Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

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61. Where We Go
Average score: 7.38
Highest score: 10x5
(@Lost Boy, @Daniel_O, @playboy69, @Untouchable Ace, @Duppe)
Lowest score: 4

There's not a holy man or prayer in sight
There's not a priest around to read our rights
There's no magic ball to save our lives
I know, I know
We've both always been broken
But you had a way of making me forget
All the sadness rollin' 'round my head
Well, that was until I wished us dead

Beautiful Trauma deserves way more acclaim than it receives, so I'm at least glad to see one of its best tracks in 'Where We Go' survive to this point with a healthy 7.38 average. Written with Greg Kurstin, 'Where We Go' is an absolutely stunning exploration of the album's challenge to personify life and death, tackling the question in the form of a long road trip to nowhere. Absolutely should have been a single in my opinion, that carefree summer road-trip vibe, the sparky production and the clever lyricism makes it one of her very best, and it continues the effervescent political/personal vibe of 'What About Us' perfectly.

Commentary corner:
@rick: (9) Ok but I really like folk Pink.

@abael: (8) The great composition on the song gives me one of the few reasons to return to the album.

@Music Is Life: (9.5) This is pop-rock, but it has a different feel to it and I’m not really sure what it is. But whatever it is, I like it, cause this has been one of my favorites on the album since its release. It’s all about that chorus for me. The verses and middle-8 are great, but they’re just a set-up for that beautiful chorus. I hope this does well.

@Maki: (9.25) One of my favorite and best songs to play while road travelling. It totally has that 'sunny highway freedom' vibe to it. The chorus is so catchy and anthemic, almost tribal, and perhaps too familiar for me to enjoy it in full force, and the middle-8 is fantastic, with all of its backing vocals glory. Oh, and the guitar in here is so good. I love it and consider it one of the highlights from the album.

@R27: (5) The start of the chorus reminds me of Kesha’s “Last Goodbye.” Nothing about this song is as good as that song though.

@savilizabeths: (5) “Immediately this sounds like something I’ve heard before, but I can’t put my finger on it. I think the problem here might be that it sounds like something anybody could have released. Nothing about it feels special to Pink. There isn’t a stunning vocal delivery, heart touching lyrics or unique attitude. It’s just fine. It sounds good but it’s nothing special.”

@JMRGBY88: (5.5) Meh

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Thread: P!nk: The Discography Rate ∞ 64/63/62: You bore me.
This rate in one sentence. Obviously kidding.

Perhaps the weirdest thing is that @Laurence, who gave "Slut Like You" an 11, didn't like these two songs, especially "Are We All We Are".
I just listened to it again due to these mentions and I guess I wasn't that much in the mood. The songs are not good and have no duds on my 11, Slut Like You.

"Are We All We Are" suffers because of poor production. It was its time to go.

Never forget. Icon.
Rate villain was such an easy role for me, so I decided to give a twist. I want to be remembered for something else.

How's everyone doing here - It's been a while since I checked in since my 11 left?
I posted my Beautiful Trauma tour review here (in the thread). Have a read.
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Despite not giving it a 10 (but now would be very close to doing that), "Where We Go" deserved better. It's definitely one of the album highlights.
I kind of agree that it doesn't really have its own identity, but it's one damn good song.

Given how "Beautiful Trauma" was recieved, the placement and average score are indeed great for this song, so I won't complain much.

@Lost Boy, when are we losing the next single?
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60. Where Did the Beat Go?
Average score: 7.40
Highest score: 10x7
(@P'NutButter, @Daniel_O, @kal, @Sideout, @Music Is Life, @Maki, @əʊæ)
Lowest score: 2.5
My score: 9

I was your concubine and then your Madonna
You couldn't see anything beyond your baby's mama
How long is lonely supposed to last?
I was naked and waiting for you to come back

Maki will be particularly devastated here considering it's one of their favourite P!nk songs, actually claiming it to be better than anything she's produced in years. It's no surprise really considering just how much it evokes her first album, especially with the gorgeous harmonies sprinkled around the chorus. It does make me laugh that we see so much discussion about her stagnating and wanted a return to her debut's R&B but then we see almost all of the album topple out before now and songs like this leave at 60. This is probably the closest we'll get to a return to that sound for her, though parts of the latest album do recall it for me.

