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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Omg I went there a couple times and it was weird but fine
  2. I used to love Paddy’s Goose, because it was so shit!
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  3. I would love to come to this but Manchester is so far. If there was a London one I would be there!
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  4. Black Eagle, anyone?
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  5. Has anyone tried the Paddy's Goose? I heard the Paddy's Goose was lovely.
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  6. Need to hold something back for meet number two.
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  7. Wtf is Paddy’s Goose
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  8. It was one of those very weird places in the village, Jeremy Kyle style fights, escorts, oddities and the smell of cabbage from them doing 'Sunday Lunch'. It also had lots of taxidermy animals on shelves.

    They've refurbished it in recent years so it's actually nice inside now, not sure what the clientele is like these days though.
  9. Paddy’s Goose isn’t that bad.
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  10. Molly House is good. I don't think I've ever stepped foot in Paddy's Goose. I miss Napoleons.
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  11. What time are we thinking on Thursday? I'm in work till 6 so can get changed and come straight from work?
  12. Yeah 7ish in Via seems like a plan?
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  13. Perfect!
  14. 7ish in Via, cool, which cubicle?

    I finish work at 4 so will have time to wash, change and casually make my way up on the met.
  15. I'm excited to request Beautiful Cause You Love Me
  16. I’m making my way back from Wales and have to go my friends birthday celebrations but if we’re about I’ll come by and say hi!
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  17. Isn't it happening today? I think you were early...
  18. Bless
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