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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. So much better than the real Grammys!
  2. YES at Kelly winning. And others, actually, I'm happy with most of these results so far.
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  3. I'm excited anytime Let's Eat Grandma wins anything, anywhere.
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  4. If Xtina had to lose Best Rap/Sung Performance, I'm happy it's to Lily.
    Love this song!

    This is amazing so far, thanks @Island!
  5. ddd fixed't!
  6. Not Rita Ora winning over No Tears, GIAW, Delicate and My My My!

    An Ed Sheeran winning over all the talent in 2017 teas.
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  7. OMG OVERJOYED at all of this!! The abundance of Janelle love is what the actual Grammy's should have been. The Mariah and Janelle tie is perfection! ALSO YAY for FIRO!!!
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  8. When you voted for delicate and anywhere still won. Rita’s power.
  9. OMFG
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Delicate is absolutely one of my favourite songs of the last ten years.
  12. But so is Anywhere!!!!

    I hope.
  13. Of course, just not as much as Delicate.
  14. Did I miss the results for big 3 awards or they haven't been annouced yet?
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  15. @Island starting another Grammy thread reminded me again that this was never finished.
  16. Dirty Computer won AOTY and No Tears won SOTY and ROTY.
  17. If anyone wants to take the reigns this year, be my guest!
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