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  1. This thread entering Heaven on Saturday night.
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  2. Not @NuhdeensPassport using that gif when this one is right here


    Also can't wait to see you bunch of hookers later, we're meeting at GAY at 8PM.
  3. See you at 8.05, I am NEVER on time.
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  4. Thanks for all the advice. I'm gonna try to go. My first time at that iconic place.
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  5. K94


    tag yourselves I'm mary's look of disgust x
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  6. I'm so sad, I can't come. My trains went to double the price last minute.

    Have fun everyone!
  7. [​IMG]
    Me if I was there being escorted out by two huns I've made friends with in the toilets.

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  8. Well, that was fun.
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  9. R92


    I had a blast meeting everyone last night! Worth braving the crowds for, easily
  10. It was a brilliant night, thanks all! I also was not sick so I'm counting that as a big leap in my personal growth.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    You were all amazing - thanks for a great night!!
  12. SO much fun!
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  13. A bunch of us London PJ hunties only went and won a pop music quiz last night. All that time spent hanging around this forum was good for something IRL after all.

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  14. Tag yourself, I'm Carmit obvs.

    Also, the other teams fucking HATED us ddd.
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  15. I'm Melody because I was ready to kick off when they didn't acknowledge the brilliance of Vitamin C.

    The energy we were serving when the quizmaster told everyone that one of the rounds was especially hard and we proceeded to get 10/10 on it:

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  16. I was giving this on the "especially hard" round:

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