Pink - TRUSTFALL (Deluxe)

Never Really Over took the inspiration and made it better. And it's maybe Katy's best song ever. So I don't fully buy the Trustfall parallel.

This is a really good song but the melody could've used more work. It's still enough to set her up for a successful era though, so job done? She's a popstar in her forties and I don't think her days of shifting albums are over, so kudos to her.
More reveals...

Lost Cause
When I Get There
Hate Me
Feel Something
Our Song
Just Say I'm Sorry feat. Chris Stapleton
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Full track listing:

1. When I Get There
3. Turbulence
4. Long Way to Go feat. The Lumineers
5. Kids in Love feat. First Aid Kit
6. Never Gonna Not Dance Again
7. Runaway
8. Last Call
9. Hate Me
10. Lost Cause
11. Feel Something
12. Our Song
13. Just Say I'm Sorry feat. Chris Stapleton