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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. LiK


    My Attic is a weird one for me. I think it's a great song and one of the best on the album but I always feel the need to skip it half way through whenever i'm playing the album. It just doesn't have pulls me in the way 'Barbies' did and I feel that's what they were trying to replicate here.
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  2. I was about to say similar.

    It feels like the sister to 'Barbies', but it's not as powerful.
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  3. "My Attic" was my lowest remaining score from "Hurts 2B Human", and one of the lowest remaining scores in general, so it's a good one.
    Actually, I expected it to leave earlier, given how the album was treated. The next song from that album will most likely be "Walk Me Home" - and then we'll have an excellent top 3 from it.

    I mostly agree, except that I don't find it one of the best on the album and I don't feel the need to skip it.
    Her vocals are the best part of it, and, yes, "Barbies" is far superior (but it still didn't get a 10 from me).

    I didn't lose a 10 in the last 15 cuts (but did lose some of my 'almost 10s'), so I fear that a painful elimination may be coming very soon.
  4. I swear to fucking God y'all if Happy doesn't make top 10, I will burn this forum down.
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  5. I mean it's a given that it won't.
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  6. [​IMG]
    64. Walk Away
    Average score: 7.31
    Highest score: 10x2 (@Sanctuary, @tylerc904)
    Lowest score: 4 (@Sideout)
    My score: 8

    You throw your hands up and walk away
    When times get hard you always walk away
    You get mad and say you're leavin'
    Why is it so hard for you to talk to me?
    When it's so easy for you to walk away

    Whilst this did score a low 4 from Sideout, it actually managed 13 7's which may explain why it managed to sneak it's way into 64th position without much of a calling. Poor Sanctuary is losing high scores left, right and center, but 'Walk Away' is definitely one of the best on the album so I'm happy to see it go this far. With clear melodic similarities to her newer material, 'Walk Away' is a fun kiss-off song with a distinctive positive production compared to the rest of the album. I find it to be, as noted by Tyler below, absolutely infectious from start to finish.

    Commentary corner:
    @P'NutButter: (9) Underrated song!

    @rick: (7) She’s cute if unremarkable

    @abael: (7) A distinctive chorus would've made this a hit.

    @tylerc904: (10) Probably my second favorite non-single on the album (after Save My Life), much like trouble it just has such an infectious energy.

    @Music Is Life: (9.5) This is such a great song. I love the production, but her voice is the best part. She sounds so rough, but gentle at the same time. Does that make any sense? Oh, y’all know what I mean. Anyways, great song, love it a lot, it’s so fucking good. And that melody, it’s perfect.

    @Maki: (7.5) This instantly sounds like a filler track to me, but there isn't anything in particular I would critique. It's actually pretty catchy and I can hear the early developments of P!nk's melody styles that she would use in her later albums. Perhaps it's too bland compared to most of the tracks from this album.

    @R27: (7) This is pleasantly chipper for a kiss off song.

    @savilizabeths: (7) “This one has a really cool vibe to it. It’s another one that I think I’ll like even more with time.”
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  7. Being my lowest remaining score from "Try This", this is a perfectly acceptable elimination. I expected it to leave earlier, but, yeah, it just sounds like something that would generally receive 7-8 points.
    "Walk Away" has indeed an uplifting vibe, which is quite an oddity for "Try This", and is a great song, but just doesn't stand out as much when compared to most of the songs from the album.
    Glad that we agree about it almost sounding like it belong to her later albums melodically, @Lost Boy.
    By the way, my score for the song is 7,5 but not like that really matters.
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  8. [​IMG]
    63. Are We All We Are
    Average score: 7.32
    Highest score: 10x5
    (@AllGagaLike, @Untouchable Ace, @Sideout, @Music Is Life, @HollyDunnSomething)
    Lowest score: 2 (@savilizabeths)
    My score: 9

    We are the people that you'll never get the best of
    Not forget the rest of, rest of
    We've had our fill, we've had enough, we've had it up here
    Are we all we are?

    'Are We All We Are' follows 'So What' in replicating a childish refrain and turning it back on itself. One of her most abrasive empowerment anthems, this declaration of self-acceptance opens The Truth About Love with a bang. P!nk herself is quoted as saying it is inspired by American politics, opening up about how 'frustrating' she finds it and taking inspiration from her family's working class background.

    Notably watching this, you can see how these song precedes the likes of 'What About Us'. It's a song for the forgotten and the misunderstood, giving us the chant we've always needed. Are we really all we are? Is that all you have against us? It's recognizing the power that comes with accepting who you are and taking that away from your critics. On top of all that, it's an absolute mega-bop with a killer bass-line which translates perfectly live.

    Commentary corner:
    @JMRGBY88: (7.5) I remember reading the title for the first time and getting confused. A great song, could have done more with it.

    @Reboot: (4) So noisy!

    @rick: (8) Great album opener. Nothing spectacular but still a good taste of what’s to come.

    @Sail On: (8) I didn’t like this one until I saw it live. The lyric reveals itself as a rally cry to unite any and all present at the concert. It’s also a great opener.

    @abael: (8) Good opener, impactful but still simple.