Lyrically the song deals with very similar themes to 'Is This Thing On?' and it's not hard to see why it made bonus status considering this songs inclusion on the main album, but it takes it one step further by, in P!nk's own words, exploring the fantasy of cheating once the love starts to dry out:

"It's just about how easy it is to... fantasize when not being loved for, I think, both sides. Everyone's always like, aww, the male cheats, but I think women cheat more than men. We just don't get caught."

As with 'I'm Not Dead', it takes a more metaphorical and poetic approach to storytelling and benefits for it. It gives it this otherwordly feeling which works perfectly with the strings and the off-kilter melody.

Commentary corner:

@Maki: (10) The definition of a hidden gem. This is her latest song that I can declare a masterpiece (if we exclude "Love Gone Wrong" as part of You+Me). Yes, nothing from her latest two albums comes close to this. Glorious song in every way - the melody, vocals, lyrics, production and all. The stomping beat just adds the drama and the last chorus is pure amazingness. And the string instruments (and the outro)! So glad that she decided to do another R&B inspired track later in her career and once again proved how good she is at that. I actually wouldn't mind and wish for a whole album of songs like this one. Hopefully this brilliance will be recognized in the rate.

@savilizabeths: (8) “This is quite theatric and interesting. Initially it didn’t hit me, but listening more I can completely see the appeal in this. I love the haunting vibe to the production and background vocals. I keep raising my score the more times I listen. It’s just so moody, and the way her voice cracks when she says “come back” sounds really emotional. There’s also such a strong chorus on this one.”

@Sprockrooster: (3) Where did the good songs go??

@P'NutButter: (10) by far my favourite of this album, it's like a nod to the Can't Take Me Home era.

@rick: (8) Nice. Inoffensive. Cute. Other superfluous ways to say it’s ok.

@abael: (7) A real musical genre mixed bag, it comes out sounding good though

@R27: (8) This should have been a single.

@Laurence: (2.5) Not for me either

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I used to be a big The Truth About Love album fan when it came out but honestly, I couldn't tell you how Where Did The Beat Go goes.
I'm appalled...

Not only "The Truth About Love" lost my favorite two songs in the last three eliminations, but one of my favorite songs in the entire rate is out!
"Where Did the Beat Go?" sits comfortably in my top 10 P!nk songs; like I've said, nothing on "Beautiful Trauma" and "Hurts 2B Human" can compare to its brilliance (but of course there are fantastic songs of these two albums, as well).
In all honesty, it took me a few listens to declare it my favorite from the album, so @savilizabeths keep on going!
It does make me laugh that we see so much discussion about her stagnating and wanted a return to her debut's R&B but then we see almost all of the album topple out before now and songs like this leave at 60.
This is probably the most confusing thing, and I've seen praise for it, too. It's so weird seeing it leave before top 30. Seems like these voters aren't so R&B-friendly after all.
At least it got seven 10's, made it into the top 5 of the album and received almost 7,5 average score, which isn't something to complain so much about. Still, boo...

Team taste: @P'NutButter, @kal, @Daniel_O, @Sideout, @Music Is Life and @əʊæ (and others who gave it high scores) - thank you so much for showing love for this ultimate gem!

On the other hand, @Sprockrooster disappointed me by his score, handing out a 3(?) That comment was funny, though.
And @Laurence is turning into a @Verandi, I see.

Also, I just realized that "The Truth About Love" is down to only four songs; now I'm left with one 10 from it. "My Signature Move" in the top 4? It's a great song, but I find it interesting that it outlasted the vast majority of the album.

Oh, and look at the titles of the last four eliminated songs - all of them can be read as a question!
Hopefully that means that "What About Us" isn't leaving next; I mean, of course it won't.

