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Aw, sad to see @Music Is Life losing his 11 just before top 40.

Yet, I'm neither sad nor happy about its elimination.
"Fucking Perfect" is a great empowerment song and has lovely melody, but the thing that bothers me the most is the rap bridge. It sounds unnecessary.
Given how her songs from greatest hits album are generally received, it did really well.

"Whataya Want From Me" being the last standing track from greatest hits is not ideal, but it's a great song that deserves it.

Edit: Oh crap (just saw the next elimination).
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40. I Got Money Now
Goodbye masterpiece. I'll miss you.
Proper write-up coming soon.
This is now bitter sweet since I tanked @Music Is Life #11 so sorry <3
It's fine. It probably wouldn't have done much better without the two.
Aw, sad to see @Music Is Life losing his 11 just before top 40.
Thanks you.
Fucking Perfect is another song I used to absolutely hate when it was inescapable, but listening to it now it's actually alright.

Your commentary was great @Music Is Life. It's easy to turn our noses up at these types of songs, but it's fantastic how they actually can have a positive impact on people's lives.
Thank you. I wasn't originally planning to get that personal but when I got to the song in my rating I ended up putting it on repeat and just writing down all my feelings and that's what came out.

It honestly is my favorite P!nk song ever and I don't know if she'll ever top it for me (though she has come close.) I don't have much to say that I haven't said already, but the criticism of the "rap" bridge bothers me a little because that's part of what makes it great. Instrumentally speaking, and with a couple lyrics, it's a moment of true lightness in the song, and brings it around to a true message of "I love you, I love me, I love us, but these people still fucking try to bring us down and I need you to know we shouldn't listen to them." It's so great. And it's also so very P!nk. It's one of the reasons why I love her in general. I actually picked the song as one to learn for my vocal lessons last year, and now can sing it almost perfectly. I hope to perform it on this semester's talent show (though probably the clean version.)
@Sprockrooster I love your mention of the ad-lib in the clean version, it's one of my favorite bits of the song.

I Got Money Now is also gone too soon y'all stop elimination my faves.
@Maki I'm sorry.

(Also my mom isn't happy with this rate as you eliminated her top 3 P!nk songs too soon (AKA before top 10))
he / him

39. Ave Mary A

Average score: 7.86
Highest score: 10x6
@Sanctuary, @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @Robsolete, @Music Is Life, @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 4x2 (@Daniel_O), @abael

Broken hearts all around the spot
I can't help thinking that we lost the plot
Suicide bomber and a student shot
Tokyo I think we got a problem
But for that they have got a pill
If that don't kill you then the side effects will
If we don't kill each other then the side effects will
Cape Town I think we got a problem

Random fact time: this song inspired my first tattoo, from when I was sixteen, on the back of my neck which says 'Child, be still'. At the time it was my favorite song and it felt right to get it stamped on my skin, at times I look at it and remember the boy who wanted to get it done and how far I've come since then. I have quite a few tattoos now, and a fair few inspired by songs, and that feeling of remembrance and nostalgia never goes away. You'd think you just close off to them, especially if it was a hard time in your life, but there's something powerful about looking back.

'Ave Mary A' is the overtly political anthem that people clamor for from P!nk nowadays, despite the times changing so rapidly in that short 10 years separating its release and now. In it she tackles how fucked up the world is, name-checking problems all around the globe like a checklist, inside of a pretty experimental production by favourite collaborator Billy Mann (with Al Clay).

Sometimes calling things out helps to take away their power. Whilst not necessarily taking away the hurt they cause nor making it any easier to deal with them directly, the first step to overcoming any anxiety is to call it out and try to take back the control it is wrestling with you for. In ways once you've given it a name, given it a label, it loses its mysterious essence and you can finally start talking about it. This song does exactly that. It's easy to get politically exhausted, and there's nothing wrong with sweeping generalization ala 'What About Us' as opposed to the directness here, but it's important that we always have people pointing and willing to talk about the shit.

There's also the stunning middle-8 and chorus which helps bring this back to anxiety over political events, and the saying that I chose to tattoo on me forever: child, be still. Not necessarily a religious statement, it's about someone holding you and telling you it will all be okay. Sometimes we need to be held, sometimes we need to believe in a higher power that makes some sense of the madness.

Commentary corner:
@Sprockrooster: (10) Those vocals. Phew. THE TALENT. I am screamchanting along and I do not care if anyone hears my cringe screeching.

@Music Is Life: (10) This song is insanely catchy, and completely rocks. The lyrics are a little cheesy, but that melody makes up for it to be honest.

@Maki: (9.5) Undercover gem that even I underestimated. I had the audacity to call it 'the most overrated track' of this album. It's pretty much amazing throughout. The guitar riff and drums are fantastic, as well as the powerful chorus and production. Perhaps the only thing i would amend is a bit stronger middle-8. Aside from that, a killer track!

@R27: (8.5) I love the urgency of this song. P!nk’s voice is so well suited for the visceral energy of the song’s chorus. An angsty banger.

