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36. Bad Influence
Average score: 8.05
Highest score: 10x5
@Daniel_O, @kal, @happiestgirl, @Maki, @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 5 (@R27)
My score: 8

I'm off to see the doctor
I hope she has a cure
I hope she makes me better
What does that even mean?

Would I have expected both this and 'Funhouse' to crack the top forty with an 8+ average score? Not at all, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it. Like the title track, 'Bad Influence' turns the twisted-carnival soundscape up to an eleven, reveling in her celebratory brattitude. Released only as a single in Australia, the song actually reminds me of classic Gwen Stefani with all of its quirkiness. I've seen quite a few people wish for this to be a single but I don't quite think it's strong enough, it's a lot thinner than everything on the album and lacks the substance of every other single. That being said, a bop is a bop!

Apart from R27's 5 and JMRGBY's 6.5, the song pretty much got 8 or above across the board. Funhouse really is a stellar album when you consider that even the perfectly fine songs like this are an 8 average.

Commentary corner:
@savilizabeths: (10) “God, this is so fun! It’s one of my girlfriends favourites. I was actually listening to the radio a lot during this era so maybe that’s why I love the songs so much. This song was pretty big in New Zealand so it played EVERYWHERE! This is just so catchy and I feel like we’ve all known someone like this. I just love how much fun P!nk has with her music instead of taking everything so seriously.”

@Maki: (10) One of my favorites from "Funhouse". Completely captures the album theme, I'm transported to the funhouse every time I listen to it. Such a fun and catchy song, it's surprising how much I don't revisit it. The melody is crazily addictive, especially in the chorus, and the production gets the most out of this amazing song. This would've been such a good single choice, a pity it wasn't. I hope you will like this as much as me... 'and you, and you, and you...'

@Music Is Life: (9) This is such a fun song that thematically doesn’t fit on this album at all, but I don’t care cause love this. That chorus is pop-rock perfection. And the handclaps throughout especially in the middle-8/”quiet” chorus (you know what I mean, right?) obviously make me love the song even more.

@rick: (8.5) I love a song that fits the theme of the album. The carnival sounds are a nice touch

@Laurence: (8) A fun one

@abael: (8) Fun enough diversion that you can ignore the jank lyrics and enjoy the jaunt.

@JMRGBY88: (6.5) Gotta love an Australian exclusive single. I’ve always been left a bit cold by this one. There’s just ~something missing.

@R27: (5) Not a huge fan of P!nk’s bratty pop songs and this feels like an inferior version of “‘Cuz I Can.”

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The cd single was released in most of Europe too without much promotion.

Meh she has so many weird single/not-singles that I don't really consider them unless it came with some kind of recognition from herself that it has been released.
Well, it's one of my 10's. *pretends to be shocked*

Looking back, "Bad Influence" is one of those songs that are a surprise to hold on for that long. But it's a brilliant song, the production is so well executed and it's full of attitude and P!nk's signature quirks.

I'm actually a bit shocked that it isn't divisive at all - on the contrary, it's among the most consistently scored songs. Another surprise is that @savilizabeths scored this one with a 10 - amazing!
And it definitely belongs to the album - the lyrics cover a lot of different themes on all of her albums, and "Funhouse" isn't an exception. May I call "Bad Influence" the centerpiece of the album sonically.

Anyways, it's such a banger that should've made top 20.
I was thinking, sonically, it sounds exactly what you would expect from an album called Funhouse. But I suppose I could make a very tenuous link with the lyrics sounding similarly bratty and attitude filled to So What, This Is How It Goes Down and Boring
Yeah but So What and This Is How It Goes Down are about her breakup with Carey. Boring is about her "moving on". Bad Influence is just a party song.
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35. Dear Mr. President
Average score: 8.06
Highest score: 10x7
@Sanctuary, @kal, @playboy69, @LiK, @Music Is Life, @savilizabeths, @Sideout
Lowest score: 4x2 (@tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk)
My score: 9

What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?
I can only imagine what the first lady has to say
You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine

Again I find myself slightly confused by the reception to this song considering the amount of people coming down on 'What About Us' for lacking the edges this one relishes in. 'Dear Mr. President' is a very well-known open letter to the Bush administration, tearing them apart for a multitude of failures. Still I can't complain at it ending up here with a very healthy 8+ average.

Arguably one of her most important songs, it was a real brave highlight of her career that actually went on to receive worldwide success and acclaim. Coupling with folk music duo, Indigo Girls, P!nk has gone on to explain that the intention of the song was to create and celebrate dialogue:

It’s a questioning song. I think that’s one of my more intelligent songs. Mostly, I write in a sort of way—I think this, you think that, go to hell, you're wrong. But with 'Dear Mr. President,' it's, 'These are my questions, they’re not theoretical. I think they’re questions that a lot of people probably have and we could probably use some answers. I feel, you know, there's some opinions mixed in there subtly, but mostly it's just questioning.

Still a harrowing rally cry to the left behind, it's a really powerful moment that we seem to misjudge now that we're in a time of overt social media opinions and characters. For an artist to so openly dedicate a huge moment in their career, on an album like I'm Not Dead that didn't promise her success, to questioning someone who has done an enormous amount of damage was unprecedented.