55! Hopefully we'll get to it tomorrow.
The only singles that I can see leaving next are "Walk Me Home" and "Nobody Knows" (or perhaps "Raise Your Glass"). Only "Nobody Knows" got a score lower than a 7 from me out of those three songs.
I was channeling my fake voodoo energy towards Raise Your Glass but I've just realized that Nobody Knows is still here. Hopefully not for long.
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59. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
Average score: 7.44
Highest score: 10x5
(@nikkysan, @Daniel_O, @LiK, @Music Is Life, @Maki)
Lowest score: 2x2
(@Hurricane Drunk, @rick)
My score: 9

The pain you feel is real, you're not asleep but it's a nightmare
But you can wake up anytime
Oh don't lose your passion or the fighter that's inside of you
You're the girl I used to be
The pissed off complicated thirteen year old me

Do you remember the drama of being young? Were you lucky enough to have a privileged youth? Even so, I know there are times when you've looked back and debated what you would tell your younger, more naive selves. P!nk's history is a tale well known of trauma, heartbreak and eventual success - which obviously means this song is immediately going to be packed with emotion, especially considering her absolute lack of fear in tackling subjects often not talked about.

I happen to think this is one of the defining moments of her career, with possibly her best vocal performance in all of its intimate 'Everytime'-esque glory, and melancholic and poignant lyricism that cuts right to the heart. It's a nostalgic topic that we can all relate to and yet nobody really does it like she does? We need more fearless artists that speak to the misguided like this, and it's definitely part of the reason why her authenticity is so celebrated now.

Arguably even more powerful now she is a mother, I can't quite put into words how well it reflects the pain that comes with reflecting on a broken childhood. Looking back at a sad and lonely life that you cannot change, knowing that the future will be kinder to them but you can't tell them that. It's a heartbreaking and razor sharp diary entry of epic proportions with suitably melodramatic production, strings and all.

Commentary corner:

@nikkysan: (10) Her best album closer. The strings just soar as the song progresses and makes it perfectly melodramatic. P!nk’s most personal songs always hit me hard.

@Music Is Life: I love this, always have since first listening to this album. The production is amazing and cinematic and perfect, I especially love the piano, and the orchestra and everything else about it. Then there’s the lyrics, which are great, some of them are really relatable for me. That ending is one of the best in any of her songs, and I feel like is a great send off for the listener.

@Maki: (10) What a closer… Underrated masterpiece, I didn’t expect this one to crush me so much. My second contender for 11 points. I’m in love with every single moment of this song. It made me sad, because I think I was the happiest as a 13 year old, and I could have a little conversation with my younger self (note that I almost never connect to the lyrics of any song). It’s so dramatic and powerful, and the arrangement is absolutely stunning - I’m desperate to hear the instrumental version of this song. Absolute perfection.

@JMRGBY88: (9) A song that only gets more poignant with age.

@The Hot Rock: (9) Had an experience listening to this for the first time since I was 12 or 13 for this rate, whew.

@savilizabeths: (9) Someone said in the thread that this song would be a million times better if she didn’t sing the title in it. It is a beautiful song though. We always wish we could talk to our younger selves and tell them what we’ve learned. I love how theatric the instrumentation is. It’s absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are mostly strong too. I honestly might have given it a ten if the title didn’t sound super clunky.

@Reboot: (8) Based on the title I assumed this must be shit, but it’s not! The lyrics are beautiful.

@Laurence: (8) Such intensity right in the middle of the album? A wall of sound and then back to quiet stuff. Reminds me of a musical. Oh wait it is the end of the regular album so I gotta go Youtube now

@abael: (7) A tad melodramatic, but this is Pink, and what would seem overwrought from your average artist comes off as theatrical, but commonplace.

@R27: (7) This definitely doesn't hit as hard as it did when I was 14 and stanning IMD, but there's still a lot to enjoy. The production is probably the most melodramatic of her ballads. I may not relate to this anymore but I'm glad it exists for those who do.

@P'NutButter: (4) The instrumental is way too OTT and theatrical and ruins what is quite a touching song.

@rick: (2) Hate this

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