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PJ Manchester Pop Social

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evangelion, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Usually only the clubs do... the bars don’t.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. What’s the tea on this? I was a bit worried when it was announced that for the amount of tickets they’ll be selling they won’t be able to hold it at full capacity but that was only conjecture.
  4. Mayfield has a 10K capacity, they’ve sold ~60K tickets. Your ticket doesn’t guarantee you entry, they’ll be operating 1 in, 1 out when the venue reaches capacity.
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  5. I’m down in Manchester for the full weekend. I’m meeting up with a few people down there, hopefully for the concerts but we’ll see given it sounds like it may be a bit of a mess logistics wise. A couple of guys were supposed to be coming with me, but I’m flying solo now so will be at various loose ends throughout the weekend so if anybody fancies meeting up/hanging I’m game for that.
  6. I'm really nervous about Pride now, the City Centre is going to be heaving and Mayfield is going to be a nightmare, me and my friends are planning on getting there early in the afternoon and stay there until Ariana finishes, so hopefully all will be fine.
  7. Hey. I’m up for a hanging or grabbing a drink. So drop me a message
  8. Ill be there. Is anyone going to the Girls Night Out Ariana special at Aatma on the sunday evening? Forgot to buy tickets but theyre sold out. Gonna try get some on the door.

    Yeah i heard that about Mayfield. Theyre not releasing each of the days setlists until the day of... probably because most people wont be able to get in Mayfield...
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  9. If anyone likes Power Ballads, head to Yes around 11 tonight, the DJ is superb and it’s free!
  10. Where's Yes?
  11. Any of you guys at a loose end and fancy a beer?
  12. I'm in Manchester for work this week if anyone is about Tuesday or Wednesday evening.
  13. Hey sistren, with Girls Night Out seemingly being a monthly thing, might be a good opportunity for that to be a reason to all get together beforehand seeing as their playlists are pretty much PJ crack. I had tickets to go to the Ariana one for pride but after Mayfield I was completely gone.

    Playlist from the pride event.


    I couldn’t embed it because I’m a flop.
  14. Anyone fancy meeting up again?
  15. You queens need to organise an airbnb for the 13th December in London and come join us for a big pop girl night out.
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  16. It’s too close to Christmas, for everyone’s favourite retail working Manchester based terrible poster to get time off...

    (And I’m down there the weekend before, kii)
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  17. Why don't you guys come up to Manchester? It's much cheaper up here.
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  18. London queens do not simply “head north”.
  19. We been knew.
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