Commentary corner:
@savilizabeths: (10) “The harmonies on this kill me every time. I don’t live in America but the entire world is affected by the president a lot of the times. This song hits even harder in this current political climate. Things so rarely seem to get better these days. This is such a beautiful song, filled with so much pain, sadness and frustration. The recording sounds os raw and incredible.”

@JMRGBY88: (9.5) god, imagine if she’d written this now.

@sapnu puas: (9) the intent behind it was probably better than the execution- having said that I still love this.

@Reboot: (9) Still as poignant as ever.

@Duppe: (9) Simultaneously beautiful and biting. This puts the half-assed swipes at trump on what about us and can we pretend to shame; both of which lack this songs passion and conviction.

@rick: (9) The sentiment is a little heavy handed but otherwise a fantastic song. And it’s a real crowd pleaser during live shows

@Maki: (6.75) At first I wasn’t sure about this one, but it grew on me over time, the lyrics and all. Her vocal performance is really good. Also, I love how the song makes you want to pay attention to the lyrics. Simple and quite effective, nothing more, nothing less.

@abael: (5) Powerful in respect to its contemporary impact, average as a song, and works better without the Indigo Girls.

@The Hot Rock: (5) Appreciate the sentiment but this leaves a bit to be desired otherwise. I expected worse still, honestly.

@Verandi: (5) I appreciate the sentiment but good god this always bored me to tears when paired with Nobody Knows

@tylerc904: (4) I love, love, love the sentiment here but just do not care for this type of song.

This was my lowest remaining score, along with another song.

To echo some of the commentary, the passion is amazing, but the song itself lacks something more to move me. With that being said, it seems like I've slightly underscored it, but it's still one of my least favorite songs from "I'm Not Dead".
It's a similar situation as with "The One That Got Away" - amazing lyrics, but sonically I can't get too much into the song, only "Dear Mr. President" executes that much better.

And those who love the song, P!nk considered recording a 'part 2' of the song, which was written and recorded somewhere during 2008 (when Obama was the president). not much is known about it, but it was allegedly supposed to be titled "Stomp" or "Presidential Inaugural".
These are repaired versions, because the studio version was never released:

It's a really good song, but not amazing. Her voice sounds brilliant, of course.

Here's a video of her recording it, where that audio is from:
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34. Feel Good Time
Average score: 8.06
Highest score: 11 (@abael)
10x9 @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @P'NutButter, @AllGagaLike
@kal, @rick, @Laurence, @Untouchable Ace, @HollyDunnSomething
Lowest score: 2 (@JMRGBY88)
My score: 9.5

Sleeping in the church,
Riding in the dirt,
Put a banner over my grave,
Make a body work,
Make a begger hurt,
Sell me something big and untamed.

William Orbit really has one hell of a production credit list, I'm sure you all know, but did you know that this was originally intended to be a Beck song until P!nk heard it and demanded to cover it. Now as we established with her latest album I don't suffer from listening to Beck, but it doesn't take much to recognise that P!nk delivers absolutely everything this song ever needed.

Released as a soundtrack song for Charlie's Angels, of which she popped up in, it also went on to be nominated for a 2004 Grammy award for best Pop Collaboration and it even went top five over here in the UK! As such it was eventually treated to a place on the album and constant arguments over whether it was the real lead single from then on!

'Feel Good Time' is one of her most interesting songs ever production wise, with something different to grab on to with every listen, and it keeps things rolling along relentlessly despite lyrics that basically make no sense. The album would have been a lesser one without this song, and it fits in perfectly, and it thoroughly deserved its place here in the top forty.

Commentary corner:
@abael: (11) I love the bassline, I love Charlie's Angels and both the beginning and end of the song are equally perfect. Again!

@Sprockrooster: (10) Though this doesn't exude a typical Pink-song, she is killing it massively.

@rick: (10) I know she pretends this song doesn’t exist but I think it’s a real gem

@Laurence: (10) I just love this. Great song. That subtle intro though. Gets me jammed up always.

@Music Is Life: (9.5) It annoys me so much this isn’t available on Try This in the U.S. It’s such a feel good bop, and I love the production from William Orbit on it. Like seriously, that electric guitar throughout is everything. I don’t understand why it’s not on there, because I really love it, but not enough to give it a 10.

@Maki: (8.25) Considering it’s William Orbit, I expected a bit more, but this is a really good tune. It’s, um… feel-good? It has some nice and interesting elements, although the vocal effect in the chorus is a bit grating. Therefore, the verses are my favorite part of the song. This is actually a great transition from genre-ambiguous “M!ssundaztood” to rockier sound of “Try This”.

@R27: (8) It's like a cooler "Get the Party Started".

@tylerc904: (7.5) Scream I always forget she had that cameo in Charlies Angels 2.

@savilizabeths: (5) “I don’t like the fuzzy vocal effect on the chorus at all.”

@JMRGBY88: (2) I hate this one too, sorry.
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