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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Who’s going to tell her?
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  2. what did I miss now dd
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  3. In a list of sleazy places in Manchester... downstairs in Cruz 101 floats just above the saunas.
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  4. Really? I've never got that vibe.
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  5. I'm also down to meet when I'm back home!
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  6. Oh.

    Then I was right!
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  7. No, you were correct in your thinking. It’s a sleazepit.
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  8. Not the main floor, it’s great with the right DJ, but
    the basement floor... really?

    The stuff I’ve seen (and done)
  9. ...there's a basement?
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  10. Cruz is diabolical. As is Kiki, GAY and BarPop dd
  11. Bar Pop has improved over the years, but I’m a Thompson’s fan so, my taste is in the gutter as is
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  12. Ddd. I love all these places except GAY, in which I feel absolutely ancient despite only being 25.

    Also add Void and Thompson’s to the list of places I love.
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  13. I met a cute zad last week and was in Via after the Spice Girls in Manchester. Sure I'll come back with my friends to go out a tad. We always wanted to visit England.
  14. Let’s get some dates in then guys - when works for people? Did someone mention next Thursday? 13th June?

    Also any suggestions of where? Obviously we want it to be an inclusive space, but ideally with the opportunity to chat (so no deafening music!)
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  15. I'm in London next Thursday, ha. Honestly, I feel like Via is a good shout and not just cos it's where I go. There's more spaces to actually sit and chat.
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  16. I can’t do much next week, but I can do Sunday 23rd June...

  17. Sunday 23rd June is when Jane McDonald is playing in Salford babe

  18. We’ll meet early afternoon and send you on your way when you need to depart?
  19. Absolutely not!
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  20. The PJunties Meet-Up: Scotland edition after the first 5 minutes of introductions:

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