!!: Raise Your Glass
    The Truth About Love: Signature Move
    Beautiful Trauma: Beautiful Trauma
    Hurts 2B Human: My Attic

    All of these are between 6,5 and 8,25 (mostly around 7 points), so they are all good songs.
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  15. ‘Beautiful Trauma’, the song, is absolutely one of her very best and I’ve recently fell in love with it all over again.
  16. You scare me sometimes. None of them got a 10 from me ddddd
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  17. I've heard it on the radio (uncensored version) last week and it sounded great.

    Also, "What About Us" played in a car a few days ago and I heard "Just Like a Pill" this evening on the radio (and I'm pretty sure I've heard "Walk Me Home" recently). This was a P!nk week.
  18. I'm still sad and utterly disappointed about Waiting For Love, just saying.
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  19. Sorry to hear that, but at least I don't scare you as much as most of P!nk's ballads do (unfortunately).
    What's your lowest remaining score in the rate? I'm bracing myself for your answer.
  20. I YELPED
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