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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I don't know. Hurts 2B Human sounds very current, but without P!nk trying to make it her own. Besides that, the cliched lyrics are a chore, and I usually like/don't mind her cheesy side. I think the song just operates on such a macro-level that it becomes too detached for me. Some songs with more grounded images (i.e., Crystal Ball) work better. There's a nice melody in there though, so my score of 6 shows that it's just an average song.
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  2. R27


    My two lowest remaining scores (if I'm not mistaken) going back-to-back!?!? My commentary was pretty facetious for "Hurts 2B Human," but I'm all seriousness the song drags along pretty aimlessly for me. Khalid is also pretty hit or miss for me; when he's on, such as "8teen," he's phenomenal, but when he's off his vocals are like gravol.
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  3. [​IMG]
    69. Run
    Average score: 7.21
    Highest score: 10 (@Sideout)
    Lowest score: 4x3 (@soratami, @playboy69, @R27)
    My score: 7

    'Run' was written for P!nk's daughter, Willow, which is possibly the most adorable celebrity mother-daughter relationship I've ever seen. You'd think that it's Willow that features here but apparently it's a completely random little girl called Boyce Buchanan that Butch Walker roped in to help.

    'Run' feels much like a sequel to 'Fucking Perfect', reflecting on the trauma's and pains that she has been through in an effort to never have Willow go through similar. It's an incredibly touching and sweet sentiment that is translated exceptionally well in the chorus, I find the verses are a little weaker but the Ruuuuuuun back to my arms! is a little gem of a visual.

    Commentary corner:

    @JMRGBY88: (9) I loved this when it was out originally but now it feels a bit…flat, production wise?

    @Music Is Life: (9.5) This is a great song. I mean, it’s technically nothing special and doesn’t do anything new for her, but it’s still a really strong, beautiful song, with great lyrics about being there for someone, a great melody, especially on the middle-8, and full of great vocal moments from her, and some random girl. Seriously though, I really love this and hope it does well here.

    @Maki: (9) This started off really promising, but didn't really go where I was hoping. Nonetheless, this is a lovely song and one of my favorite bonus tracks from "The Truth About Love". It has more of a classic feel than the most of the songs from the album, like it could've been a single. And the key change is a plus for sure. But I'm still not quite sure why that woman (who?) is singing before the final chorus.

    @R27: (4) This is so bland.
    @savilizabeths: (5) “This is a cute song. Nothing that stands out for me, but it’s really sweet and the young girls voice towards the end is a really nice and emotive touch.”

    @Sprockrooster: (9) Quite a discovery. Such a gem stacked away on such a weak album.

    @rick: (5) It’s just boring let’s be honest.

    @abael: (6) A not-bad album track. Overly long in an overly long album.

    @Laurence: (4.5)Meh
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  4. I think Willow was too young when they recorded the song.
    Also, way to scare me with the thread title.
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  5. Wrong, this deserved better.
  6. No it didn’t
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  7. "Run" is an unexpected elimination and deserved better.
    At least I expected it to last longer than "Signature Move", when it comes to tracks from "The Truth About Love".
    There are so much worse than it still in here.

    And lol at me thinking that's a woman singing, when it's a random little girl.
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  8. LiK


    I'm surprised such a mediocre song managed to get a 10. I dunno how it managed to last this long. Easily the weakest track for me after 'Is Thing On?' and 'Good Old Days' for me.
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  9. When I got tagged I was worried I was about to lose another 10, but it turns out it was actually one of my lowest scores left. Good riddance.

    Raise Your Glass next please.
  10. Hurts 2B Human going genuinely shocks me. It's a gorgeous song. Y'all need Jesus.
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  11. Yeah, I really like 'Hurts 2B Human'. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's nice.

    'Run' is a good bonus track but very repetitive.
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  12. LiK


    It was cute upon release but it's such a monotonous song that plods along. Both artist sounds like they were held at gun pun point in a studio to make a collab.
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  13. I have an irrational dislike for Run so honestly this elimination couldn’t come quick enough
  14. [​IMG]
    68. Numb
    Average score: 7.24
    Highest score: 10x3 (@soratami, @happiestgirl, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 4x2 (@Daniel_O, @abael)
    My score: 8.5

    I laid there quiet, watched you have your way with me
    I might have cried, the tears were silent inside, you see
    You called me names, made me feel like I was dumb
    I didn't feel a thing and now I'm gone, gone, gone

    'Numb' is part of the sacred four produced by Dallas Austin, the others being '18 Wheeler', 'Don't Let Me Get Me' and 'Just Like a Pill'. It quite explicitly details a tumultuous relationship (and possibly sexual assault as detailed in the verse above). As we all know it was moments like this, in which P!nk burst her every vulnerability open for the world to see, which helped define her as the superstar she is today.

    But it's easy to forget these moments in the midst of her career, it's easy to brush aside some phenomenal lyricism and a woman clearly pained and painted a terrible trauma out in bright colours for the audience. As a survivor, I connect with this now more than I ever thought I did, and it's almost painful to listen to in all of its honesty.

    Honestly I'm a bit... disappointed by the lack of commentary for this and the seemingly shallow analysis of it when the depth on display here is pretty unparalleled. Especially for the time. How she has developed from this to 'The Great Escape' is heartbreaking and inspirational.

    Commentary corner:
    @rick: (9) I wasn’t a big fan of this until I saw her perform it on the Missundaztood tour. It went all the way off and now I love it

    @abael: (4) It's a change of pace for the album, not good, but at least not as bad

    @tylerc904: (9) What an angsty BAWP. Could have been a single.

    @Music Is Life: (10) Love how much this song rocks. This has always been a favorite of mine, partly cause of the melody, production and the how hard that chorus goes. Honestly could’ve been a single.

    @Maki: (9.5) This song represents one of the first examples of the angsty pop-rock craze that began in the early 00’s. The quiet verses, then the amazing pre-chorus leading into the powerful chorus just works. Perhaps the only thing that is missing here is a proper middle-8. Angry, tough and just cool. Love it!

    @R27: (8) The unsettling repetition of “Numb” steal the show for me.

    @savilizabeths: (8) “This song is really catchy and pretty fucking cool. Definitely a nice new discovery.”
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  15. Yet another surprising elimination, it was so unexpected to see "Numb" leave. I honestly thought that this would make top 50 easily. It's such a punch of a song. Underrated.
    The cull of "M!ssundaztood" is shocking to me in general (but at least we know who to blame).
    But, it could've been worse; so glad that brilliant "Lonely Girl" is still around.

    I agree @Lost Boy, the raw lyrics almost get lost in the catchiness, while on the ballads, they shine more, which is why most of us basically payed them dust in the commentary for "Numb".

    Why aren't some more unremarkable songs like "Walk Away", "My Attic", even "Nobody Knows" leaving at this point? I expected that instead of these underrated songs leaving one after another.
  16. One of the few good songs on the album? Looks like we've found the rate villain!
  17. The odd choices continue for the next few eliminations

  18. About time.
  19. ...
    A P!nk ballad that you don't hate or dislike?! I can't believe it! (I gave "My Attic" a 7, which is likely higher than your score)

    I'm pretty sure you're aware how ironic your post (and how light-hearted my post) is..
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  20. Well well well it'll be a surprise.

    I know I'm sarcastic 99% of the time.
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