It's fine. I'll give her props for 2 things : it doesn't sound like something she's done several times already, and it's not so obviously aimed at soccer moms on their way to school drop off. But I don't think its warranted the glowing reactions either.
In comparison to Never Gonna Not Dance Again, Cover Me In Sunshine, Irrelevant, All I Know So Far and Walk Me Home? Yes this is way better than all of them. As we all know Australia absolutely hammers Pink on the radio so it will be nice to be harassed by a song that's somewhat enjoyable when I'm out in public.

I don't think she's absolutely knocked it out of the park like some people have suggested, but it is the most interesting thing we've heard from her in awhile.
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I dont understand what people are supposed to do if their reactions have to be reflective of the wider forum/public.... someone nailed it earlier in the forum when they said her vocals are what makes this special and if we're getting pop like this again, sign me UP


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Something about the melody is a bit The One That Got Away (or someone singing an out of tune version of it)
Pop and mainstream dance music is so recycled these days. Every song put out now basically has elements from 20 other pop songs that came out over the last 15 years. You’ll all deal.

I’m here for this P!nk sound! However I’m pessimistic about what to expect on this LP. I loved “What About Us” and look what we got.
Never Really Over took the inspiration and made it better. And it's maybe Katy's best song ever. So I don't fully buy the Trustfall parallel.

This is a really good song but the melody could've used more work. It's still enough to set her up for a successful era though, so job done? She's a popstar in her forties and I don't think her days of shifting albums are over, so kudos to her.