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Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs & Albums of the 2010s

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dewzero, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Broke With Expensive Taste being absent I-
  2. The list overall is pretty good. I think the most offensive addition is If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late which was the start of Drake being fully on autopilot. I also would’ve put 1989 over Red. Highlighting Stay Stay Stay was a choice. Muffy sis the worms...
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  3. RJF


    Pitchfork on The Fame Monster in 2019:
    Pitchfork on The Fame Monster in 2010:
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  4. R92


  5. aux


    Blackout came out in 2007 mate.
  6. I realized that seconds later and deleted right away ddd. The impact and power that that album has though!
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  8. The Archandroid should have been in the top 30 at least, the amount of genres, ideas, concepts and ambitions masterfully executed is impressive, especially for a debut album. Yeezus definitely does not deserve its high placement.

    Also Take Me Apart got robbed, Cut 4 Me is brilliant, but the debut was fucking brilliant. And they had the nerve to include Syro by Aphex Twin, when it was literally a dull retread of what he did 20 years ago, mess.

    Mentioning The Fame Monster, but not dropping Born This Way is a bit bizzarre, but Pitchfork has such bizzarre bias towards artists.

    The omission of M.I.A. is tragic
  9. Still trying to digest the fact that some people think 4 is bad, by celebrating queen Jessie Ware making this list with her best album!
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  10. The Pinkprint making it is honestly hysterical to me.

    There must be a Barb somewhere high up at Pitchfork.
  11. The Pinkprint has The Crying Game and for that reason alone totally deserves its spot. What a song.
  12. There must be a someone with nudes that have ended up with a Barb somewhere high up at Pitchfork.
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  13. Take Me Apart and Born This Way were robbed.
  14. My top 2 albums of the decade would be the same as theirs but the rest of the list is fucking bizarre.
  15. I’ve been saying this since 2010. It’s one of the greatest debuts I’ve heard from anyone and just beats out Born This Way as the album that defined this decade for me.
  16. It definitely is one of the best albums of the decade (and for me, the best album of 2010 hands down), Janelle really entered with guns blazing, I mean it really has everything.
  17. Album of the decade not being on the albums of the decade list.
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  18. I think Beyoncé having three albums make the list is very justified. I’ve been thinking about who the biggest pop star of the last decade has been and I narrowed it down to Adele and Beyoncé and tbh the way Beyoncé kicked it off with 4 in 2011 finally taking complete control over her art and somewhat reinventing herself to only then obliterate the music industry in 2013 with Self-Titled, while at the same time becoming an absolute touring force to only then best herself AGAIN with Lemonade and solidify herself as a fucking LEGEND I think makes her definitely THE biggest pop star of the past decade.
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  19. Also, hottest of takes, but Blonde deserves to be on this list. It may not be nearly as immediate as Channel Orange, but it’s an important album with some of Frank’s most arresting and experimental work (a factor that sometimes acts to its detriment but still). It isn’t perfect but it’s definitely a fascinating and captivating record.
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  20. Even though The ArchAndroid's inclusion on this list makes me happy, I believe Dirty Computer also deserved a spot on this list. Her exploration of black womanhood and sexuality in an increasingly horrifying America has been one of the most riveting listens of the decade. I hope other music publications give that album the spotlight it deserves, because Pitchfork sorely overlooked that one.
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