@rick: (8) Irked she didn’t think Dublin had a problem. It does sweetie, it does.

@savilizabeths: (7) “This isn’t my favourite, especially on it’s album but it’s still pretty damn good. I definitely like the verses more than the chorus.”

@abael: (4) Who composed this? Messy.

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Me and @kal about "I Got Money Now":

@Verandi and other low scorers:

@Sprockrooster, @soratami, (@jawow_ if he participated) and @Lost Boy, of course, thank you for showing impeccable taste.

I'm so glad that @Sprockrooster and @soratami increased their scores for it compared to 'poprock ladies' rate (and that I'm partly the reason), amazing.
And that is a brilliant write-up @Lost Boy, it's so well written and it's heartwarming to see someone loving that song so much - you did it justice, no matter if its beauty can't be put into words.

But the real star is @kal. I'm so shocked that someone else gave "I Got Money Now" an 11. When I found out, I was like:

Just... wow. That has never happened before to me in rates, when it comes to album tracks. Especially with this song - in the beginning, I was sure that my 11 will be the only one. And I suspected that you would give "I Got Money Now" full marks, but not that it's your absolute favorite song. That tiny little gem of a song that I thought would get severely underrated as in the previous rate it has appeared in. One of my all-time favorite songs by one of my all-time favorite artists. Out of 143 songs. Out of this amazing and broad discography. It feels so rewarding and I still can't believe it. I'm almost jealous of you having so much taste - you rock!

Also, I totally expected @LiK to be among the highest scorers - where are you?

I would have never guessed this was a fan favourite, soz. But hey at least a campfire song made the top40 nn

First of all, "I Got Money" is campfire? What? There are electric guitars and stunning synths, no acoustic guitars at all. It'a a 100% unique song form her. Also, there isn't a single 'campfire' song by P!nk that I love.
Secondly, fan favorite? Hmm... I have to think about that. Compared to the other album tracks in the entire rate, it can be seen as a fan favorite (and I had no idea about it, actually). But, when compared to the other songs form "I'm Not Dead", it's the fourth song that left from the standard version of the album, so it's not a fan favorite from that point of view.
Finally, you really should re-listen and question what made you give it a low score.

It's such a special and unique song that deserved even more. I really want to say:
The rate is cancelled.
But, all things considered (a lot of songs, the previous treatment, my 'bad luck' with 11's, the lack of taste), "I Got Money Now" got a really respectable placement, reaching top 40, being in the top 15 (almost top 10) of non-single songs and the fact that I was ready for it to leave about 40 eliminations before, when the first 11 was eliminated.

Now, more of statistics/facts about the song:
- It just missed a few spots to be placed among the top 1/4 of P!nk songs (but it is definitely in the top 1/3).
- In the 'poprock ladies' rate, it was brutally treated: being among the first 15 eliminations, being the first 11 out, with an iconic average score of 6,666 - I don't know how I was able to cope with that.
- Average score is actually more than a full point higher that in the 'poprock ladies' rate , which I'm really happy about.
- If we excluded @Verandi's disgrace of a score, its average score jumps to 7,98!
- If included a potential 10 from @jawow_ (and still counted the lowest score as 3), its average score would've been around 7,9 - we really needed your votes! And we really didn't need @Verandi's votes lol

Also, the order in which the songs from "I'm Not Dead" (standard version) are being eliminated so far exactly matches the order in the 'poprock ladies' rate. That means that the next track to fall from "I'm Not Dead" could be "Stupid Girls" (which is one of my 10's, so no!)

@Lost Boy, I need to see the full scoreboard all lovely voters who gave "I Got Money Now" a 9 or higher score. Can you reveal them, please?
I love "I Got Money Now" love.

It's been a sad day. Let's finish this with the ultimate masterpiece itself:

That was the absolute least I could write about this song, so you can expect more soon.
In seriousness, I've just listened to it again and...

Soz. I suppose you could expect it not to reach the top20 though. I'd give it a 4,5 now maybe if that helps with the average
So this still stands for you:
Sorry, but I just can't process how someone can't be touched by a song that is "I Got Money Now".

And "Ave Mary A" is another messy and unexpected elimination - why are all these excellent songs leaving lately?
And to prove what a 'wrong' opinion I had a few years ago:
Unfortunately, this is the most overrated album track on "Funhouse" for me. It's good, but nothing more than it, just her typical song of that time.
How things changed...

Amazing lyrics and melody, and the production is epic, but I still can't totally get around that middle-8. I've always considered it one of the fan favorites and now would call it underrated. At least the best album track from "Funhouse" is still here - "It's All Your Fault".
Sorry, but I just can't process how someone can't be touched by a song that is "I Got Money Now".
I just... use music while working usually so I don't care about lyrics most of the time, bar a few exceptions. The production doesn't excite me that much so I just don't use the song.
At least the best album track from "Funhouse" is still here - "It's All Your Fault".
Well you'll be happy to know we agree on this but we're jinxing it dddd