Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Well, I'm so satisfied that my lowest remaining score left, because I didn't expect it to leave now.
However, I think that I slightly underscored "18 Wheeler", but it was still my least favorite out of the remaining songs and the right one to leave right before top 50.
Funny how vast majority of the commentary focused on 'sword' pronunciation and 'slave' line, but I never noticed nor payed attention to that. Thanks for these 'Easter eggs'!

Looking at the top 50 and...
"I'm Not Dead" and "Funhouse" reigning supreme is correct, but "M!ssundaztood" being down to singles only is an unforgivable crime.

Nope, totally wasn’t me. You definitely made a mistake. Me, make a mistake? Psh. Nope.
I would've most likely been the one to correct you lol
Nobody Knows
Dear Mr. President
I Got Money Now
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Raise Your Glass
Fucking Perfect
90 Days

A top40 without these would be ideal.
ALSO Beautiful Trauma having joint 3rd most tracks left? Underrated talent.
That was unexpected, but all five remaining songs range from great to amazing and are deservingly in the top 50.

The top three of "Hurts 2B Human" is excellent, too.
Well I only have 2 tracks I scored with a 7 in the top 50 and everything else is above.
Similar case here, I have two songs with 6,75, one 7 and a few songs inbetween 7 and 8.
The rest is all 8+ so this is indeed a very strong top 50.
Still praying my 11 will reach the top
Same! And I'm not religious at all.
These going would setup a great top 40

Don't Let Me Get Me
Family Portrait
Dear Mr. President

It's All Your Fault
Ave Mary A
What About Us

The one weekend I don't check this thread because eliminations never seem to happen, two eliminations happen.

Oh My God is so severely underrated i'm happy it made it this far though it deserved top 50. There's really nothing else like it in her catalog (which is what I tend to say about many of Try This tracks).

Still praying my 11 will reach the top 30.

Honestly same considering the way this rate has played out so far.
I've talked about Fingers already (seriously, its only saving grace was the first glimpse of acrobat Pink on the tour) and I'm not particularly a fan of God Is A DJ or Runaway either. Beyond that, there's nothing I really want to see out.
My two lowest remaining scores are 6,75 for...
..."Dear Mr. President" and "God Is a DJ".

It's so weird to see "Runaway" being called, even by @Music Is Life.
It's one of the best album tracks from "I'm Not Dead" and I thought it was one of the fan favorites, too.
he / him

50. Nobody Knows
Average score: 7.62
Highest score: 10x4
(@kal, @Sail On, @tylerc904, @əʊæ)
Lowest score: 4
My score: 9

Nobody knows the rhythm of my heart
The way I do when I'm lying in the dark
And the world is asleep
I think nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows but me

Admittedly I'd give this full marks if I had to score it again because I think it's one of her strongest ballads, a perfect cacophony of powerful emotion, intimate production and imagery that rivals any big pop girl ballad out there. Remember when people used to have the balls to release these enormous ballads as singles? I was so glad when it started being picked up by X Factor singers because it meant it could finally be recognised as that brilliant classical ballad it was always meant to be. Absolutely timeless in its execution, it feels like P!nk's own take on an Xtina ballad which is fitting considering how much she wanted 'Beautiful'.

Lyrically it's easy to dismiss this as cliche or trite now but its a topic that transcends the politics of language and culture: feeling lost and alone when the sun goes down. Written by Billy Mann and P!nk, it's times like this when I really appreciate her songwriting skill - with each little hook sprinkled throughout just piling on the imagery and storytelling.

Oh the secret's safe with me
There's nowhere else in the world that I could ever be

It's win or lose not how you play the game
And the road to darkness has a way of always knowing my name

Absolutely phenomenal lyricism that somehow accurately transcribes something so lonely and complex as depression and loss and a vocal delivery that packs the follow-up punch, this truly is one of many reasons why nobody will ever reach P!nk's level of talent.

Commentary corner:

@tylerc904: (10) I know some people find it trite but I love this one.

@JMRGBY88: (9) I’ve always loved this but the idea of this being a single was…interesting.

@Reboot: (9) This is so beautiful! She sounds great

@Music Is Life: (8.75) This is probably my least favorite song on this album. I like it, it’s a great rock ballad that shows off her voice, and I appreciate that, but it just has never really captured my attention. I also don’t understand picking this as a single when there are songs that would have been a better choice.

@savilizabeths: (8) “Her vocals here are really damn strong. They sound kinda more like her RnB style at times. It’s a really beautiful song, but hasn’t stuck with me as much as some others in its vein. I have this feeling I’ll wished I scored it a bit higher soon.”

@rick: (7.5) Lovely ballad but I mostly skip this

@Maki: (7.25) Really nice ballad, verses are beautiful, chorus is kind of underwhelming, maybe too bluesy for me. There’s something in her voice here that makes it more powerful. Although I’m not completely sure about it being a single, the video goes really well with the song

@abael: (7) Pink needed to push this vocally a tad to really be a great track.

@R27: (6) Look, I love me so,e over the top balladary every once and awhile, but this falls a bit flat for me.

@Verandi: (4) A stupid choice for a single to be honest. It deserved to bomb like it did.

Top 40 in the UK though, not everybody has that.
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