PJ CHARTS 2023: DECEMBER - Jingle Those Bells! Song #46-1 REVEALED. 3 FLs in the Top 5, B*ITCHES!!!

46 points


Starfucker - Slayyyter

@Aester 10
@Maki 9
@4Roses 9
@Oleander 8
@boom bazooka joe 4
@GimmeWork 3
@WoW73 3

What a bop! Would have definitely been happy with this winning also but my contract does say FL!
Better luck next year when you bring out an Italian EP!

Total Charting Months: 1
Months on 2023 Charts: 1
Last Month: N/A​
Bellakeo missing a top 5 spot by one point... kinda wish I hadn't voted for Toboggan now ff.

The first ever Spanish #1 though, iconic!
Yeah, shame Anitta just missed out on the top 5, that's a great song. It should've been there instead of Mon Laferte or Bey.
Good to know all the Toboggan promo paid off. Shygirl deserved better, kinda shocking to see her miss out on the top 10. The leader is a bit surprising but also a really good song, I thought "Starfucker" would match its album's chart position - either way, FL success is just as good.

Amazing to see all of the albums and songs I voted for charting!

Thank you for great hosting, @berserkboi!
Thanks for hosting @berserkboi - I have to admit that was one of the most chaotic months we've had, and the winner only having 49 points? Still a moment for Ms Aguilera!

As that'a wrap on the 2023 charts, I thought I'd share the Chart Rate Playlist...

Compared to the 2022 list, I feel there is a lot more diversity and lets celebrate FL being here too! We see some 'smaller' acts appear such as Chappell Roan, CMAT and Romy. Meanwhile CRJ, Jessie, Kylie and Troye all have 3 songs appearing. But the queen of the year (and deserved!) is Slayyyter who has 4 songs in the running! Popjustice indeed <3

I will see you girls at some point later this year for this rate!
19 points


Houston (feat. Ofelia) - Karaś/Rogucki

@Phonetics Girl 10
@Untouchable Ace 9

Well - here's a great track that grabs you by the throat from the very first moment!
I endorse the high placement!!

Total Charting Months: 1
Months on 2023 Charts: 1
Last Month: N/A​

Thank you so much @Untouchable Ace!

I've been so extra about this song and my mum made a point to DM me when she heard it on the radio to say how awful she thinks it is ddd