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  1. Noooo
    Yall go
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  2. Do I... Do I cancel my valentine's trip with the squeeze to go to this?
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  3. It would be iconic, but... it’s in Dalston, so no.
  4. K94


    Sign me all the way up for that tbh
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  5. @aquaplex sis with all that free promo ya better put Girlicious online for me.
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  6. Scoped our a few places but this was the venue that worked best for size/ venue hire etc
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  7. Had another email about the first album ignored this week...
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  8. Give your coin to @aquaplex
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Can you give us PJ discount pls/VIP treatment xoxo
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  10. yes haha! (or bring him along)
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  11. I’m in Dalston and let’s face it they don’t come anymore iconic than me!
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  12. Not if, like me, you live a 10 min bus ride from there!

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  13. Dddd my only objection is that it would take me too long to get home. If you’re not on the Overground or within a 10-minute bus ride’s distance, it’s hell trying to get home from there.
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  14. Tickets are £4 so can’t discount but the first hour might be of interest...

    the Bargain Bin hour where some of these 1999 pop flops will be played


    @Baby Clyde and @eddy2375 come along! @londonrain appreciate Dalston might be a trek but would be great to see you there!

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  15. @londonrain go so you can bop to Tina Cousins

    Play Eternal's What'cha Gonna Do too!
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  16. Yes I already have plans for What’cha Gonna Do (and Higher Than Heaven)

    And yes Tina Cousins has four potential plays that night if that’s your thing @londonrain
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  17. Has anyone told @Hudweiser?
  18. It's not that close to me either but I kind of want to go.

    @aquaplex I'm gonna need you to play the entire Schizophonic album though.
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  19. Haha I’m currently thinking how am I gonna fit all the music into six hours! There will be a good amount of Geri though!
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  20. I hope @eddy2375 recreates the Goin Down video.
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