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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  2. Except for "Nobody Knows" and "Dear Mr. President", every remaining song from "I'm Not Dead" is an ace and deserves to stay as long as possible.
  3. Dear Mr. President is a masterpiece.
    Also, Oh My God is gone too soon. Should be top 50 at least.
  4. The entire top 20 should be I’m Not Dead in its entirety.
  5. That would be quite a feat considering there are 14 I’m Not Dead tracks left.
  6. [​IMG]
    51. 18 Wheeler
    Average score: 7.61
    Highest score: 10x6
    (@Sanctuary, @soratami, @Verandi, @tylerc904, @savilizabeths, @Lost Boy)
    Lowest score: 3
    (@The Hot Rock)
    My score: 10

    Hey hey man, what's your problem?
    I see you tryin' to hurt me bad
    Don't know what you're up against
    Maybe you should reconsider
    Come up with another plan
    'Cause you know I'm not that kinda girl
    That'll lay there and let you come first

    Save for the awkward slavery reference, time has been pretty kind to our last remaining M!ssundaztood album track. One of the sacred Dallas Austin tracks, '18 Wheeler' precedes 'Please Don't Leave Me' in presenting a pretty hardcore topic with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The imagery she paints here would have perfect for a music video, with her absolutely refusing to die despite all of the horrific things being done to her.

    Personally I've always loved this as the empowerment anthem to end them all, it's literally almost four minutes of 'you cannot destroy me' which is the ultimate revenge. It's that brief time where you can absolutely feel your oats because you know, regardless of the shit you've been through, you'll always stand back up. You don't even need to accept what you are, you just know that it takes a shitload to really break you.

    Commentary corner:
    @Verandi: (10) Muddy production but whew she did that.

    @tylerc904: (10) I imagine this would have been a single if the album had more than four (the four they picked were exactly right). This and Numb are the two that I think deserved single status.

    @savilizabeths: (10) “Sometimes I forget how much I love this song. It’s on one of my girlfriends playlists so I hear it a lot. It’s such a damn good song. Has anyone noticed how she says ‘sword’ though? It always makes me laugh.”

    @Music Is Life: (9.5) This song is so good. It’s an anthem, and honestly a classic. Not loving the censoring, but there are a couple places in the song where they cut it out in a smart way, usually with her ad-libs. I love the way she pronounces sword in the second verse.

    @rick: (8) It’s way she pronounces ‘sword’ is very jarring but other than that I live

    @R27: (8) Some classic P!nk sass.

    @sapnu puas: (8) “you can push me out the window” makes me think of Miss Bran now. FUCK that ending. Justice for Dany xx. Also “hang me like a slave”. Jheeze. Listening in 2019 has kinda changed my opinion on this one a bit as I used to love it.

    @Maki: (6.5) I was never a big fan of this one, and still don’t know exactly why. It’s kind of a filler, but at the same time not. Rebellious, for sure and completely suits her singing style, although the melody is a bit too lukewarm for me. The great part is when the final chorus brings those powerful vocals. A pity that this isn’t one of my favorites, since it’s a fan favorite among the album tracks.

    @nikkysan: (6) Eeek @ the “You can hang me like a slave” lyric, who okayed that?

    @abael: (4) Does she pronounce the w in sword? Do you? That's my only takeaway from this.

    @The Hot Rock: (3) Kinda bops but the lyrics are a mess.
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  7. THE TOP 50:

    Can't Take Me Home

    Most Girls
    There You Go
    You Make Me Sick


    Don't Let Me Get Me
    Just Like a Pill
    Get the Party Started

    Family Portrait

    Try This

    God is a DJ
    Last to Know

    Humble Neighborhoods
    Feel Good Time

    I'm Not Dead

    Stupid Girls
    Who Knew
    Long Way to Happy
    Nobody Knows
    Dear Mr. President
    I'm Not Dead
    Cuz I Can
    Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    U + Ur Hand
    I Got Money Now



    So What
    I Don't Believe You

    Please Don't Leave Me
    Bad Influence

    It's All Your Fault
    Ave Mary A
    Glitter in the Air

    The Truth About Love

    Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

    Beautiful Trauma

    Beautiful Trauma
    Whatever You Want
    What About Us


    Greatest Hits... So Far!!!

    Whataya Want From Me
    Raise Your Glass
    Fucking Perfect

    Hurts 2B Human

    (Hey Why) Miss You Sometimes

    90 Days

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  8. The next 10 songs to be out should be:
    God is a DJ
    Last to Know
    Humble Neighborhoods
    Walk Away
    Feel Good Time
    Bad Influence
    Ave Mary A
    What About Us
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Imagine trashing her second best album for attention x
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  11. I love '18 Wheeler', it would be a 10 if the chorus went in a bit harder. But still, a classic. 'Oh My God' is one of those tracks that's just got better with each listen over the years.

    I think you should actually listen to Try This! one of these days.
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  12. Imagine trashing any ballad by any artist for attention x
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  13. You should visit more threads. And as old as that joke is, I don't have an agenda when scoring songs. Crazy I know.
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  14. Though I adore both I'm Not Dead and Funhouse the majority of the cuts till top 40 have to come from those two albums. With two albums dominating like that it makes it look like the rest of her discography is quite shit, which is not the case (there is a case to be made about the difference in quality). But we should not lose any album before top 20 and with the current what is left that is a realistic scenario.
  15. Yeah, I never expected Funhouse and Im Not Dead to occupy 48% of the top fifty but....... I don’t mind.
  16. R27


    It's what they deserve.

    But in all seriousness they can stand to lose a few tracks (along with Greatest Hits).
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  17. kal


    Well I only have 2 tracks I scored with a 7 in the top 50 and everything else is above.

    Still praying my 11 will reach the top 30.
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  18. I will be surprised but incredibly happy if my 11 makes top 20.
  19. M!ssundaztood
    Get the Party Started

    Try This
    Feel Good Time

    I'm Not Dead
    Stupid Girls
    Nobody Knows

    Bad Influence
    These can leave before top 40, as they're my non-10s and not songs I wish I had given a 10.

    Try This doesn't deserve this, Walk Away has already left, and nothing but Bad Influence and Feel Good Time should leave.
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