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Pitch Perfect

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Pitch Perfect wishes it was anywhere near Mean Girls' league.
  2. Yes.

    (See, I can do that, too.)

    I forgot to mention Easy A. Definitely up there with the big girls.
  3. I don't think Pitch Perfect is nearly as good as Mean Girls, Heathers, Clueless etc....on first viewing, and that disappointed me quite a bit.

    However, I do think that it requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate some of the jokes (e.g. the mute girl's random contributions). Then it might be in the same league as Mean Girls et al.
  4. It's very re-watchable which really helps.
  5. This does actually help me a lot. I was expecting some very light-hearted humor and a generally uplifting plot, and I was a bit put off by how mean-spirited it was. The songs were good (though I now despise "I Saw the Sign") and Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are two of my favorite young actresses, so it definitely wasn't a failure as a film. I just need to get my expectations sorted and approach it with a new outlook.
  6. I watched this on a plane two weeks ago and liked it a lot, though it's about 20 minutes too long and the villain (the lead singer of the boys group) doesn't get a justifiable comeuppance.

    Other than that it was loads of fun. Rebel Wilson was awesome and the near-mute Asian girl was hilarious when I could hear her over the hiss of the aircraft.
  7. I watched it the other week too, and just sat there waiting for something to make me laugh. But it didn't. Sure there were a couple of smiles, but otherwise I found it completely bland and boring.
  8. It still annoys me that the lead character acts like David Guetta is this indie, unknown act.
  9. She's a bit pretentious overall.
  10. I guess this is the best place to post this?

  11. Actually, I discovered Ace of Base through this movie so for that fact alone it was good watch! haha
  12. I downloaded the soundtrack yesterday - it doesn't work as well without the visuals, but it's still pretty good.
  13. Pitch Perfect 2 scheduled for 2015.

  14. Oh really? I'm predicting a different cast.
  15. Pulling this up from the PJ archives.

    Saw Pitch Perfect 2 earlier. Brilliant. Enjoyed it more than the first one.
  16. I hated it. Literally the exact same as the first but tries harder and isn't funny.
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  17. I really liked it.
  18. I don't understand why you would go and watch the sequel if you hated the first one?

    I went to see this on friday night and I loved it. I thought it was hilarious and probably funnier than the first one. I do think the storyline from the first movie was better however.
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