She loves to whack out Just Like A Pill and Who Knew early...
The same opening and closings again...

An eras style tour from her one day woukd be the dream.
It was a great show, but the middle part just plodded along. I don’t know how she feels about some of her older songs but the set list could have really done with God Is A DJ, Trouble, U & Ur Hand, Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) and some other cuts from the latest album(aka Hate Me)!

Good fun, had a good time, but I wasn’t mad that I left a song early to get the last train.
It was a great show, my first time seeing her live and was really impressed. Totally agree with what's been said though the middle did lull a bit and could have done with some more bops thrown in.
Also - so many drunks, mainly girls, as I was leaving one girl was trying to have a fight with a pregnant woman who's partner was simply telling them to stop pushing.