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Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs & Albums of the 2010s

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dewzero, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. I can't really argue with a lot of that. Most of it is pretty expected.

    The way they've ordered Beyoncé's 3 best albums (which they got right), I don' agree with - It's Lemonade > Self Titled > 4 for me, but I'm glad all three are included.

    I agree Red is Taylor's best, but I'd also have included 1989 as well. And Born This Way deserve to be in there
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  2. Little Sweeteners won!!!
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  3. They got the timeline wrong in the write up for sweetener though.... came out before mac’s death. It works for Thank, u next.

    Her byline is always going to be that, despite the little inaccuracies....
  4. No Bionic, credibility out the window.

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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Pinkprint tho.
  6. R92


    Gaga after wearing iPods on her face saying “Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow” for ages and loudly proclaiming the virtues of pop only to be largely slipped under the renewed poptimism radar of music publications

  7. After all those tracks from Roman Reloaded too?
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm glad Pop 2 made it on the list.

    At least we know that Lana's album will be their best of 2019.

    Ms. Kathleen B's On A Mission was sorely missed.
  9. aux


    Both of Robyn's albums made it, an icon.

    Honey at #71
    Body Talk at #8
  10. Wow, Sarah Tanno really turned this #HausLabs look out for Gaga!
  11. Melodrama really is *that* album for me. And though I'm glad it wasn't snubbed, I hate that I care about her inclusion in bloody Pitchfork's bloody list.
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  12. After Laughter getting there at #169 is all I needed from this list and more. I'm so happy this album is continuing to get its well deserved recognition two and a half years after its release.
  13. I mean, it is her best album and she’s one of the artists that defined this generation so it seems rather fitting.
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  14. I take less issue with the albums list than their singles list.. but it's still such a mess. Born This Way and The Fame Monster deserve to be there. Lemonade should be higher. Caution should be there. More Janelle please....etc.

    Also (this isn't really a surprise - it's Pitchfork) but while most of the guys get reviews that are "all about the music", many of the women's reviews focus on their personal life, or how great their music video was, or how they were able to "shed" their brainless pop persona to grow into a "real" artist. Sexist culture at Pitchfork, such a shock, I know.... but still gross none-the-less.
  15. Also yas at Have One On Me within top 20. Omission of Divers is a shame but that album is such a towering achievement.
  16. BEYONCE ranked above Lemonade is contra-expectations and 100% correct, but 4 ranked above Lemonade is not.
  17. 4 is mostly shit. What were they thinking. It's her blandest album by a mile. I take Party and run.
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  18. Trust you to like the only bad song on Beyonce's best album.
  19. bon voyage
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