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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. I'll pop along, but will probably be a bit later than 7.
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  3. We'll be the wet ones in the corner.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Have fun. I've done my foot in so I'll skip it this time, but I'll turn up unwanted like Maleficent at the next one, all being well.
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  5. Hot
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  6. Yes ill be there next time, also. Have fun!
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  7. It was grand.
    Me and @SunshineConcubine were discussing as we left that next time we’ll end up in Thompsons...
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  8. Go on then, if we must...
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  9. Taste won
  10. Is anyone around Manchester Pride for social this weekend? I’m over for the weekend by myself. Would be splendid to meet some of y’all
  11. I'm out all weekend, but mainly doing the live shows on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be looking vaguely fresh faced on Friday night, expect to be looking like Davros by the Sunday night...
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  12. I’m not bothering with the live shows. Just gonna do The Village Party.
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  13. Lulu on the Friday!
  14. I don’t think I’ll get there til about 9ish. I’m coming straight after work.
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  15. Feel free to say hi I will have my phone (hopefully a signal!)
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  16. I shall obviously be about. I’ll be the mess that has inexplicably not been kicked out of anywhere.
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  17. Yeah. Will send you a message. Friday pm.
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  18. I’ll just make sure they don’t let you in, in the first place.

    I’m out and about, all weekend, in the parade with the work lot, drinking and dancing for the rest, with my outfits getting worse as the days go on.
    Not doing the Mayfield, as it’s predicted to be a mess... but I will be doing some Power Ballads at some point (think it’s the Friday).
  19. Does anyone know whether the bars in the village will charge entry? I’ll be annoyed if I get asked to pay again having paid for the tickets.
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