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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    I thought she was related to Adam Scott.
  2. Resi Anna is everything in life. Please tell me you've seen Up In The Air because she is literally perfect in that film.

    Also, her Ryan Gosling tweet >>>>>>>>>.
  3. She is indeed amazing in Up In The Air. Clooney's never bad to watch for a few hours either.

    Still haven't seen Pitch Perfect, but my friend is in an a cappella choir so I really want to watch.
  4. Ellen is the worst interviewer EVER.
  5. Anna Kendrick is amazing and her Twitter is a goldmine!

    I love this movie. It's up there with Bridesmaids as one of the funniest movies of the last 10 years. Both destined to be classics a la Clueless or Mean Girls.
  6. I think Pitch Perfect is more of a Bring It On i.e. a classic film but not quite as amazing/iconic as Mean Girls or Clueless. Bridesmaids might be though.
  7. It's nowhere near any of those movies.
  8. Except that it is. It's all subjective, anyway, so it's kind of a pointless debate. Metacritic disagrees with you, though.

    I definitely see Pitch Perfect as more in the league of Mean Girls et al, rather than with the likes of Jawbreaker, Bring It On, etc. Not that any of those movies are bad, because they're awesome.

    In fact, talking about it, Clueless, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, Bring It On, Bridesmaids & Pitch Perfect sounds like a pretty fucking perfect movie night.
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  9. It was kind of... boring? Most of the actors didn't enough charisma to bring the script or their characters to life. Anna Kendrick, as an actress, is completely bland and forgettable, and Rebel Wilson tries way too hard.
  10. Anna Kendrick is definitely not bland in my opinion. She's better in Up in the Air but she's still good in this.

    Has anyone else learnt the Cup song yet? I did when I was supposed to be working...
  11. It was alright but could have been better. The acapella judges were irritating, Elizabeth Banks has this way of acting that draws you out of the scene if you know what I mean? She's like the female Justin Timberlake.
  12. I read somewhere that Kristen Wiig was supposed to play the judge role. That would have been so much better.
  13. The judges were the worst part. It was trying way too hard to try and drag the Regionals/Nationals judges from Glee and it just looked cringe.

    Wiig should be in every comedy ever, she is flawless.
  14. They were commentators, not judges.
  15. I feel like I'm the only one who was incredibly disappointed in this movie. Rebel Wilson was the only mildly funny thing about it.
  16. Didn't Elizabeth Banks produce the movie, though?
  17. Yeah, she did.

    Here is where I got that from, though:

  18. Ah, that's interesting! I would have loved to see Kristen in the film. Her and Elizabeth Banks (also great) should have been the two judges/commentators.
  19. No.
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