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I just... use music while working usually so I don't care about lyrics most of the time, bar a few exceptions. The production doesn't excite me that much so I just don't use the song.
The lyrics are pretty much the last thing I take into consideration when listening to and ranking the songs, to be honest. It's the emotion that can reveal much more than thousands of lyrics. And when the two are combined - the masterpiece is made.
Like I've said, lyrically, I don't connect with "I Got Money Now", but everything about the song itself (melody, vocals, instrumental, production, emotional delivery etc.) is mesmerizing and breathtakingly beautiful; that's an 11-worthy song.
Also, I totally expected @LiK to be among the highest scorers - where are you?


Well then, uhhh I may have underscored it just a bit. I have quite a few regrets with some of my scores because I didn't want to give out 10's all over the place. I gave it an 8 which I guess would be an average score in your eyes.
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So... I had a dream last night (this morning, actually) and want to share it:
I don't exactly remember the beginning, but all I know is P!nk coming out of some white building or and running to the backyard. She had black hair and some shining pink outfit. I think there was a year 1997 or 1998 in my mind for some reason, but I know that it ocurred before "Can't Take Me Home" era, which doesn't really make sense because of the black hair (time travelling in dreams is quite rare for me). Anyways, she did look young and had that eccentric late 90's/early 00's style she was sporting at the time. So, as soon as she ran into the backyard (and literally passes by me), she meets with the band and they start playing. I'm amazed and really want to listen to her and meet her. The next thing I remember is finding some device(?) that looks like a silver or black button with a few cables attached to it, but I think only one was connected to the speakers. There was one short cord with pink sticker on it, but it wasn't connected with anything. When I press and hold the button, I could hear P!nk and her band, but as soon as I wanted to go and see her, the cable waan't long enough for me to go and see her in the backyard, so I could either listen or watch the performance (very weird). I decide to listen, so I continue holing the button. The sound was very low quality and sounded almost muffled. Then, I look at some type of whote cassette or paper (I don't exactly remember) and see a setlist for the gig. There were five or six songs on the list, but I only remember reading the first one. It said: "Lonely Girl (Demo)", which was very odd, since the performance is occurring in the late 90's. The moment I read this, I start hearing the melody and lyrics of the verses, and it sounded exactly like "Lonely Girl" (except the sound quality not being good), all coming from that strange button device. I'm thrilled and start thinking of the ways how could I record the performances of the songs (which was a bit odd, because they were playing live and I couldn't let off that button). Proper treasure chest. But that's not it! The verses of "Lonely Girl" were very similar, but the chorus... completely different, yet brilliant melody! No Linda Perry, either (perhaps a 10 from @nikkysan, he he). It sounded like the pre-chorus of "Numb" mixed with some of the other songs from "M!ssundaztood", but it was so powerful and melodic (think "Sober") that I was in shock. As soon as that magnificent chorus is over, my cat jumps on the bed and wakes me up. The melody keeps playing in my head and I memorized it. Such an amazing power ballad chorus, it was so vivid and I kept singing it in my head. Unfortunately, I fell asleep again and can't recall how it goes after I woke up. It's not a happy ending, after all.

But that second time I fell asleep, the similar thing happened, this time with Arctic Monkeys. I was listening to the music on shuffle on my earphones and some song by Arctic Monkeys titled "Shoes" or something like that played (they do have a song "Dancing Shoes", but this one was different, plus I saw the "AM" album cover on my phone while ot was playing). I can still remember the chorus melody of that non-existent song; it's very catchy and upbeat, and totally sounds like a song they would record.

So, two options: Either I'm going completely crazy or I've made some amazing song-making 'machine' in my dreams.
I Got Money Now is a really personal track for me. She literally describes my life, from the moments where I never really felt like I fit in and wanted to be liked by people, to the moment where I started earning a lot more than my peers and gradually became a loner who, on the surface, doesn’t need anyone’s validation and company.

But the crippling loneliness that accompanies this is difficult to put into words. The internal struggle with the fact that you’re supposed to feel better off because you’ve got it all, you’ve worked hard, made sacrifices, yet it was all supposed to be worth it. I can feel all of this in a simple 4 minute track.

