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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and wanted to see if there was any interest in a meet-up/social for any and all Manchester (or nearby!) based posters, just to have a drink and chat about the same stuff we drone on about on here?

    It wouldn’t be any kind of massive organised event, just meet in a bar or pub and chat shit for a couple of hours. No pressure to stay out late or get pissed and go dancing (unless you want to!), just a bunch of semi like-minded folk talking pop music.

    I have no idea who’s Manchester based on here but if you fancy it or know someone who might be up for it, tag em!

    Would just be good to get out and about and meet some new friends!

    This also might be a terrible idea.
  2. This could be interesting
  3. There’s a rumour I’ll be attending this on the arm of @Robsolete for the red carpet.
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  4. My publicist has debunked such rumours.
  5. Update: an exclusive source can confirm that due to his alcoholic tendencies, @Robsolete is actually banned from every venue in Manchester so will not be able to attend.
  6. I'd like to do this but I fear I'll be shunned for requesting Beautiful Cause You Love Me.
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  7. All inclusive no matter the taste levels...
    That’s why I’m interested

    Everytime @munro has visited Manchester she’s made sure I’m in work before she makes her plans... convenient.
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  8. All beliefs welcome, no matter how strange.

    Honestly though, nothing major or a big event of any kind, just some drinks and pop chat!
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  9. There are enough messy bottoms in the village at one time sis
  10. I'd be up for making a trip across the Pennines for this!
  11. I do honestly think this is a great idea. Let’s do it!
  12. I'm visiting lovely Manchester for work next Thursday if anyone is about.
  13. Yeah. I’d travel over from Wakefield for this!
  14. I'm screming at this.
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  15. I’d be down for this!
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  16. Happy to join and be awkward.
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  17. That’s the goal!!

    Glad people are up for it though, now we just need to herd the cats and pick some dates times and locations! Plus any stragglers? Trying to think who else is Manchester based!

    @baxterclan you're Manchester right? Anyone else?

    But yeah let me know when people are free and we can sort something out! I’m looking forward to debating the best Girls Aloud bside...
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  18. I was in cruz101 post spicegirls last week and it was popjustice heaven.
  19. MB


    Count me in!
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  20. So that’s where people were going!
    I heard people talking about it but I understood cruise, and I thought it was some sleazy place dddd

    I spent my Manc weekend at VIA and I loved it.
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