Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

The shit taste in some of you is jumping out, not gonna lie.

'Save My Life' not being a single back in '03 still hurts a little. It's basically the predecessor of 'Who Knew'.

Oh and 'Blow Me' has definitely overstayed it's welcome.
I’m very excited for the top 50. Does anybody have any guesses on the last 2 eliminations before we reach it?
At this point, anything except for my 10's and 11 will be great.

Just checked, and my lowest remaining score is a 6,5 for...
18 Wheeler
Maybe I slightly underscored that one.
I'm fine with Fucking Perfect leaving it won't, but it should.
Pretty much my thoughts on all of the greatest hits songs at the moment.

I Got my lowest score left Now

Thankfully, those of us with quality taste are keeping it in.
If it was up to me, Don't Let Me Get Me would be gone, as for the other I have a few choices, however as @Maki also has it as their lowest score, let's go with 18 Wheeler.
If it was up to me, Don't Let Me Get Me would be gone, as for the other I have a few choices, however as @Maki also has it as their lowest score, let's go with 18 Wheeler.
I agree about "18 Wheeler", but "Don't Let Me Get Me" doesn't deserve to leave anywhere near yet.

No idea which songs we could be losing next.
If it's a single, I would go with "Nobody Knows". But I fear that "Oh My God" is in danger for some reason.

I love that "Boring" is the longest lasting bonus track from "Funhouse" and hopefully it will survive the next few eliminations. It actually did really well, because I thought it could be abrasive to some of the voters.
he / him

52. Oh My God
Average score: 7.58
Highest score: 10x2
(@Music Is Life, @savilizabeths)
Lowest score: 4
My score: 9.5

Put me on the table
Make me say your name
If I can't remember
Then give me all your pain
I can sit and listen (I can listen)
Or I can make you scream (And I can make you scream)
Kiss it make it better (Kiss it up and down)
Just put your trust in me

Considering this apparently took a quick 15 minutes to write before P!nk and Peaches took off for a bout of shopping, let me not spend too much time doing a write up for this on my Saturday off. Duets are a pretty rare occurrence for P!nk, at least prior to her latest album, and Peaches apparently makes an appearance here due to P!nk's admiration of her.

The fifth track on the album, it continues 'Tonight's the Night' in pushing an off-kilter P!nk that really does not give a fuck this time around. It's arguably the sexiest song I've ever heard, with gorgeously stretched vocals and breathy harmonies (she definitely had to have a sit down after recording this). Sex positivity is important ladies.

Commentary corner:

@Music Is Life: (10) This song is like sexual heat personified. Everything about it is just amazing. One of my automatic faves when I first listened to the album, and it just gets better with each listen.

@savilizabeths: (10) “Damn, this one is so sexually charged. I actually fucking love it. I just adore the mood the production and the mumbly background vocals create. I hope this one doesn’t get tanked or anything, because it was a really great surprise. Maybe I partially gave it a full score of ten just to give it as many points as I could. It’s not perfect, but I really love it.”

@Maki: (9.75) It gets interesting here, both musically and lyrically. This was one of my initial favorites (and still is), and one of the highlights. She has very few of sensual songs, and this is one of them. The melody is so good, it really loose, almost drooping, and has slight dark vibe. I don’t even mind the rap parts by Peaches, they fit really well. And that laugh at the end is priceless!

@tylerc904: (9.5) I wish she would have further explored this type of song later in her career (Fingers is probably the closest).

@The Hot Rock: (9) An interesting pairing that didn't manage to disappoint me? Almost unheard of.

@rick: (9) Peaches’ verse makes no sense to my gay ears but I love the song regardless

@R27: (8) This is actually really sexy, and P!nk really sells this with a subtle and sensuous delivery. I'm not totally convinced that Peaches was the best fit for this kind of song, but she doesn't drag it down either by any means.

@abael: (6) I appreciate the vocal experimentation Pink has here, however the instrumentation doesn't adjust properly to support her

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But I fear that "Oh My God" is in danger for some reason.
Wow, I literally called it, unfortunately.

"Oh My God" is for sure a unique one, and therefore isn't for everyone. But, to my surprise, almost everyone seemed to enjoy it to some extent. I remember this one being one of my favorites form "Try This" when I first listened to it, but it didn't hold up as well as some of the absolute highs of the album. Still, it's an amazing addition to her discography that almost made me give it a 10.
The lack of 10's is most likely what caused it to leave earlier than I would like to and it ended up underrated, given which songs are still in.
At least it will have the 'longest lasting song with a rap verse' milestone (that I just made up hehe).

Oh, and those artworks for songs from "Try This" just keep giving - great job, @Lost Boy!
I'm Not Dead has too many tracks left at this point. Also Raise Your Glass being still here is a choice.

Anyway, Humble Neighborhoods being the last non-single standing from Try This is correct. Probably the best song on the album.
But I'm Not Dead is iconic. I am in desperate need of a list to see what is left per album though (probably at the top 50 mark, which we will reach shortly) to view any wrong doings for an album.
All of its songs are ranked 8+ in my spreadsheet, except for four which are 6-. Those can go.