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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
    44. You Make Me Sick
    Average score: 7.808
    Highest score: 10x6
    @soratami, @Verandi, @kal, @Hurricane Drunk, @Sideout, @Music Is Life
    Lowest score: 2
    My score: 9

    He got closer to me, it started getting deep
    He had me in a zone when he started to show me things
    I never saw before
    Baby was smooth but I knew it was game
    Hell-of-a cool but you men are the same
    The way he licked his lips and touched my hips
    I knew that he was slick

    Here is another one that I somehow forgot to make a cover for, but cut me some slack considering I made well over 150 pieces of artwork in my spare time, so I just picked the pretty cool single artwork (Mine wouldn't be too dissimilar, I just liked having the same font for each era).

    'You Make Me Sick' falling now leaves the debut album with just two tracks left, which I find ironic considering how much clamoring we see for her to return to these roots (Newsflash: a real P!nk fan knows R&B influences her work all the time). Released as the third and final single from her debut, it actually does not feature P!nk's writing credits at all, but it did manage to peak in the top ten over in the UK and the top 40 in the US, which I think is a really strong feat for a debut era? I think we forget she was actually kind of successful, just a bit anonymous, even when she first landed.

    Despite being a bit obvious production-wise, I do think that P!nk manages to sell it pretty well and the operatic backing is a really fantastic touch that really elevates it. It still maintains that touch of humour we've come to expect of her, and the music video is an absolute serve of brilliant iconography. A pop star from the very beginning.

    Commentary corner;
    @Verandi: (10) The best of the album. Catchy as fuck.

    @Music Is Life: (10) This is honestly my favorite of the three singles from this album. Don’t ask me why, it just is. I mean, t’s perfect. The production just glides along so smoothly and bops so much, and the melody throughout is so catchy and fun, and I feel like it’s very her, the whole song is, the lyrics scream P!nk. And I love the chorus. Also the intro, is great and a little hilarious, and the outro is sublime.

    @Maki: (8.9) I don’t know how to rate this song, since I don’t go back to it so often, but when I do, I always end up loving it. It has a very warm feeling to it, especially in the chorus, which is really nice. Just behind “There You Go”, which means it’s my least favorite single from this album, but doesn’t mean this isn’t another great track. The music video definitely has ‘WTF’ value to it, though.

    @rick: (8) Underrated gem of her early years. I’m sad she doesn’t perform it much these days. Also giving Santa a lap dance in the video was legendary.

    @R27: (8) You got me lit like a candle stick is an amazing line and intend to quote throughout the summer at parties.

    @savilizabeths: (8) “I adore the chorus on this one. It’s another really nostalgic feeling song. I must have heard it when I was a kid and just not known. I really love listening to this, I’m definitely bopping.”

    @abael (7) Did Pink want to be in a group? Production makes this into a girl group song.

    She was in a group sis, they basically poached her into solo life.

    Next up: Respite for @Verandi after losing 5 tens in a row.​
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  2. The mess continues, I see.

    Even though I felt from the very beginning that her fantastic debut was going to be criminally underrated, this is another undeserving elimination.
    "You Make Me Sick" is my least favorite single from "Can't Take Me Home" (just 0,1 point behind "There You Go") and I would've ranked it around #44, if we count all the songs in the rate, but given which songs are remaining, it should've went top 30.

    "Most Girls" should make it to the top 10.

    The curse continues.

    This has me scared, though.
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  3. [​IMG]
    43. Raise Your Glass
    Average score: 7.811
    Highest score: 10x6
    @JMRGBY88, @rick, @abael, @Sideout, @Remorque, @Music Is Life
    Lowest score: 1
    @The Hot Rock
    My score: 9

    So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways,
    All my underdogs, we will never be never be

    anything but loud and nitty gritty, dirty little freaks
    Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass?
    Just come on and come on and raise your glass

    This, considering the calls for it recently, is a success. I would have loved it to have made the top 40 but you can't scoff at a 7.8 average, can you? 'Raise Your Glass' is the lead single from the Greatest Hits and is one of her biggest hits, gifting her the third number one US single of her career. I think a lot of criticism has come from it being such a big and inescapable hit but also because it really doesn't reinvent the pink wheel, but do you really want anything else for a greatest hits?

