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Pixie Lott

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Alphableat, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Remember when Pixie was going to be HUGE? She was young and fresh and it was exciting and then it just...... didn’t happen. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another career go from 100-0 as quickly as Pixie’s did. I’ve been listening to her debut again today in anticipation of the rate and it’s just sad that she started so brilliantly and then couldn’t quite catch up to that again.

    I got these over the weekend from redbubble (@WhenTheSunGoesDown is a genius) to commemorate the moment her career truly died in my eyes.

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  2. I quite liked her last album...
  3. Her self-titled album is great!
  4. Queen of coasters!
    Can't wait to see this in the top 5 in her rate.
  5. About that: there was a change in the staff and with that the rates were paused. I'm waiting for @ohnostalgia and @londonrain green light to start.
    Ideally late September/early October they said! See you soon
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  6. I- dksdhdjdjdkd dddd

    For me, it all started with that Fred Movie. From the moment she put her face in that movie, it curse her life forever. Bless her
  7. Hi to the remaining 13 fans that Pixie has!

    So the rate is finally happening. I'm allowed to create the thread on the 19th of October. Stay tuned!
    I'm thinking of a one month period to listen/vote.
    See you soon!
  8. I’d be keen to get involved in a Pixie rate, I’ve enjoyed her albums. Keep me updated!
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  9. Can someone tag me when this opens. As I'll forget otherwise.
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  11. I am so mad that she has become a lifestyle blogger and doesn’t put out music anymore. She was so good.
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  12. I miss her
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  13. I'm not really sure that was her decision though. I think she was dropped after everything not making a dent?
  14. She had some bops but I'm not sure she ever had the makings for a long-term pop star.
  15. She was really mother for a while. Every time she pops up on Insta I'm like

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  16. I look at the industry trying so hard to make Mabel happen, when Pixie used to be out there serving Italia Conti stage school professionalism and vocals. Her only flaw was she was too good and too eager to please, like a lab-grown pop star, that there wasn’t much to latch on to at the end of the day.
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