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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Me and @JMRGBY88 42 minutes and 15 seconds into the Manc one...

    Hmmm dates dates dates...
  2. RJF


    Y’all five minutes after wondering if I’m gonna show as tear gas fills the venue.

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  3. The accurac- *passes out*
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  4. Let's go to CC's soon bb xx
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  5. It's gonna be the slasher game threads but in real life.
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  6. I'm staying in central Manchester tomorrow. Anyone out on a school night?
  7. I'm in Liverpool but happy to slum it in Manny one night!
  8. Poor @Terminus
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  9. Do you honestly think any of you bitches could take me on face to face in real life???

    But in all seriousness are we gonna get on and plan something?
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  10. Yes let’s sort something!

    Maybe throw around some dates and we can see which line up! I’m generally free weeknights and can make myself available at weekends if needed
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  11. I'd rather do a weeknight admittedly - it's not as busy and we can actually chat.
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  12. I actually am in Manchester for one night in a few weeks time for the Aly and AJ gig. Still need to book a hotel so if a) anyone has any recommendations and b) anyone wants to have a drink pre/post gig.
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  13. Come on you shits let’s sort this out!
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  14. I have this weekend but after that I haven’t had my rota yet.
  15. Well this died ha.

    @baxterclan can you organise? People listen to you! Haha
  16. Let’s not let this die!

    There’s a Nicola Roberts/Girls Aloud PopCurious on the 20th if anyone fancies it? I wonder if they’ll play Beautiful Cause You Love Me?
  17. I know the DJ, I’ll make sure they don’t
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  18. Rude.
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  19. Do they!? I’m still game for a meet up though! I’ll come with my top on and everything
  20. I’m sure many would be disappointed!

    I’m serious though, I really wanna go to PopCurious so if anyone wants to go, I’d be super happy.
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