Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Wow, this is surprising. That is probably the last song that I would think was so divisive (and would receive an 11 and so many 10's).
I really thought that the reception of this song would be on a more unremarkable side.

As much as I enjoy "Love Song", there was always something missing that would make me classify it among her amazing ballads. And this is coming from someone who usually adores P!nk's more emotional ballads (in case you haven't noticed that already). That bridge remains brilliant, though.
The lack of commentary is kind of expected, but still adds to the mystery of where all those low scores are.

After all, "Love Song" actually got a perfect placement in my book (i.e. around the middle of the countdown).
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66. Love Song

Average score: 7.26
Highest score: 11 (@Sanctuary)
10x7 (@LiK, @Music Is Life, @Remorque, @Sideout, @Sprockrooster, @nikkysan, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 2 (@happiestgirl)
My score: 10

This is my very first love song
That didn't end in tears
I think you re-wrote my love song
For the rest of my years
I will love you for the rest of my life

Looking at the scores this acquired throughout is one hell of a ride, with most scores falling on the low or high end, and that came as a massive surprise to me considering this is easily one of her greatest ballads. This is arguably one of her most intimate and vulnerable moments, her raspy vocal given bountiful space to soar amongst a thinly plucked riff.

Short and sweet by design, its simple lyricism and delicate vocals help translate this gorgeous melody - unfortunately it seemed like most people found that either too slow or boring, I guess you'll never find love.

Commentary corner:

@rick: (8) Yes it’s a rip off of She’s Like The Wind but it’s still a lovely little track

@Txetxu: (9) Gorgeous and sombre.

@abael: (5) When it comes to these more intimate slow songs the best stuff from Pink is yet to come.

@tylerc904: (7) I used to find this skippable but it has revealed itself to be quite beautiful.

@Music Is Life: (10) Okay so we’re all agreed this is too short right? Such a beautiful closer, really rounds out the album, and as a song on its own it’s kind of amazing and gorgeous. I love her voice on this, and the guitar throughout. I feel like if it was just a little longer – actually you know what? It’s a 10 no matter what length it is.

@Maki: (7.75) I overlooked this album closer for quite a while, but it showed its beauty over time. It's simple, yet effective. It takes a bit to get to the powerful part, where her emotions take over, and the song length does it justice. Not among her best ballads, but a really nice effort that I can definitely appreciate.

@R27: (7.5) A little corny, but also rather lovely.

@savilizabeths: (8) “This is such a beautiful, touching little moment. I really love it.”

Noooooooo I remember the first time I heard this song not expecting much and somehow I couldn't stop looping it over and really should have landed top 50 but it did well enough.

And to everyone who scored it below a #7... I just wanna have a chat, especially with you @happiestgirl

‘Like a battered child I got used to your pain’ is a haunting lyric which honestly makes me feel uneasy. It’s a great song though so I’ll still bop
he / him

65. My Attic
Average score: 7.30
Highest score: 10x3 (@Sanctuary, @kal, @Lost Boy)
Lowest score: 3 (@happiestgirl)
My score: 10

My attic is full of pages, full of crazy
Cluttered spaces that you could not cross
My attic is full of bones and full of hopeless
Young emotions that just won't grow up
I keep hiding the keys in all these
Places even I can't find
Hoping, one day, you'll find them all
And I wanna let you see inside my attic

The older sister track to 'Barbies' falls first, leaving her latest album with just four tracks remaining. Like 'Barbies', 'My Attic' is an exploration in nostalgia in the face of personal trauma. Actually written by Julia Michaels and co (the only song she didn't have a hand in writing on the album), it's a stunning revelation about the hidden parts of us that we desperately want someone to find, but that doesn't make it any less terrifying.

I happen to think it's one of the strongest ballads she's released in years, and how she personifies the darkness inside of her with this part of the house that we usually throw memories into - occasionally digging out things we didn't even remember were hidden away - is just... exactly the kind of songwriting that I wish she was championed for, so I'm really glad she recognised the potential and recorded it. Personal trauma and memories are complex things for us to understand, and a rocky past doesn't stop us wanting to go back to simpler times or to open up and show people these parts of us.

Personally it's particularly heart wrenching to hear the I keep hiding the keys in all these places even I can't find. Noting that sometimes we repress and bury things that are screaming to get out before we are even aware of it. Beautiful.

Commentary corner:

@JMRGBY88: (9.5) a beautiful song.

@Verandi: (8) Oh this is pretty

@rick: (9) Barbies Part 2. But better.

@abael: (7) Pink adds emotional power well to her vocals, and sells it well. The song itself can only achieve so much.

@tylerc904: (7) You can instantly hear Julia’s imprint on this, not that it’s a bad thing. I really like how subtle the vocal is.

@Laurence: (4) Well, this just doesn't do it for me either. It sounds very generic vanilla white male with a guitar, usually trash.

@Music Is Life: (9) This is great mid-tempo. I love the production, and the way it builds, and I love the melody, especially on the verses, and the lyrics are so heartbreaking here.

@Maki: (7) This tries to replicate "Barbies" and pretty much fails do to that. Sounds so similar to it, both sonically (instruments mostly) and lyrically. The production is almost identical, but the melody is weaker. It's like a more mellow version of the song. I wanted to call it a filler, but this sound doesn't occur anywhere else on the album. Also, P!nk didn't co-write this song, so it explains that it sounds less authentic than "Barbies". The shorter length of the songs does it justice, though. Overall, I can't name any major objection, it's just a bit unremarkable.

@R27: (5) I feel like this isn't as deep or moving as it seems to think it is.
@savilizabeths: (8) “Yeah, I’m a bit of a sucker for ballads, especially ones with feeling behind them. This isn’t the best example of that on this album but it’s so pretty. Strings and acoustic guitars are two of my favourite things in the world and this song incorporates them gorgeously. Pink has stunning, emotive vocals here and the lyrics are just beautiful. You can tell that she puts her entire heart into songs like these, and it makes for a very sweet moment.”

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