    This has helped push the greatest hits into one of the most successful collections of all time, selling upward of 5 Million+ copies and still bothering the charts today. It's basically everything we know and love about her dialed up to a ten and with the edges polished to a shine, an underdog anthem that also appeals to every aligned slice of white bread on the market. Empowerment anthem's were pretty commonplace in 2010 but considering the length of time she's been at it and her history, there's not really anyone better placed for it.

    Commentary corner:
    @abael: (10) Definitely got dancey to this one. Simply effective.

    @JMRGBY88: (10) P!nk perfection.

    @Music Is Life: (10) I’ve always loved this song. It’s just so much fun. The production goes off, and that chorus is completely undeniable. I’m a sucker for “This is for the freaks!” anthems, and this has always been one of my faves. This was perfect as the opener for The Truth About Love tour. Also, I love the music video, if I could give it extra points for that I would.

    @rick: (10) Say what you like but this was a great song. And it was perfect to sell a Greatest Hits. It’s punchy, it’s got attitude. It’s Pink

    @Reboot: (9) Basic bop … but a GOOD basic bop

    @nikkysan: (9) dddd I know everyone hates this but this is a guilty pleasure for me. That chorus is so undeniably catchy. The “too school for cool” lyric is cringey as fuck though.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “This came out when I was listening to the radio a lot, so it hits a chord with me. It’s kinda stupid, but that’s the point. Initially I found myself nitpicking tiny things about it that irked me or I wasn’t fond of but then she threw at me the “why so serious?” line and I just shook my head and had fun listening. It’s a bop, and I love it a lot for its ridiculous-ness. I also love the part where she comes in too early and then swears. It’s funny and relatable and fits the song really well.”

    @Laurence: (8) Another good track. A bit 'late' on the love yourself trend etc I believe but a party anthem always good. I do think it is a bit too easy to shoe in and expected, but alas. It works though that's the most important. A bit overplayed I guess but that's not P!NK her fault.

    @Maki: (7.5) And the generic side of P!nk was born. I don’t know really what to think of the song. Heard it a hundred times on the radio, and it sounds like a song that would be played very often. The anthemic chorus is there, as well as the chanting vocals. But I just can’t enjoy this song as much as I want, mainly due to the generic sound of it and the basic production.

    @R27: (6.5) Used to like this a lot more. In retrospect, i think this is the turning point where her output started to go downhill for me. The chorus is still a rush but some of these lyrics are painfully cringey. Also, the first chorus reminds me a bit of Nicki's Starships?

    @sapnu puas: (6) this is lowkey the kinda song that ‘oh my god I’m such an outcast’ Ed Sheeran would write. Atleast this feels more authentic coming from Pink I suppose but still. It’s fine.

    @Verandi: (5) Always been average at best. No surprise the US loved it ddddd. Now I kinda hate it.
  4. Coming up:

    - One album is treading dangerously close to bowing out
    - Remaining elevens: 33
    - Elevens in the top 40: 32.
  5. Okay, I'm satisfied with this one. One of my lowest remaining scores, actually.
    It's surprising to me that "Raise Your Glass" made it this far, because I thought that it waa way more hated.
    I almost put it next to "Just Like Fire" in terms of general dislike, but it turns out I was wrong.

    The chorus is so anthemic and catchy, of course, but I just can't get into it as much - it's too much P!nk in one song, if that's even possible. "Boring" does that, but in a much better way. But @Lost Boy is right, a greatest hits song should be all about that.
    The most probable reason I don't put it among her better singles is the radio overplay, I think.
    It's a great song nonetheless.

    *desperately hopes that @kal and I gave our 11's to the same song*

    Please do only one more elimination today, I can't cope if it's my 11.
  6. Funny you should mention this because I actually think the two are super similar.
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  7. I've suffered enough so fucking bye to Raise Your Glass x.

