Pink - TRUSTFALL (Deluxe)

The amount of time I've read "She can do better" in the last 10 years.
Can she?
I mean, is this honestly going to do anything? Obviously Karen and Kayleigh are going to blast it in the minivan on the way to soccer practice (and Australia because…Australia) but I don’t really understand why she felt the need to do something this pandering at this point? Radio probably won’t touch it due to her age and she’s not a streaming force so it just seems…sad.

I know it’s a common refrain from her stans (of which I am one, I think) that she can do better…but she can. Let the commercial, soccer mom shit go and just do your thing. That spark is still in there somewhere. She’s just wasting it on generic bullshit like this.
Look... maybe it's the Australian in me talking, but compared to other songs in this category (Justin T*mberlake and Ph*rrell come to mind), this is a lot less offensive and easily digestible Do I like it? No. But could it have been a million times worse considering the message and general theme? Oh absolutely.


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I hated Can't Stop The Feeling (though & Juliet slightly redeemed it for me) so this is not for me.
The chorus also feels clumsy. Something like 'never gonna stop dancing, yeah' would have worked better. And the attempts of showing her as 'see I might be a mum but I'm still a lot of trouble, RAAAWR' in the video, wel.. don't
It seems like she lost all of her edge around 2014 and it's just not going to be the way it was.

This new song is cute (I like the chours and the outro) and I appreciete her trying to do something new but this is just so faceless and throwaway...
Also, still not a fan of that vocal production that's been around since her last album, it makes her voice sound too shrill at times.
I mean, is this honestly going to do anything?

I feel like this statement has been made about every Pink release for the last 10 years and yet they have all, by and large, been successful.

She has an audience and a very loyal fan base and crucially she seems to actually enjoy the music she makes which is why she doesn’t really experiment sonically. It might not be what Popjustice wants from her but she seems to do just fine with the general public
It's one of the most flavorless takes on "Disco" I've heard in a while, but not outright terrible, which is almost obviously it's going to go sextuple platinum and be completely inescapable for the next six months to a year.

The top comment on the video has already made me start bracing myself

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This from the same woman responsible for U+Ur Hand, Fingers, Just Like a Pill, So What..etc It's not unreasonable to want some level of edge/sass. She's got (or at least had) too much fire and personality for something this faceless. Mess.
This is so perfectly said! I do LOVE P!nk and will continue to give the music a spin but absolutely that 'spark' just doesn't seem to be there anymore the way it once was, same with Kelly Clarkson