Pink - TRUSTFALL (Deluxe)

RCA transforming every female pop star on their roster past 30 into a soccer mom with haterz. I guess her High Road is coming.
To be honest she's barely been an albums artist since I'm Not Dead (Funhouse had its moments, but didn't age great), but she can always be counted on for a great single or two.
If anyone has heard the song how is it?
It's definitely better than what she has released recently, and seems to be a little less about "the haters" (although that is a theme) and more of a commentary on what is happening right now. It's nice to have her in that lane again. The middle part is my favourite where she repeats, "girls just want to have rights, so why do we have to fight?", but her vocals are a little annoying and rough throughout.
That's a surprising release. The artwork is giving me "M!ssundaztood" vibes and while I know the song won't be on that level, I hope it's at least decent.
he / him
'Irrelevant' is great. Definitely continues the same Hurts 2B Human vein that is a rawer I'm Not Dead influence in that post-Just Like Fire P!nk world. This and 'All I Know So Far' are brilliant and, I think, have something really special about them.
Counting down the hours until we get a ‘my label made me post this on TikTok’ but also kinda excited for new music.

I’m sure we’ll get an album later in the year.