The juxtaposition of emotional, melancholic delivery and the confident lyrics just adds another layer of complexity. If you just read the words it’s one thing, but pay attention to Alecia’s delivery and you suddenly get the real meaning. It’s almost like she’s not singing to us, but to herself. And that’s why I gave it my 11.
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he / him

38. 90 Days

Average score: 7.96
Highest score: 10x7
@savilizabeths, @Music Is Life, @Sideout, @rick, @kal, @JMRGBY88, @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 1 (@əʊæ)

We're driving in a black car
And it's blacked out and we're spinnin'
We're listening to "Fast Car"
And you're driving fast and you're singin'
Don't wanna tell you what I'm feelin'
Don't want this night to hit a ceiling
I'm wearing dirty white shoes
A white t-shirt and your jacket
I'm laughing, but I'm lying
When you're smiling, I'm the saddest
I hide my face so you don't see it
I think out loud, hope you don't hear it

P!nk's melancholic duet with Wrabel falls out at 38, leaving 'Happy' on its own holding up the latest album. Released as a 'kind-of' single with a stunning music video, it's a desolate ballad with almost nothing but a piano and vocoder. A sister track of sorts to 'I Don't Believe You', it's a revelation of vulnerability that leaves me so excited for the things she still has left to say.

Considering this solo performance below, I think P!nk brought wonders to the song. It's not often she picks up covers for herself, but when she does they seem to be perfectly acquired for her discography. I'm not sure whether it's because of her unrivalled ability to apply her own charisma and personality to whatever she touches because '90 Days' doesn't really sound like anything she's ever done before, and yet it's perfectly suited.

Commentary corner:

@savilizabeths: (10) “This struck me immediately upon hearing it. It creates a sort of haunting atmosphere with its melodies and strange warped electronic backing vocals. Honestly I’m just enchanted by this. The vocals are so delicate and both performers play off each other so well. It’s definitely an absolute gem of a song that I couldn’t stop thinking about.”

@JMRGBY88: (10) This is incredible. This was almost my 11.

@rick: (10) Wow. Stunning. Full of emotion and character. Could be a Number 1

@Maki: (9.75) I love this song. It's dramatic, the verses are gorgeous and Wrabel and her both sound so good, but I just wish the chorus was a bit stronger. The robotic backing vocals are a great addition. P!nk's backing vocals near the end are stunning. One of the highlights here, glad that we got a music video for it.

@R27: (8.75) "Fast Car" might be my favourite song of all time so that reference alone won this song several points from me. Thankfully, there's a genuinely great song attached to the rest of that opening verse. Wrabel ends up being a great match for P!nk and they great something that is genuinely compelling together.

@abael: (7) The song has impact and the duet is implemented well. I can tell it is a great song, just not a great song for me.

@Laurence: (5) Coulda been better I think

Up next: another one of my faves :(

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What? Another undeserving and unexpected elimination. I was sure "90 Days" was heading for a top 30 finish. The vocals are gorgeous and it's one of the definite standouts from "Hurts 2B Human", and a sonic stand out in her career, actually. I was this close to giving it a 10.
And I agree that the video is beautiful; while it's simple, it captures emotion. The bathtub scenes reminded me of "Family Portrait" video.
Giving that song a 1 is harsh.

"Happy" being the last remaining track from "Hurts 2B Human" isn't surprising, but it's not in my top 5 from that album, when it comes to scores. However, it deserves top 40 placement and is nowhere near my lowest remaining scores. I'm thinking that its time is running out, unfortunately.
Since we're doing this every now and then, my lowest remaining scores are:
God is a DJ
Dear Mr. President
Glitter in the Air
Everything else has a score higher than 8 - amazing!
'I Got Money Now', like I said in my commentary tends to be a track that predicts when I will be having a bad spell. It's usually that or Natalie Imbruglia's 'Goodbye'. But it's still a great song so I gave it an 8.

I adore 'Ave Mary A', mainly for the fact P!nk blares her voice again in a very Try This! fashion - which you know I love!!!!

'90 Days' has grown on me more since I voted and I would've scored it a 9 now.