    You Make Me Sick deserved the top20 but now I don't really care about the debut anymore.
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  8. People who don’t love Raise Your Glass don’t love themselves.
  9. [​IMG]
    42. Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)
    Average score: 7.814
    Highest score: 10x4
    @Maki, @Music Is Life, @Sideout, @soratami
    Lowest score: 3
    My score: 8

    Hey, why you fucked up my life?
    So hey, why do I miss you sometimes?
    Thousand nights I've said goodbye, almost lost my mind
    So hey, why do I miss you sometimes?

    When Hurts 2B Human first leaked, I couldn't resist giving it a listen before the official release. My excitement for P!nk albums is always pretty high but it was fever pitch at the time, with the amazing title track really exciting me just in time. My first listen of this was suitably jarring, and I remember declaring that the forum was going to hate it because of its dedication to autotune and its unconventional structure. So colour me surprised to see it actually garner pretty positive reactions in the thread and a very respectful placement of #42.

    'Hey Why...' is certainly the oddest song she has released in years, with elements of all of her albums mashed together in a cacophony of electro glory. The chorus took time to grow on me due to its use of autotune and slight repetitiveness but the little additions, like the brilliant little bridge complete with plucky strings, has kept it fresh since release. Considering she has received so much criticism recently for being stale, it's nice to see something so off-kilter make the album again and actually be rewarded by fans.

    You might be surprised though to see it's actually a Max Martin and Shellback cowrite and production, which probably means it was a Funhouse/The Truth About Love left over. Though I think it must have undergone a bit of a revamp because there's something quite current about it, it kind of sounds like 'This Is How It Goes Down'/'Why Did I Ever Like You' blended with some of her more melodic folk moments to me.

    Commentary corner:
    @Maki: (10) The best example of why P!nk isn't a 'one trick pony' as of recently. I was positively shocked after hearing this - the playful, fun side of P!nk is 'back'! The auto-tune is perfectly used here. The most R&B track on the album, which is a plus. It certainly has a bit of unconventional song structure when you listen to it, but on paper, it's verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge/middle-8, pre-chorus, chorus and verse repeated as an outro. The juxaposition between the parts of the song (auto-tune pop verses and guitar chorus) is genius and so well combined. Also, I find it really clever that the 'verses' serve both as pre-chorus and like a drop type of chorus. It's not that complicated, but uniquely written and so well crafted song and I love it for that reason. Definitely an album highlight. I really want this to be a proper summer smash!

    @Music Is Life: (10) Okay, so when I first listened to the album, I was not expecting something like this. An electro-pop banger with auto-tune, and a super-melodic and clear voiced chorus that bops all the way off? Yes please, more of this, because it’s amazing. And that post-chorus, or bridge or whatever that comes in around the 2:00 mark - it makes this a 10.

    @Verandi: (9) The only single-worthy song on the album. So of course it will never be a single. A strange Mirwais+Martin hybrid, but it works.

    @P'NutButter: (9) Such a grower, brilliant track!

    @abael: (9) This was a direction I didn't expect Pink to go in. She easily could have continued success mimicking previous content. Tracks like this make me happy she didn't.

    @Sail On (8.5) Hey, why is her flow so effortless and cool on this?

    @R27: (8) I'm really digging the sound of this song. It doesn't try too hard and has an effortless coolness that P!nk’s music has been missing for about a decade.

    @Laurence: (8) Wait! This is some kinda electropop and the vocals are so processed but it works? Then suddenly the pre-chorus it falls flat again while I was ready for that electrobanger. Could have been better

    @JMRGBY88: (8) love this but I still feel like it goes from a pre-verse to a bridge without any actual verses.

    @nikkysan: (7.5) Basic as hell, but I bop hard to this.

    @The Hot Rock: (7) Hated this at first but it kinda grew on me. It's all over the place and kinda a charming mess.

    @rick: (6) Honestly I just don’t care too much for this but its not a bad song. The vocoder effects are jarring to me.

