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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. Check us out being at a 7.6 average and 49 songs to eliminate still.

  2. For a split second, I thought we were losing "Fingers" based on the thread title.

    But "Nobody Knows" is one of the eliminations I was anticipating, so it's a good one.
    However, I must mention that 7,25 seemed like a bit lower than I would score it now (that's probably going to be the case with most of the remaining songs, though). "Nobody Knows" has such a beautiful and emotional verses, and the lyrics are lovely, too, but that chorus still misses something for me. Guess I wasn't focused on the song as much, considering "I'm Not Dead" such a strong album

    Just checked, and my lowest five scores (now four, considering "Nobody Knows" left) are all some type of singles! Is another one going, @Lost Boy? Sorry, I'm annoying.
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  3. R27


    I genuinely thought this left ages ago and now I'm wondering what I confused it with.
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  4. [​IMG]
    49. Barbies
    Average score: 7.64
    Highest score: 10x3
    (@Sanctuary, @JMRGBY88. @P'NutButter)
    Lowest score: 4
    (@Hurricane Drunk)
    My score: 9.75

    I see it on my father's face
    Another line that comes with age
    I know that time will have its way
    Where did it all go?

    Nostalgia is a quiet killer, sometimes whisking you away to the back parts of your brain when you should be focusing on the here and now. It's easy to idolize a childhood that seems simple in comparison to the shitload of responsibility you've picked up since growing up, and then of course there's the sheer pain of getting older and realizing the relationships you've formed and relied on have started to decompose.

    I've seen a little bit of criticism to this track because, as we now know, P!nk had a very difficult childhood and as such her nostalgia is rendered void. But that shouldn't be the case at all, as we can all encounter trauma in our childhood and still find ourselves wondering back to those little moments where we sat in a world full of imagination and naivety. Sometimes it's because we want to go back and take stock of the things we took for granted, or it's because we'd do anything to go back and change the things we've learned through hindsight.

    Working with Julia Michaels was a little stroke of genius, as there's barely a better songwriter out there right now for tackling deep-seated personal issues without all the fluff - just cutting right to the heart. Save for Sasha Sloan, who we know she worked with soon after anyway!

    Commentary corner:
    @JMRGBY88: (10) God, this kills me even to this day. I just get this aching in my chest for the past whenever I listen to this.

    @P'NutButter: (10) One of her best of the last few years. Julia Michaels did good here.

    @Maki: (9.65) The closest she's come recently to matching the emotional and melancholic tracks from "M!ssundaztood". The verses are absolutely gorgeous, as well as the progressing production. The music arrangement is so beautiful, the string instruments, acoustic guitar, drums and all. But it still isn't perfect, it lacks something to make it even more emotionaly powerful.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “This and ‘My Attic’ definitely have their similarities, with this being the superior of the two. The vocals are so delicate and the strings mix so well with the plucked acoustic guitar. I’m sure everybody can relate to this, I know I do. The feeling really kicks up in the bridge and it creates such beautiful and nostalgic imagery. What a moment!”

    @Music Is Life: (9) This was not what I had expected when I saw the title for this back when we were leading up to the album release, but I’m really glad she diverted my expectations. The production on this is gorgeous and the lyrics are heartbreaking. Love it.

    @rick: (7.5) It’s ok and I’m sure it’s gonna get a lot of love but I think she has better ‘camp fire ballads’

    @abael: (7) A nice but uninteresting song. Pink needs to pick up the tempo on this album.

    @R27: (6.5) P!nk never struck me as the kid who play Barbies, but maybe this is lesson for me about assuming things.

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  5. Aside from President and Glitter, I really like all of these but my picks from the Top 50 to leave before the Top 40:
    Dear Mr. President
    I Got Money Now

    Glitter in the Air

    90 Days

    So one down...
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  6. That is one gorgeous artwork!

    "Barbies" is beautiful and definitely one of the best from "Beautiful Trauma". It's relatable for sure.
    I don't know why I gave it a 9,65 (I probably intended to give 6,75 but made a typo), but it deserved top 30 at least, given which songs are left.
    And I really like the artwork for "Barbies" (which seems to be gone now for some reason).
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  7. I'm attempting to fix them all now. Late night at the office for me then.
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  8. [​IMG]

    First of all; how dare you all. Out at FORTY-NINE? Y'all are a disgrace. This was easily top 10 material. I'm genuinely angry about this.
  9. Fucking hell, I've just updated the image for EVERY elimination. I need a break.
  10. Of course you do. We don't need another elimination today.
    You only forgot to change the opening post image.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]

    Me contemplating suicide after realising I just deleted all my images in order to put them in convenient folders.
  14. Oh honey...
    Do you or a collaborator have a backup of them anywhere? They were brilliant, but inessential in the end. Try not to let the rate become a big stress-ball for you.
  15. It’s just me! I have them all don’t worry, it just removed the links so I had to go through every elimination post and relink them to a new set of uploads.

    Hint for tomorrow: hitting the dance floor.
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  16. Glad that the artworks are safe! I appreciate them so much.
    Goodbye "God Is a DJ"!

    Or... poor "Secrets".
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  17. It has to be God Is A DJ.
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  18. "God Is a DJ" seems too obvious with that hint, but losing Secrets or Cuz I Can would be even worse so...
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  19. I’m listening to ‘God is a DJ’ and it might be the best pop song of all time.
  20. Hahaha, good one.

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