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Pitch Perfect

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. I didn't hate the first one, I hated the sequel. I don't want to see a poorer, unfunny version of the first film when I see a sequel. It was just lazy and you could see every "joke" coming.
  2. Bumping this thread.

    I finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 and it was so disappointing. I thought Anna Kendrick's character was in a different movie; her performance screamed "contractual obligation". Nothing gelled together. Skylar Astin was barely in it.

    Rebel Wilson's "We Belong" scene, though, was very funny.
  3. ^Agreed, about the only good part was that We Belong bit...
  4. What about the third movie?

    Love their Toxic version.

    And there are some other stellar performances:

  5. At least the third movie was better than the second.
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  6. They need to stop.
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  7. I really enjoyed the first 2 so much I bought them but the third was so bad. I found it painfully unfunny and didn't even enjoy the performances.
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  8. The first one was fine but 2 was bad and 3 was a disaster.

    I still enjoy the performances from the movies (and the actresses are quite interesting).
  9. 3 felt like a parody that was trying to be in on the joke but it fell flat. It's fine for mindless viewing but not really worth it overall.
  10. They did. It's been done. The 3rd was the final one, and rightfully so. The 2nd one was fun trash outweighed by messy racism, while the 3rd was the ridiculous garbage I needed to end this franchise.
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  11. The Pitch Perfect movies remind me of the Twilight movies. First move is pretty good but follow ups are ruined by becoming blockbuster hits.
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