Well, if true, this could be one of the best GH. Hope they don't ruin the tracklist. I want all singles. Better yet, make it a double disc. Oh, I'm already excited.

Absolutely. Hoping it would go something like this (in no real chronological order)

1. There You Go
2. Most Girls
3. You Make Me Sick
4. Get This Party Started
5. Don't Let Me Get Me
6. Just Like a Pill
7. Family Portrait
8. Trouble
9. God Is a DJ
10. Stupid Girls
11. Who Knew
12. U + Ur Hand
13. Nobody Knows
14. So What
15. Sober
16. Please Don't Leave Me
17. Glitter In The Air (over Funhouse...)
18. Feel Good Time
+ 2 new songs

If they were going to fit it on one disc... I'd oust Nobody Knows and Feel Good Time, but I think the others are pretty important in terms of singles that defined her career. Thoughts?
mikey_selfcontrol said:
I never really got Missunderztood- I think it's a phenomenally overrated album. Try This and especially I'm Not Dead are much better. In fact I'm Not Dead is probably my all time favourite album.

Funhouse is excellent too.

I totally, totally agree with you. I'm Not Dead is the definitive Pink album. Mizz is definitely overrated and not even really that good other than the singles. Try This is my second favourite Pink album. With Funhouse, I like 6 of the 12 songs, which is more than Mizz. The first album is tons of fun but practically disregarded by Pink and her fanbase now.

If there is a GH, I hope there's at least 3 songs from album #1 because it's the only album by Pink I don't actually own.
I hope they go all out with a 2 Disc, so every single could be included. But if it's one disc affair, I would like:

1. Get The Party Started
2. So What
3. Trouble
4. Stupid Girls
5. Just Like A Pill
6. Who Knew
7. Sober
8. Most Girls
9. God Is A DJ
10. Don't Let Me Get Me
11. U + Ur Hand
12. Please Don't Leave Me
13. There You Go
14. New Song
15. New Song
16. New Song

Hate to not include Family Portrait, Funhouse, Nobody Knows & Cuz I Can.

Not so hard to omit Last To Know, Feel Good Time, Glitter In The Air, Dear Mr. President.


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Since this is where all the Pink fans are, and round 1 closes tonight, I'd like to blatantly spam mention that Pink Song Survivor has started right here!
I think..

The first one has this tracklisting [Australian version]
1. Get the Party Started [Radio Mix]
2. Get the Party Started/Sweet Dreams
3. P! nK Noise Disco [Radio Edit]
4. Get the Party Started [Instrumental]

The second one is the enanched CD for Europe, don't know about America.
1. Get the Party Started (Radio Edit)
2. Get the Party Started (UK Remix - K5 Wek Kraft Mix feat. Spoonface)
3. Get the Party Started (US Remix - Pink Noise Disco - Radio Edit)
4. Get the Party Started (Video)

Tracks taken from Amazon but i think they're reliable.


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2 Cd singles with different cover art happened all the time, but I'm a bit surprised they even have a completely different lay-out/logo..