    @Reboot: (5) Pink does not need autotune, even when it’s a creative decision

    @savilizabeths: (3) “I can tell by the reception in the thread that I might be in the minority here. While I can appreciate the experimental style of this, I just…really don’t like it. By which I mean it’s driving me absolutely insane listening to it. There’s just something so grating about this for me. I did have a good laugh at “McDonalds type of love” and the acoustic section sounds pretty cool. I just can’t get behind this."

    NEXT UP: BIG 11 + TOP 40.

  10. People who don’t love Hey Why don’t love themselves.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Not again

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  12. 'Boring' is such a fucking incredible track. I love her personality on it and how hard the drums sound (if y'know what I mean?)

    'Centerfold' has always paled in comparison to 'Fingers' for me, I think the fact it comes right at the end of the album + bonuses may be why though.

    'You Make Me Sick' obviously I love and I wish she'd perform it more - like most of the debut album.

    and 'Hey Why (Miss You Sometime)' is a really great pop track and hopefully will get the single treatment soon...
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  13. Oh I am ecstatic about it. I'm just waiting for the mess that will cause me deep pain.
    I feel like this going to end up being mine with the hints you've given. I will riot.
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  14. Receiving dozens of likes from @GimmeWork for the past ~30 eliminations

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  15. Me showing up to read all the elims, throw likes at posts and give my unneeded opinion even though my work schedule didn't leave me time to participate.*

    If I would have had time my 11 would have gone to either Trouble, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) or Who Knew so if they don't go top 10, I hope they at least stay around for a bit.

    *Almost in the top 40 and the only eliminated tunes I can recall without going to spotify are the singles. I never had a chance to finishing this in time...dddd.
  16. Okay first, TASTE. Second Who Knew is almost completely guarenteed to make top 10, and I think Leave Me Alone could make it and Trouble should but since some people have been calling for it, I'm not sure. They're all definitely gonna be the very least top 30.
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  17. Centrefold fucking bangs, good to see it get this far, I’d probably give it a 10 now.

    Good to see the Greatest Hits songs starting to drop, I admittedly overscored them because I was under the impression they were all unanimously disliked but they’ve began to outstay their welcome.
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  18. "(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime" is such an interesting and unique song for her, yet brilliant. For me, that's what was missing from the too 'sterile' and 'polished' "Beautiful Trauma". Almost all of the commentary shares similar thoughts as mine. I kind of see where the 'basic' mentions are coming from, but when it comes to P!nk, this is a one-off that needs to be praised.

    This is a perfect description for this song. It even sounds like it will be hated, although it's so good that it actually wasn't hated.
    But I don't think it actually is a leftover track.

    Honestly, I thought it would receive more than four 10's and do even better for some reason, but am so glad that it wasn't too divisive.
    Still, it's another underrated gem.

    @savilizabeths disappointed me here, but is a self-proclaimed ballad lover, too, so it's reasonable.
    For those who aren't so sure about it should definitely give it another try - even I had to think twice about giving it a 10 (but there's no doubt about it now).

    And just like that, all (both) of my 10's from "Hurts 2B Human" are eliminated, and it becomes the first album where that happened.
    The only album where all of my 10's are still intact is "Beautiful Trauma". That's because I gave only one 10 to that album.

    This makes me think that "Hurts 2B Human" is losing another song, unfortunately (and both would be great 11 choices).
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  19. LiK


    Wow am I really agreeing with you in this thread?

    You Make Me Sick should have cracked top 40. It's definitely the weakest single from that era, but I gave it a 9 so that speaks to how great it is. The video gave us arguably her most memorable visual from that era however.

    Also I am proud of my Raise Your Glass stanning.
    Is it basic af? Oh absolutely
    Does it bop? Hell yes
    Does it puts me in a good mood? Every single time I hear it

    The song itself is very sentimental for me, it came out right around the time I was fully coming into my own. College days with friends and this song was always on the playlists when we hung out. It's just such a feel good infectious anthem that I can never resist and it ushered in another imperial phase for her, so it can't be as bad as some say!
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  20. LiK


    I dont think she's capable of picking good singles anymore outside of the lead singles.
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