♡ PJ Charts February 2024 ♡ Songs revealed! ♡

Looks like we missed a very good EP last month!

Definitely one for the @Maki @Phonetics Girl @Trouble in Paradise @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Aester @pop3blow2 crew! French "New Wave" Pop!

Let's get it in this month!

I thought this one sounded quite different compared to La Femme's recent stuff. Well, it's actually a re-release of their debut EP from 2013, featuring newer versions of those songs. Will probably vote for it anyway.

And here's an actual French EP released this month, some lovely songs on there:

As for other FL releases, Elsa Esnoult released a new album yesterday:

22 songs... good luck to me listening to it before the deadline ff

Mon Laferte has a new song and it's excellent:

And there's this really good Spanish album:

I'm sure @Oleander will inform us about more of the Spanish-adjacent releases.
So many opportunities to support autistic non-binary, agender, and trans talent this month:

And other artists that aren't S*a:

I just looove to see someone absolutely devour the way Allie does. I got such Born This Way feels on my first listen and oop, I just know I would've been CONSUMED by this album when I were younger. The mental decay, help!