    @Laurence: (4) I don't like this at all. And it opens the album too... Thank god the track after makes me forget this quickly.

    @sapnu puas: (6) I mean it’s fine but a single? I don’t see it for me

    @Music Is Life: (10) Perfect album opener, mixing some of her pop sensibilities with a bit of an anthemic rock sound. I love the middle-8.

    @Maki: (9.25) Very strong album opener. It sets the sound for the album really well, with the loud drums/beats, powerful vocals and electronic elements. The chorus is so anthemic and strong, I adore it. It has a badass feel which is another great thing about it. However, I had to get used to the ‘children’ voices used, I guess that’s most likely what is going to put people off from this track.

    @R27: (4.5) This song is a mess.

    @savilizabeths: (2) “My head hurts. That unpleasant intro really does sum this album up well, doesn’t it?”

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  9. LiK


    I am really surprised this song is loved but Just Like Fire is hated here. I always felt like both are made from the same cloth but the latter is more refined.
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  10. [​IMG]
    62. Is This Thing On?
    Average score: 7.33
    Highest score: 10x6
    (@kal, @rick, @tylerc904, @Music Is Life, @HollyDunnSomething, @Maki)
    Lowest score: 3
    My score: 9

    'Is This Thing On?' is the second bonus track on her sixth album, The Truth About Love, and revolves around a love gone numb. Lyrically it's tried and tested territory but applied in its own unique way, with luscious strings and pretty understated production compared to the main album, I've always found it to be a highlight for that reason. In particular I find the vocal harmonies throughout to be pretty fresh for her, and it adds this feeling to the song of it being some kind of duet with herself which plays well to the lyricism.

    Heartbreaking in its honesty, that relatable feeling of terror that comes after finding someone you've loved so hard... only for it to slowly trickle away with the missed smiles and lost laughter, sometimes we're at odds with ourselves so much that the heart feels like it has shut down and we're left asking... does it even work anymore? When you have a love that once brought so much joy gone sour, where did it all go wrong?

    Commentary corner:
    @Maki: (10) Now this is a bonus track that unfairly didn't appear on the album! By far my favorite out of the bonus tracks from "The Truth About Love". The chorus is a complete ace, one of my favorite hooks she's done recently. String instruments? Yes, please! Amazing production and arrangement, too. And if that note starting around 3:39 isn't spectacular, I don't know what is. Brilliant song!

    @Music Is Life: (10) This deserved more than just being a bonus track. I love this sad, slightly desperate mid-tempo so much. I mean those lyrics! Blew me away the first time I heard it, and still does to this day.

    @rick: (10) Cant believe this is a bonus track. It’s stunning.

    @abael: (7) Well rounded, unremarkable song.

    @savilizabeths: (7) “This is an example of me not disliking a song at all, but unable to find anything to completely adore about it. It’s really pretty, with strong production and there’s nothing wrong with the lyrics at all. It just doesn’t stick out to me. Perhaps it’ll grow more as time goes on?”

    @R27: (7) Really solid.

    @Laurence: (3.5) Not so good

    @nikkysan: (9) Damn, this was a great re-discovery. The chorus melody is one of her finest.

    @JMRGBY88: (9.5) this always made me emotional and I’ve never really understood why.
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  11. I'm sorry y'all, I enjoy the verses but I've always hated the chorus. Maybe now I'd give it a 5, but it wouldn't change much.
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  13. And it's not even a ballad

  14. 'Is This Thing On' is so good. Insane it was only a bonus track.

    Gutted but not surprised 'Walkaway' has gone, like I said in the commentary ...underrated.

    'Are We All We Are' has never clicked with me, I think again it's a mixing issue?
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  15. I am disgusted.gif
  16. It definitely has a jarring mix, it's very "fuzzy".
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  17. Given that most of the Funhouse album was about the breakup of her marriage, it seems bizarre the song for the follow-up that most obviously deals with the salvaging of said marriage gets shunted to bonus track status.

    It's great, in any case.
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  18. "Are We All We Are" is so good, among my top 5 songs from the album (standard version). Even my 9,25 seems a bit low given how much I enjoy the song. The use of drums is amazing.
    It sounded like something that would be a bit divisive, but didn't deserve to leave yet at all.

    And "Is This Thing On?" already out? What? I thought it would reach top 50 easily.
    It's absolutely fantastic and definitely my favorite bonus track from "The Truth About Love" ("Timebomb" is second fave, of course).
    I played "Is This Thing On?" once at my birthday a few years ago, and got one of my friends (or that was my cousin) singing/humming along to the song, yet I'm certain they've never heard it before - a win!
    Definitely worthy of top 30 - shoutout to the voters with taste who gave it a 10!
    The chorus is what it makes the song so brilliant for me - it's insanely good!

    I didn't expect "My Signature Move" to last longer than it, but it's probably because the scores were spread out more evenly.

    Perhaps the weirdest thing is that @Laurence, who gave "Slut Like You" an 11, didn't like these two songs, especially "Are We All We Are".
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  19. "Are We All We Are" suffers because of poor production. It was its time to go.

    Never forget. Icon.
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  20. I'm so thrilled Catch Me While I'm Sleeping is still in. Missed single opportunity.
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